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Huckster в предложении (на )

  1. The huckster wants to scratch an itch.
  2. Later on Raskolnikov happened to find out why the huckster and his wife had invited Lizaveta.
  3. She was standing with a bundle before the huckster and his wife, listening earnestly and doubtfully.
  4. Raskolnikov walked straight on and came out at the corner of the Hay Market, where the huckster and his 286 of 967.
  5. At the corner of an alley a huckster and his wife had two tables set out with tapes, thread, cotton handkerchiefs, etc.

  6. Raskolnikov walked straight on and came out at the corner of the Hay Market, where the huckster and his wife had talked with Lizaveta; but they were not there now.
  7. Jake had stolen the idea from an event in 1956, when another huckster had unveiled a giant Elvis cutout at the Paramount Theatre on Broadway, publicizing Presley’s movie debut, Love Me Tender.
  8. The village had formerly contained, side by side with the argicultural labourers, an interesting and better-informed class, ranking distinctly above the former—the class to which Tess's father and mother had belonged—and including the carpenter, the smith, the shoemaker, the huckster, together with nondescript.

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  1. Many of these hucksters are knowingly.
  2. They were scam artists and hucksters, but in a nice way.
  3. There were a din of prisoners' voices counting money and the shrill conversation of the hucksters.
  4. Put one of these on first! cried the hawkers and hucksters of iWear and uStare, the carnivalesque marketeers of perception.
  5. The same hucksters lurking around your wallet and good sense in the public marketplace is rebuilding his mansion of fortune cookies under the guise of Christianity or faith.
  6. Populated by rogues, hucksters and fools Letters to my Broker is the classic comedy of errors revived for a new generation that teaches you the rules to trading the stock market haven’t changed in the 94 years since its original publication.
  7. It is abandoned to an inferior set of dealers; and millers, bakers, meal-men, and meal-factors, together with a number of wretched hucksters, are almost the only middle people that, in the home market, come between the grower and the consumer.
  8. Is it any wonder at all that people would be easy targets of hucksters, charlatans, and frauds; when they so enthusiastically bought into an empty promise of eternal glory? If any man wants something enough, can he not be convinced he shall have it?
  9. His clean-cut, intellectual face, with its lofty forehead, and his air of refinement and culture were in striking contrast to the coarse appearance of the other adults in the room: the vulgar, ignorant, uncultivated crowd of profit-mongers and hucksters in front of him.
  10. All the prisoners—400 men and 50 women—were already in the court-yard, some crowding around the chief officer of the convoy, who was paying out money to the overseers for the day's rations; others were buying food of the hucksters who had been admitted into the court-yard.
  11. Sancho spent the afternoon in drawing up certain ordinances relating to the good government of what he fancied the island; and he ordained that there were to be no provision hucksters in the State, and that men might import wine into it from any place they pleased, provided they declared the quarter it came from, so that a price might be put upon it according to its quality, reputation, and the estimation it was held in; and he that watered his wine, or changed the name, was to forfeit his life for it.
  12. Outbidding at the start the old cautious hucksters,.

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