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    1. There was certainly nothing here to hold him, and a little country hick would be the last female he would consider seriously

    2. Who would have? The city slicker and the country hick - even Josh had warned her

    3. Then one wishes they were a hick

    4. Craning at the neck, he was unaware that he looked like a hick in a big city for the first time

    5. Tickle voiced the pre-G cadence and I initiated the Hick

    6. He basically was a dumb redneck from coastal Carolina, the hick town of Kinston

    7. Not a hick from the sticks

    8. A murder in some hick town in the back of beyond was not a priority, especially as a cyclone and severe flooding were predicted within the next fortnight

    9. Holy crap, I thought, Madison is as hick as we are

    10. Why Puddy needed him in this hick town was beyond his comprehension until he arrived that morning

    11. He came from some hick town I never even heard of, and he told Tommy about this old crazy there

    12. looked upon as just another hick town in the hick state of Nevada

    13. All the while lying to himself about how stupid these hick cops were, and how they couldn't tell a clue from an excuse

    14. ashamed in her hick rural community who blamed her for the rape,

    15. headed out of the range to pick up the hick channel, Alvin

    16. hick joint trying to rip him off? He had figured that the gas would be more

    17. I got there early, in time to hear her talking with a friend, saying she knew she was never going to pry me out of my hick town and she had to find some way to tell me she was never coming back to it

    18. I must have looked like a total hick to her

    19. And just has the car headed out of the range to pick up the hick channel, Alvin fell asleep

    20. What d’you know about that, hey? You never can tell in these hick towns——‘

    21. For a country hick from Ohio

    22. He was no hick but an intelligent and thoughtful statesman

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