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    1. “Was the body moved here?” Tobias asks the Militia guard

    2. He ran and grabbed for the horn hanging off the wall of the guard station and blew

    3. Finally at five pm, during the Aoki set, he felt the phone vibrate, and headed for the nearest security guard that bore the Oodle logo, a rune in black and white

    4. The word keep’ here means to guard and to control

    5. “I guess I’ll guard the elevator

    6. The Operator pulled the Chip back toward himself and held it close, not sure what he was going to do to effectively guard it

    7. “I’m not so sure about that,” Johnny remarked as he looked down at the unconscious guard

    8. Also there are various electronic devices such as Yard Guard (Arbico) that really work! Another helpful tool is your dog or cat since they can keep many animals at bay

    9. He currently had one guard clamped to his back, and two more trying to hold his legs to the ground

    10. Big Petey kicked them off and then reached back over his shoulder to lift the guard off his back and launch him through the air

    11. “I reversed gravity,” Red exclaimed unnecessarily as she punched out a nearby guard

    12. Sad to say most have been trained to guard against what is not wanted and thereby attracting more of that to their life experience

    13. of nettle, as erect and hostilely on guard as the brambles were chaotic and malevolent

    14. We let God guard us with His protection

    15. The ranks part for the MAIN GUARD, a muscular swarthy man with a bandanna on his head, dressed in military fatigues and covered in tattoos

    16. A poorly-shaven GUARD in a sloppy uniform leans indolently against the gate with his machine gun cradled in his arms

    17. ANOTHER GUARD sits in a small shack nearby with his head on a desk, SNORING

    18. The first guard sees a column of vehicles approaching in the distance

    19. He stands, addresses the guard

    20. A key turns in the lock of the cell door and a GUARD

    21. The guard leaves, bolts the door

    22. A guard steps up, puts a hood over Ricci’s head, leads him to the waiting executioner

    23. A tall young security guard ran his hand-held detector over him and then reached asked Joshua to raise his arms when the device began to whine

    24. "Are you alright sir?" The young guard asked

    25. Joshua looked down into the eyes of the guard, still breathing in short bursts and mumbling something under his breath

    26. The guard knew it was a northern dialect but it was one he didn't understand

    27. patrol guard on the border of life and death at the last moment I put her

    28. His guard leant against the wall and, having struck a match along Citizen

    29. Elders are guardians and as such guard against worldliness,

    30. “I oughta go over there, tear off that fancy fur collar and shove it up yer ass security guard

    31. After all, he didn’t want to be late for the guard he was going to relieve from last night’s shift

    32. sadly before shouting for the guard

    33. The guard grabbed hold of MacKenzie’s frail arm, visibly bruising him as he hauled

    34. The guard spoke with a slight burr, as though he had been chain-smoking all night

    35. I sat there, numb and stupefied as my guard bolted the door

    36. Naturally, we get round to the subject of the Remembrance Day service and Henry tells me some more stories about his days in the Home Guard

    37. I realised that they must have changed the guard

    38. The guard retrieved the tray from the mattress and put it outside in the corridor

    39. When the boy, my new guard touched me, I felt like a child again, like a naughty little boy who had been sent to his room only to be comforted half an hour later by a worried mother hen

    40. By this last day of his guard rota The Kid was much more confident

    41. The closest thing that I could hear to the cry of a gull surfing on the edge of the land was the habitual shout of the guard after I had showered

    42. Undoubtedly, he came with us just because his religious parents had compelled him to, so as to guard his sister's virginity!

    43. I wondered where the guard in the blue check shirt was

    44. The door swung open and the guard in the blue check shirt walked into the room

    45. Once out of the shower, Robbie helped me to towel off and then dress while the other guard kept me carefully in his sights

    46. Robbie laughed and turned to the guard standing in the doorway

    47. The morning progressed as usual, and after ten minutes of being left alone with my breakfast the guard returned to my cell to collect the dishes

    48. As the guard took the tray I sat and tried to smile

    49. He noticed that his warning circuits were unarmed and cursed himself internally for not keeping up his guard

    50. Once back in my room I let the guard chain me to the pipe, settling on my camp bed with a show of outward serenity

    1. She found she didn't remember most of the stuff in here, she probably should have thrown it all out decades ago, the papers that were hers were already obsolete and could now be learned by examining any common electronic device with a polarizing microscope, but twenty decades ago they had been some of the Kassikan's most closely guarded secrets

    2. He was luckier, but they might come back for more and he isn't guarded in the hospital

    3. Second story: I write about an elephant cemetery guarded by a monster

    4. In the same evening, in a movie on TV there is a similar scene: A tribe of Indians lives near an elephant cemetery guarded by a monster

    5. He had to remember to keep his comments guarded however, the odds that this was a set-up to get opinions out of him were great

    6. ‘What did he say when you told him about the baby?’ she asked, her expression guarded

    7. He said the pool of immortality was guarded by Death itself

    8. Now she was guarded and cool

    9. They went down another long hallway to two huge doors guarded by two members of the Light Brigade

    10. Northern Bank cash machine guarded by a dog with eyes the size

    11. was sited a few hundred yards from the coast, and guarded by a

    12. They were a club of elitists and jealously guarded the gates of admission into the folds of their number

    13. ‘What sort of abuse?’ she asked, her face guarded

    14. ‘But their treasure is their most closely guarded

    15. recovered a little, but her eyes still wore a guarded

    16. That was his most closely guarded secret

    17. give up the most closely guarded secrets in a nanosecond

    18. A continuous wail emitted from her tightly guarded bundle

    19. ‘You should have guarded your treasure more closely

    20. A project that was began long ago by the dwarves, the Keepers' Crypt was the resting place of all those who guarded the Seventh World before him

    21. exclusive privileges, though they are not very strictly guarded

    22. This was guarded by two men with shotguns

    23. Shaking her head at this symbiology, she snapped The book shut, and snatched another nearby book, The Eternal Life Sequence, to read its preface Discussing the possibility that if “there already was An ‘elixir of life’ or ‘fountain of youth’ which Is guarded by a few—how would we know?

    24. think it only film, because the show is guarded by

    25. The perpetual allotment and destination of this fund, indeed, is not always guarded by any positive law, by any trust-right or deed of mortmain

    26. It is always guarded, however, by a very powerful principle, the plain and evident interest of every individual to whom any share of it shall ever belong

    27. There was a narrow inlet on Buskados, guarded by steep crags on both sides

    28. Opening into the large entrance hall were two massive doors, guarded by four armed sentries

    29. Without her blade, she had even more reason to be guarded

    30. Unimpressed and frustrated, yet guarded, she waited for his reply with tense silence

    31. She opened the book with guarded hands, unsettled by the general’s ominous tone and by Maro’s retreat to the distant half of the chamber

    32. To dream that the toilet seat is down indicates that you are guarded when it comes to expressing your emotions

    33. The higher the tax, the higher the penalties with which the prohibition is guarded, the more vigilant and severe the police which looks after the execution of the law, the greater must be the difference in the proportion of gold and silver to the annual produce of the land and labour of Spain and Portugal, and to that of other countries

    34. It was still guarded by a sloping hillside

    35. The field that surrounded the keep was guarded heavily, with patrols constantly upon the surrounding streets and circling the stone building itself

    36. Fallingwater lay silent, guarded by dilapidated wooden barricades in front of the narrow, stone enclosed passageway that led to the front door

    37. Under the Roman emperors, besides, the standing armies of Rome, those particularly which guarded the German and Pannonian frontiers, became dangerous to their masters, against whom they used frequently to set up their own generals

    38. The only exception was Rogan, who sat staring resolutely forward, his face carefully guarded

    39. “They are as unlike the pups that guarded the entrance to the temple as tigers are to

    40. raiders enter the most heavily guarded place on earth and make off with the two artefacts most

    41. They couldn’t be destroyed, even with the Power, so the only option was that they be guarded

    42. They often formed clans of the four tribes to invade by force and overwhelm the small outposts and keeps that guarded the coasts

    43. The outer defences were still heavily guarded however

    44. That is exactly why you should be guarded at all times, Adem

    45. He was silent a moment, and his gaze became guarded

    46. more heavily guarded than any outside of Earth’s

    47. that’s the mystery of Obsidian Carter’s keeping guarded for her

    48. A guarded ship with live cargo could mean only one thing

    49. The West Yorkshire regiment guarded the royal captives and the Ansahs, who marched down handcuffed to Prahsu, where they remained, awaiting their trial on the coast

    50. “The tower is always guarded by a couple of men,” Sicarius said

    1. "I expected to be guarding the shuttlecraft this dark," he said

    2. He went straight to the intensive care and found that there was no-one guarding the ward

    3. Russ turns the gun on the soldier guarding John

    4. swivels his gun so that it’s pointing at the two soldiers guarding Ricci and Khalid

    5. deadly snakes guarding it, but the snakes did not strike as he walked past

    6. As she entered the grounds she noticed first off that Queenie was no longer there guarding her children

    7. Soon after, I was let out, because I ended up in a waiting room alone with two cops guarding the door

    8. They were hiding and guarding me from the fans and the assassins

    9. "She's not guarding her location, she's about fourteen hundred miles west of Alan on the surface of his planet

    10. The man guarding him suffocated Ish with the trishul rod

    11. stands to reason that you are guarding a gate

    12. of his men to guarding them while he went to assess

    13. guarding the door to the tower

    14. "It may have something to do with the Impenetrable Cavern, and that group of kids that were guarding the place," Matt suggested

    15. “They had been guarding it for years

    16. Kennitch announced himself to the secretary guarding Alfred Waterhouse's inner sanctum

    17. security that was guarding the door

    18. It saves the labour of guarding the cattle, which feed better, too, when they are not liable to be disturbed by their keeper or his dog

    19. She could almost think there was more in the way his eyes watched her than a machine guarding its quarry the way Viktor's eyes were

    20. What once was a wall of giants guarding the Gate, had been reduced to a shield; only two of them now remained

    21. The attention of government was turned away from guarding against the exportation of gold and silver, to watch over the balance of trade, as the only cause which could occasion any augmentation or diminution of those metals

    22. A green liquid was swimming inside the cylinder, and a plastic cover was guarding the needle

    23. Mim leapt to sit at Denalin's back, peering over her shoulder at the Com, while Yula remained guarding the Captain's chair

    24. She turned to face the Falmer guarding the path ahead, and put an arm out to keep Mercer back a step or two

    25. directed by the two guarding warriors,

    26. The only road leading through the yard to the building had two spearmen ever guarding at its source near the center of the town, and only by permission of the Baron or his family or of the Thanes could someone even walk upon that road

    27. ” I looked across to the roof that a short time before Fred had been guarding and saw Captain Melstone he had been watching the whole thing through his binoculars

    28. Eventually we managed to and I don’t know how to find a way out of this devils back garden and to our surprise we found ourselves looking at the forward Turkish trenches guarding Krithia

    29. turned to look at the building the corpse was guarding

    30. They left the bedchamber and moved through the hallways with Guardians and Ael Tarael guarding Adem and his friends from the front and behind

    31. They ran on through the laneways of tents and past campfires though he saw no one to take over guarding this young woman, so he kept onwards towards Jean’s tent

    32. They were built to accompany the merchant ships guarding against pirate raids, as piracy was commonplace in the great sea and to the south

    33. There was always a risk that someone or some monitor would be guarding

    34. As soon as darkness fell, piquets were stationed in all directions, guarding every approach

    35. The man that had been guarding the front door rushed in, stopping in cold surprise when he saw his boss dead on the floor, a bullet hole between the eyes

    36. Arbitan Losk had newspapers clippings of every story that’s been printed about this creature, and there’s magic guarding that house, when magic is forbidden in the empire

    37. “Even now, men are guarding the money

    38. Cherva backed from the chamber then hurried away to inspect the badgers guarding the Custodians

    39. "Wait here," one of the guards barked at her, then hurried off to speak to a large boar guarding the opening

    40. "But we're guarding the pathway to the vent," the badger protested, wrinkling his snout at the unpleasant image Brokin had raised in his mind

    41. After killing the lone sentry guarding the pathway, Brokin returned to his group of fighters and together they moved up the stony track leading to the air vent at the rear of the sett

    42. If the badger guarding the rock pile above him would just keep his attention focused on the two boars gathering worms for a while longer, Brokin knew that he would reach his objective with no problem

    43. The boar guarding the keystone sensed something and turned his head, studying the undergrowth where Brokin lay hidden for a long moment

    44. Brokin swiftly turned his attention to the guard circling cautiously in front of him, but his mind was still half-occupied with the badger guarding the keystone

    45. CBS News got hold of photos by US soldiers guarding Iraqi prisoners

    46. Competition with better established labs, jealously guarding their markets, resulted in information being passed to him regarding movements of this new Tweety-Bird label

    47. Muhammad who was guarding the entrance to the captives in the basement turned around and quickly realised that this was not a police raid but a full scale military assault

    48. Once the Crackle was settled in, deep within the hollowed-out trucks, the Wood Sprite warriors took their turn guarding their trees

    49. I trust you with the great responsibility of guarding my only daughter, can I give you more responsibility?"

    50. Why did the Castle need guarding? Who would be trying to conquer this disease-ridden prize?

    1. The Militia guards all have a horn at their posts, but Tom is about five hundred feet away from his

    2. Micah was highly malnourished and the guards said he would not eat anything

    3. He claimed that the guards were feeding him zombie meat

    4. He became a zombie and the guards put him down quickly

    5. Multiple guards were posted throughout the basement; all of them had laser rifles

    6. His rampant nervousness was nothing that the guards and Scar had not seen before

    7. The guards did as they were told

    8. Scar and all the guards in the room had Silence trapped against the wall

    9. “Looks like a party!” Big Petey hollered as he came out of the stairwell and charged the guards

    10. “Does this mean we have to stop?” Big Petey shouted back as he wrestled with numerous guards

    11. Guards made their way to Johnny’s location, trying to get used to their new predicament

    12. “We better get out of here,” Nancy said as the guards continued their fight with Big Petey and the rest of the team

    13. Johnny was about to agree when he noticed the three guards that stood between them and the nearest exit

    14. and guards in attendance, but this time the dream shifted slightly

    15. Abdullah and Akbar lurk in the shadows, along with a few of Omar’s body guards

    16. Two guards with machine guns stand in the shadows against the walls

    17. arranged it with the guards

    18. Mostly security guards by the looks of things or ‘Protective Services’ as they would be described in the statistics on workplace homicide

    19. before supervisor McManus finally noticed that old Ted hadn’t entertained the other guards with his impression of a bugle call to signal the end of another long night shift

    20. two ways: (1) he watches (Hebrews 13:17; Acts 20:29-31), and (2) he guards (John 10:27-30)

    21. I remembered one of the guards saying that there was a bucket

    22. Where in the name of all that is holy was the sacking? Always wear the sacking in the presence of the guards

    23. From my own brief life, growing up in the security of a loving family and a stable and prosperous society, I had few further points of reference by which I could really measure the guards

    24. The Kid told me that the guards did four-day stints, which meant that tomorrow morning would be my last breakfast with him

    25. The guards sat with me, pumping liquids into my desiccated flesh, keeping me alive with antibiotic pills massaged down my dry gullet

    26. The next morning my guards arrived mob-handed

    27. I sat at the table surrounded by guards, all of whom were armed with M-16 carbines and pistols, eating cake and drinking hot, sweet, milky tea

    28. The two guards who had been on washing-up duty came over, this time with rolls of duct tape in their hands

    29. Together with the suited American, the two guards lifted and carried me, trussed like a roasting bird, and carefully laid my body in a metal box underneath the flat bed back of the lorry

    30. Although I could not voice my anger because of the tape across my mouth, I raved and screamed internally, breathing hard and wetly through my nose, snorting my rage and venom at the world, at my guards and outrageous bloody fortune

    31. The night was well advanced by the time the guards next came to me in my room

    32. I heard odd scufflings and the opening and closing of doors, assuming that it was my guards moving about my new and as yet undiscovered home

    33. He whistled once and one of the other guards, one of the men who took part in my methodical beating the previous evening, came and stood in the doorway, pointing his gun at me

    34. Over the next few weeks, as the procedures and the rituals bedded down, as Robbie and Mick and the other guards who rotated on shift, mixed bonhomie with casual insults and violence, I started to listen and to watch

    35. The guards must be asleep

    36. How would they know it was me? Might they not think that the guards had cottoned-on to them and were playing a joke? Were they even now expecting the doors to slam open and the night air to be filled with the dull thud of fists and boots and wooden stocks?

    37. They were about to execute her when Apollo stormed in and fought the guards, yelling over and over how he wouldn't let them hurt her

    38. I did ask the guards for pen and paper, but nothing materialised

    39. Robbie and The Man entered, quickly followed by two other guards

    40. We sat in silence for the next few minutes while the rest of the guards dealt with my fellow hostages

    41. Now I had one more feeling to add to the list of fondly remembered moments in my still unfulfilled emotional life: that touch in the van, that trembling caress of fingers hidden from Robbie and the guards

    42. My guards had not fixed handcuffs to my wrists nor had the by now all too familiar clank of chain accompanied my move

    43. We talked for hours, breaking off only to slip our hoods on and sit quietly on our mattress rolls when the guards brought in the evening meal

    44. Over these days and weeks our guards would, by turns, sit and chat with us, joking and telling stories of life in the West Country, tales of farms and girls and brimstone preachers

    45. For the most part, our guards seemed wrapped-up in a cloak of desultory boredom

    46. Although between us two the stories and the jokes and the games continued unabated, nonetheless the days merged together and we all grew tired of this necessary but wearing role-play with the guards

    47. On occasions I still smouldered with that inner anger, but I came to see through Menachem’s observations that we all, captives and guards, felt a similar sense of outrage and impotent fury

    48. Menachem watched benignly as I switched between emotional states, alternately ignoring or goading the guards

    49. Occasionally, when asked a direct question, our guards might tell us what month it was by their calendar, that it was October or November

    50. The morning after we received Aban’s note and we had left our agreement by way of reply, Menachem began the process of wheedling and joking with our guards to try and effect the desired meeting with our fellow prisoners

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