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Groundbreaking в предложении (на )

  1. Based on twenty-five years of groundbreaking research, WITHOUT.
  2. This expression goes back to the groundbreaking days of computers.
  3. Moody’s groundbreaking work in the field, NDEs have been widely.
  4. I think what you did with your business was groundbreaking in our sector.
  5. Although this sounds like common sense today, it was a groundbreaking idea at the time.

  6. Then; instead of any groundbreaking originality, you get an endless re-hash of the past.
  7. Young companies feel like they have to be creative, groundbreaking, and disruptive every step of the way.
  8. Groundbreaking new research in neuroscience shows that our brains are designed to perceive trends even where they might not exist.
  9. He was sure that he could add a couple more key distinctions—pull a couple key levers—and create his own groundbreaking discovery.
  10. The CME launched a feeder cattle futures contract in 1971, only a few years after the launch of the groundbreaking live cattle contract.
  11. This groundbreaking bestseller was the first to give a step-by-step explanation of day trading for beginners with a friendly, humorous voice.
  12. The content reminds me of Reader’s Digest; it’s nothing groundbreaking, but the mass appeal is great for structuring classroom activities.
  13. There is also the consideration that what he intends is groundbreaking and innovative spellcraft, and personally, I hope to be allowed to observe.
  14. About the same time as I had begun my attempts at spontaneous oral composition, I had begun reading Julian Jaynes’ groundbreaking book on preliterate.
  15. Povon was given the award for the same reasons as her squadmates, with special emphasis on her groundbreaking contributions to spellcraft and psionic techniques.

  16. Its groundbreaking "7 Keys to a Powerful Network" is a unique framework for aligning professional networking activities with business objectives, both online and in-person.
  17. After reading this book, you will learn a strategy that is based on Ray’s groundbreaking approach for the world’s wealthiest individuals, institutions, and governments.
  18. Lithium has for years has been used in batteries for electronic devices, but the massive, groundbreaking surge will come when automakers begin to produce battery powered vehicles by the masses.
  19. The groundbreaking Eleventh Judicial Circuit Criminal Mental Health Project (CMHP) from Miami-Dade has been an incubator for programs, large and small, that can be emulated by counties nationwide.
  20. When in American history have there ever been one million people massed to protest against any political party? Any political convention ever? This shocking news should have been swept up by the public media and broadcast around the nation as a groundbreaking earth shattering event.
  21. Her approach, writing from the points of view of both whites and Natives, was groundbreaking at the time, and much of the hostility towards her argument came from the old guard, some who viewed Indians with openly racist contempt, and an even larger faction that admired Custer and hold him up as a martyr, an almost Christ like figure whose death was supposedly necessary to tame the west.

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