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Innovative в предложении (на )

  1. And organizations? When are they innovative?
  2. Create innovative solutions based on analysis.
  3. Other artists struggle with some innovative or.
  4. I knew Stuart as an innovative thinker when I was in.
  5. These women would have to be innovative and creative.

  6. Despite this innovative hack, switching from mode to.
  7. He had built a normal hoist with one innovative feature.
  8. It takes pride on its innovative profile matching system.
  9. What is the most innovative idea you have come up with at.
  10. His diamonds are innovative concepts, really, but he also.
  11. This innovative structure is composed by Areas of Activities.
  12. I think it’s innovative considering the times we’re in.
  13. Creative and innovative allocation of your paycheck is the key.
  14. Also come up with innovative ways to share your faith with at.
  15. The building was old, yet it seemed innovative in Luke’s mind.

  16. A web site with innovative yet simple web design will draw the.
  17. Some innovative assignments seem as innocuous as they are significant.
  18. Be innovative in your thinking and try to gain an edge in the business.
  19. This innovative coin will be created and administered in a systemic way.
  20. There are all sorts of innovative and affordable options to choose from.
  21. Zone Theory and many of his innovative ideas have been incorporated.
  22. I had an innovative idea for the office block, said the property developer.
  23. He was impressed with the innovative new cloister-like layout of the rooms.
  24. This is a very smart and innovative approach to recruiting, and also allows.
  25. It was a brash, innovative, self-critical country, but always looking ahead.

  26. There are over 300 anti-snoring devices invented since the first innovative.
  27. And here’s the best news… the innovative Brainstorm It! is but one of 50+.
  28. Receivables Management – I am constantly seeing innovative ideas in this area.
  29. I was amongst the happy customers who purchased of these useful, innovative and.
  30. The choice to be innovative with the system came with the development of better.
  31. Coming up with an innovative idea is a painful way to make money, but it’s harder.
  32. As was becoming typical, Modi came up with an innovative idea to bolster this strategy.
  33. Even in the face of limited budgets, your innovative methods were very beneficial to us.
  34. When the villagers got to know about it, they came up with innovative ideas to pool in.
  35. Find in Christ the confidence and bravery that comes with an innovative pioneering spirit.
  36. On these lists, you’ll find many new, innovative companies with names you may not know.
  37. Other innovative military assets were interpreters and a network of intelligence officers.
  38. One innovative farmer came up with an ingenious way of farming and preventing many problems.
  39. It is worth some time and effort to be alert for new ideas and innovative ways to save money.
  40. With innovative technologies, these kinds of pictures could find their way easily on the internet.
  41. The iPod is one of the most innovative and also one of the coolest devices ever to hit the market.
  42. Lorne Weil responded to questions about his innovative transac tion after the stock dropped 10 percent.
  43. One innovative farmer came up with an ingenious way of farming and it helps to prevent other problems.
  44. An innovative, portable, mini cutting-laser, built by a well-known Chinese company, and much in demand.
  45. Always keep your body guessing, challenged and fresh with new and innovative fitness training programs.
  46. The most innovative concept that lies at the heart of Luria’s teachings is the imperfection of beginning.
  47. After all, it is in the innovative titles such as these that the groundwork for even greater games is based.
  48. That election, like so much else in Team Modi’s 2014 strategy, served as a laboratory for innovative ideas.
  49. As well as plenty of innovative and off-beat titles such as Brain Age, Love Plus, Hotel Dusk and so much more.
  50. Those corporations that remain innovative and progressive still retain some themes of imaginative expression.
  51. Rules and restrictions cause the most innovative people to run from the business or start their own companies.
  52. Meical journalist report of innovative biologics: Forestalling the effects of aging with Dimethylaminoethanol.
  53. Paul Macrae Montgomery is the most innovative thinker the world of contrary opinion has seen in the past 40 years.
  54. The OEX and options listed on the index were so innovative that entire books were written on trading OEX options.
  55. He was not flamboyant like other comics but very observant and his style of comedy was innovative and hysterical.
  56. The writers of YES! don’t settle for the status quo, but preach vision and progress through innovative thinking.
  57. The Dragons were spell bound looking at the innovative technology that has prevailed even before the space age world.
  58. He was so innovative! His dance step “moon walking" was unseen, till he showed it in the “Billie Jean" video clip.
  59. Gazing up at the skyscraper, Kathy recalled what the article had, had to say about the band’s innovative studios….
  60. Everything only occurs with the behavioural change of living in society through the innovative Coordenational Structure.
  61. This is one of the best sites on the web for current research information and innovative news about migraines and other.
  62. One researcher states these data point to the conclusion that Probiotics can be used as innovative tools for treating.
  63. If it hadn’t been for his brilliant, innovative inventions, he wouldn’t have been able to afford such an expensive car.
  64. Thebes, another city-state ascended for a short time and subdued Sparta, due to some innovative changes in military tactics.
  65. This is an innovative, simple and effective meditation for empowering the heart (as well as reducing stress and promoting health).
  66. IBM: $75,532 million …consistently ranked as one of the world’s most innovative, profitable, and sustainable brands….
  67. Following this massive withdrawal, a rapid decline in innovative and entrepreneurial attitudes (and moral) purpose become apparent.
  68. Oil pollution responsibilities led the Coast Guard to develop innovative pollution detection and removal technologies and techniques.
  69. Second, and more important, if moral hazard were eliminated, we fear the economy would be much less innovative and productive than it is.
  70. He said you must be innovative to be a consistent winner—be able to develop value-added ideas that will make a fundamental breakthrough.
  71. Thomas helped Newt distribute the weapons, and even more innovative ones were created in their desperation to be prepared for the Grievers.
  72. UV was the first US school of higher learning with innovative academic specializations and the library at its center rather than a church.
  73. This book contains all the Module-Systems that form the set of innovative technologies for the use instead of the consumption of the wealth.
  74. Less than a year later, the Super Bowl of Indexing Conference named VIX index options the most Innovative Index Derivative Product of 2006.
  75. Capitalism provides a tremendous amount of economic upside for those who are willing to work hard, take calculated risks, and be innovative.
  76. On the other hand, if we started killing their more innovative thinkers, it would only underscore their importance to someone like Clyntahn.
  77. You can easily see where changes of this scale would need some very innovative alternatives for all those involved, as well as their loved ones.
  78. This can be made with the simple change for our new socioeconomic model that utilizes the complete and innovative Computational Monetary System.
  79. For example, if you’re focusing on innovative, expensive new products but you have flimsy business cards, you’re not reinforcing your value.
  80. To learn how to write powerful ads, there is nothing better than MYWS! Use its innovative and powerful SWAT technique to generate the maximum 6 7.
  81. Advisors Excel works with the top insurance companies to give financial advisors access to the most innovative and secure annuities in the country.
  82. With this, we give the certainty of the applicability and preservation of 100% of the investment capital in our innovative organizational structure.
  83. There is also the consideration that what he intends is groundbreaking and innovative spellcraft, and personally, I hope to be allowed to observe.
  84. TD Ameritrade receives high praise for its slick trading interface, extensive mutual fund network, innovative research tools, and competitive prices.
  85. This major contemporary art gallery is a dynamic public art space that upholds visually creative, challenging, innovative art forms of the present day.
  86. Most new products, services, and inventions come from young, hungry, and innovative small- and medium-sized companies with entrepreneurial management.
  87. Soon he found himself engaged in high-level discussions, contributing his perspective to innovative projects and engaging a passel of impressive peers.
  88. The Nasdaq is home to many of the market’s younger, more innovative, and faster-growing companies that trade via the Nasdaq network of market makers.
  89. Gradually, the customer began to understand my concept, so I decided to explain about my innovative tasting menu, which I saw as a connoisseurs delight.
  90. If they answer truthfully, you will have a great understanding of the truly innovative companies in the industry, as well as the best products/services.
  91. This is because the management and research teams are on the forefront of introducing innovative new products, which are better than the competitors’.
  92. This innovative approach to prevention is rallying entire communities to promote healthy relationships and prevent teen dating violence in middle schools.
  93. A final sign of a bullish information cascade is the very well publicized bullish performance of one or more innovative business sectors and their common stocks.
  94. Developing innovative sources of ideas and information, such as those available from business consultants and industry experts, has become increasingly important.
  95. The golden age of arcade games reached its full steam in the 1980s, with many technically innovative and genre-defining games in the first few years of the decade.
  96. Observe everything that enters in this innovative structure it becomes investment to generate abundance instead of the scarcity with full circulation of the wealth.
  97. Microsoft stock was carried up almost 1,800% from March 1993 to the end of 1999 as its innovative Windows software products dominated the personal computer market.
  98. After some years of continuous application of this innovative Project, the country that implementing will become self-sufficient and model for the rest of the world.
  99. By the third week in October, Rosemary was instead enrolled at Saint Gertrude’s School of Arts and Crafts, an innovative Benedictine convent school in Washington, D.
  100. Hybrids are innovative types of woods that blend the “straight hitting” feature of irons and the “low center of gravity” attributes of woods with higher lofts.

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