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Guy в предложении (на )

1. He is a cool guy.
2. Jim was a new guy.
3. No, I had my guy.
4. He was a nice guy.
5. Neal was a new guy.
6. He was a good guy.
7. He was the one guy.

8. He was a smart guy.
9. Left me for a guy.
10. Tom was a tough guy.
11. He was a great guy.
12. I feel for the guy.
13. It can be a guy too.
14. Fred was a swell guy.
15. He was a gentle guy.
16. I looked at the guy.
17. This guy was a stud.
18. Poor guy, he had a.
19. He was one happy guy.
20. He was a strange guy.
21. Doyle was a good guy.
22. No, I’m a tough guy.
23. He was a machine guy.
24. I saw her meet a guy.
25. A guy met me at the.
26. He was a jealous guy.
27. The guy had it coming.
28. The guy could not pay.
29. He has a PR guy? Okay.
30. Stan was the tall guy.
31. He was a Bay Area guy.
32. Robert was a nice guy.
33. There was the guy in.
34. It was a guy in Italy.
35. There was a guy from.
36. Steve was a lucky guy.
37. So do you have a guy.
38. The guy was a bonehead.
39. But the guy broke his.
40. Nurse tore into the guy.
41. I thought the guy was.
42. I believed in this guy.
43. She looks at Crazy Guy.
44. I mean the guy was nuts.
45. A guy darted into the.
46. Was this the same guy?
47. One guy had a Maserati.
48. I loved that old guy.
49. I really loved that guy.
50. I like that in a guy.
51. I really liked the guy.
52. The guy who was done in.
53. The guy was a liability.
54. He is a first-rate guy.
55. He told me about a guy.
56. Chip’s a real cool guy.
57. The owner had a guy.
58. The guy ran it through.
59. Jeff's a very caring guy.
60. He was that kind of guy.
61. How he was the new guy?
62. That guy is a lazybones.
63. The old guy just laughed.
64. I liked that Badger guy.
65. You ask a guy a question.
66. A woman wants a fun guy.
67. The guy held up a lighter.
68. What a naughty guy he is.
69. That’s who this guy is.
70. This guy could have any.
71. Maybe it’s a guy thing.
72. He swears he got the guy.
73. That's what this guy did.
74. Clearly the guy knew cars.
75. This guy is too arrogant.
76. Here's a guy called Saul.
77. The old guy hung up on me.
78. One was Sir Guy Gascoigne.
79. This is for you, big guy.
80. A guy stopped her Hey.
81. Jesus, that scares a guy.
82. Yes, this is the same guy.
83. The guy replied, 24 years.
84. Oh lord, the crazy guy.
85. I just think the guy was.
86. The big guy was gone.
87. This is the guy from PT.
88. You’re the guy to do it.
89. Well there was this guy.
90. He’s really a great guy.
91. Who is this guy Kemp?
92. Dolly took care of the guy.
93. Gary had been a lucky guy.
94. Eric was a fascinating guy.
95. But this guy was obnoxious.
96. The guy from earlier was.
97. This guy was only asking.
98. Kiyori's not a bad guy.
99. The guy wasn’t ready yet.
100. This guy was up to no good.

К сожалению, у нас еще нет примеров предложений для этого слова.

К сожалению, у нас еще нет примеров предложений для этого слова.

1. It's up to you guys.
2. One of the guys at.
3. One of the Good Guys.
4. Have a good week guys.
5. You guys went to war.
6. Will you guys be OK.
7. One of the guys was.
8. The guys looked at me.
9. You guys can have a.
10. Two guys with one shot.
11. You guys are the best.
12. I called for my guys.
13. From guys I never met.
14. So you guys are a.
15. A lot of guys say that.
16. So the guys got caught.
17. I'll see you guys soon.
18. And that was most guys.
19. Three guys left the car.
20. Oh, um, guys this is.
21. Good guys are cool guys.
22. A lot of guys get that.
23. I owe these guys money.
24. You guys come with me.
25. You! You guys are his.
26. Hey, you guys, look at.
27. Guys, hang on for just.
28. You guys are going down.
29. Talk to you guys later.
30. Guys that are very mean.
31. You guys are the champs.
32. By then the other guys.
33. I loved killing bad guys.
34. You guys comin' in an'.
35. Two guys dead, one's in.
36. You guys can set up camp.
37. Man those guys were cool.
38. They kill me, those guys.
39. You guys know what I mean.
40. Most guys try to build a.
41. I knew most of these guys.
42. Don't put any more guys.
43. Listen, I need some guys.
44. The guys started to pull.
45. Oh crap, GUYS WATCH OUT!.
46. Have a nice day, guys.
47. You guys be sure to come.
48. Bad guys always are more.
49. A couple guys who worked.
50. Most guys did it that way.
51. The three guys did nothing.
52. Or, maybe it was you guys.
53. Where are the bad guys?
54. Was it…No, not you guys.
55. Where bad guys die unseen.
56. Guys with guns, of course.
57. Four bulky guys in full S.
58. You guys are dead boring.
59. Hope you guys were close.
60. The soccer and rugby guys.
61. You guys still ride horses.
62. Thank you guys for the.
63. Then these other two guys.
64. The morgue guys are here.
65. Guys, this is Eve and Frank.
66. One of the paramedic guys.
67. The guys burst out laughing.
68. You guys are seeing things.
69. There are two guys? Oh, no.
70. I don't hate too many guys.
71. Great jazz from some guys.
72. Three guys and a woman—.
73. Our guys kept up with them.
74. Guys that never read books.
75. I looked around at the guys.
76. But the point is you guys.
77. Are you guys in there?
78. The rest of the guys agreed.
79. These bad guys have their.
80. Hey, guys, Frank is here.
81. Did you guys find Cliff?
82. The guys and that one girl.
83. Cars honked and guys waved.
84. Look at it this way, guys.
85. Hey, maybe you guys know.
86. You guys at it again, huh.
87. That’s want the guys want.
88. Aadi- "What the fuck guys!".
89. The guys are right, Kathy.
90. These guys keep coming in.
91. Hes one of their good guys.
92. But forget about Lenny guys.
93. And these guys had it coming.
94. He’s one of the good guys.
95. Hi guys, I said loudly.
96. Ok, look at the towel guys.
97. I saw guys doing keg stands.
98. Our guys were taking cover.
99. Do you guys know where the.
100. They almost played you guys.

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