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Frasi con guy (in inglese)

He is a cool guy.
No, I had my guy.
Jim was a new guy.
He was a good guy.
He was a nice guy.
Neal was a new guy.
He was a great guy.

Left me for a guy.
He was a smart guy.
Tom was a tough guy.
I feel for the guy.
He was the one guy.
Fred was a swell guy.
He was a gentle guy.
Poor guy, he had a.
I looked at the guy.
This guy was a stud.
It can be a guy too.
I saw her meet a guy.
No, I’m a tough guy.
He was a strange guy.
A guy met me at the.
Doyle was a good guy.
The guy had it coming.
He was one happy guy.
He was a jealous guy.
He was a machine guy.
Robert was a nice guy.
Steve was a lucky guy.
He was a Bay Area guy.
There was a guy from.
The guy could not pay.
It was a guy in Italy.
He has a PR guy? Okay.
Stan was the tall guy.
There was the guy in.
So do you have a guy.
I thought the guy was.
I loved that old guy.
The guy was a bonehead.

Sfortunatamente non abbiamo ancora frasi di esempio per questa parola.

Sfortunatamente non abbiamo ancora frasi di esempio per questa parola.

It's up to you guys.
One of the guys at.
Will you guys be OK.
The guys looked at me.
You guys went to war.
One of the guys was.
You guys can have a.
One of the Good Guys.
Have a good week guys.
Two guys with one shot.
So you guys are a.
You guys are the best.
A lot of guys say that.
From guys I never met.
I called for my guys.
I owe these guys money.
Three guys left the car.
So the guys got caught.
Oh, um, guys this is.
A lot of guys get that.
I'll see you guys soon.
Good guys are cool guys.
And that was most guys.
Talk to you guys later.
You guys are the champs.
You! You guys are his.
You guys are going down.
Hey, you guys, look at.
Guys that are very mean.
Guys, hang on for just.
By then the other guys.
You guys come with me.
I loved killing bad guys.
Man those guys were cool.
I knew most of these guys.
You guys can set up camp.
You guys be sure to come.
Most guys try to build a.
Have a nice day, guys.

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