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Hike в предложении (на )

  1. Neither is a career hike.
  2. Its a hike into the EAST.
  3. I continued on with my hike.
  4. The price hike? About 2,5%.
  5. Dr Hike replied in the affirmative.

  6. It’s a two hour hike up from here.
  7. The shirts team lined up for the hike.
  8. I decided to take a hike to the ocean.
  9. But she was prepared to hike if necessary.
  10. Once we hike a ways inland, she said.
  11. She reaches down to hike up her miniskirt.
  12. The canal’s a short hike beyond the barn.
  13. But that still added up to 334 miles to hike.
  14. We picked the wrong year to hike the PCT.
  15. You shouldn’t hike in the mountain alone.

  16. I’d never intended to wear my sandals to hike.
  17. The children want to swim in the canals and hike.
  18. Hazorpean's another long day’s hike from here.
  19. I think I can find that only a few hours hike from here.
  20. It takes us two and a half hours to hike up to Helen Lake.
  21. He and Leo’s son are hunting a few days hike from here.
  22. I’d last been home the week before I left to hike the PCT.
  23. I had to hike back to my car from the cemetery thanks to you.
  24. We pass through the red-fir tree forest and hike up through a.
  25. It took about a five hour leisurely hike to the falls and back.

  26. I wanted to hike the PCT, but I couldn’t! It was socked in!.
  27. As I watched it, I realized I’d passed the midpoint of my hike.
  28. The older man’s brows did another hike up his forehead, and he.
  29. Third occasion is on the eve of the practically annual fuel hike.
  30. I was three weeks into my hike, but everything in me felt altered.
  31. I was thinking, if I bypass, I could hike all of Oregon instead.
  32. The others went with your grandparents for a hike in the mountains.
  33. The shirts team had the ball again, and Emily lined up for the hike.
  34. They exited the cavern and continued their precarious hike downward.
  35. I wanted to hike in and see, but our timeline didn’t allow for it.
  36. This isn’t any worse than the time I broke my ankle on that hike.
  37. We procured two bottles of water for our hike and got onto the highway.
  38. Part of the Smokey Mountains, I could hike for hours had I the energy.
  39. Second, which was part of the reason this time around, is the hike in.
  40. So what does that have to do with you and your hike to Columbia?
  41. Dreaming, and well aware that he was dreaming, Harry continued his hike.
  42. She also loves to exercise, listen to music, hike, cook, dance and write.
  43. Anto advised that we should hike downwind so the herd wouldn’t smell us.
  44. The hike became steeper and Samantha’s thighs and calves began to ache.
  45. Thomas was on his 14th leg of a section hike that had taken as many years.
  46. His only advice had been to wear boots to hike in and neutral clothing.
  47. It had been an exhausting hike and she was glad they were close to the end.
  48. It took me no more than five minutes to hike it around to the small library.
  49. Lennox ratepayers face a nineteen percent hike in policing costs after a $37.
  50. I’d hike helicopter up a mountain for a scale that says I need to eat more.
  51. Now I’d be leapfrogging over 450 miles of the trail I’d intended to hike.
  52. The most interesting one was that he had reportedly got a big salary hike as.
  53. By night Dr Hike examined her for any evidence of a deep-rooted sleep disorder.
  54. He used one for the hike; the other two appeared to be stuffed with something.
  55. A nice day for a hike, isn’t it? he asked in a Moore County [NC] accent.
  56. Then to partially set my mind at ease, he enumerated the best way to hitch hike.
  57. When we started our hike into the hills, a nervous buzz made its way through me.
  58. Once Jorma had finished eating and filled his water skins, he set off on the hike.
  59. Tammas started his hike at a run, hoping to make up as much time as he could for.
  60. They stopped to set a modest camp and conserve their strength for the hike ahead.
  61. If she hadn’t been such a good friend Connie would have told her to take a hike.
  62. He looks like what he is, a historian taking a hike, who met an old female friend.
  63. The hike back would be a lot more uphill and the temperature would continue to climb.
  64. The other boys clamored to second the motion as the hike had built up their appetites.
  65. At least I could begin the hard hike down the trail with a refreshing drink of water.
  66. If he weren’t in a run for his life, he would have enjoyed the hike and the scenery.
  67. He had his GPS, a backpack fit for a two-week long hike and supplies for just as long.
  68. I was eager to hike away not so much because I felt like hiking, but because I had to.
  69. Hike questioned Linda regarding the amount of stress she was under prior to the murders.
  70. Figuring that he has learned all he could from the hike, the man decides to interrogate.
  71. The soak the rich ploy simply cannot work when a tax hike affects everyone equally.
  72. The new way I’d been aware of my body since beginning my hike had blunted the old ways.
  73. From the campground they said I could hike a short trail that would take me up to the PCT.
  74. Nasir parked and the two of them exited the car to begin their silent hike up the mountain.
  75. After a good hike through this impromptu city, we arrived at what I later learned was a yurt.
  76. The thin cold air, combined with the daylong hike around the Hold, tired both Duncan and Rayne.
  77. But actually, if truth be told, the docket took a hike into a rubbish bin, after a late visit.
  78. It should have been a two hour hike thru well cultivated farmlands til they reached the harbor.
  79. He must be the smart one in the family because when I told him to take a hike he high tailed it.
  80. To add to the annoyance, the only means of travel were to hike, or ride on the back of a donkey.
  81. Kyle’s mother had asked Vera to take Kyle on this hike while she got her life straightened out.
  82. I went on my hike trying to get out of the rat race and away from my incessantly chattering mind.
  83. He loves working in the garden or the stables, climbing trees, or taking a hike in the mountains.
  84. He didn’t ask how she was doing and she didn’t inquire as to how much longer they would hike.
  85. It gives the 110 uniformed officers on the force a ten percent hike over the term of the contract.
  86. I even took the hike up to Yoonbarla a few decades after he was back, just to see how he was doing.
  87. Before breaking camp that morning he had taken a short hike to where he had awoke the night before.
  88. Petra remembered the advice she’d been given on a Girl’s Scout hike, when lost stay where you are.
  89. Somewhere within an easy hike of a town a little bigger than Yoonbarla, but on a living plot of land.
  90. Some intended to loop back later in the summer to hike the section they’d missed; others to skip it.
  91. With that they set off to the hike city streets and her blob of orange curls was soon lost in the crowd.
  92. The hike began at the end of a long-abandoned logging trail no one but Donovan could have possibly found.
  93. Standing, he kicked at the straw floor, his fine riding boots dusty and scuffed from the long hike home.
  94. It wasn’t only that I was cold and tired from the day’s hike: at this elevation, the air was thinner.
  95. By the end of that second week, I realized that since I’d begun my hike, I hadn’t shed a single tear.
  96. I’m still taking them for a two day hike, maybe not as far as this gloomy canyon but into the forest.
  97. The sound of the fire lulled him into a sort of reverie and the day’s hike finally settled into his body.
  98. The Chief Of Police called in Dr Edward Hike, a top sleep disorder specialist and psychiatrist from London.
  99. That year he nearly didn’t make the section hike, because of a broken heart, but his friends urged him to go.
  100. It was entertaining to watch while he filled the water skin he had emptied on the hike with a sparkling yellow.
  1. Not out here hiking a.
  2. The hiking was far from pleasant.
  3. A tourist, hiking in the woods.
  4. I still go hiking, but never alone.
  5. Gone hiking to the Crags with Aaron.
  6. I’m hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.
  7. She’ll be hiking out in the morning.
  8. I don’t have a good pair of hiking boots.
  9. I'm not sure what I thought hiking entailed.
  10. Are you, by chance, hiking the PCT?
  11. He was probably already hiking that old trail.
  12. But hiking the PCT was hard in a different way.
  13. It felt like it was the last few miles hiking.
  14. Hiking boots were her shoes of choice, and the.
  15. She did not want to wear her hiking boots with.
  16. He told me to wear a good pair of hiking shoes.
  17. And I heard him tell Mama that hiking would be fun.
  18. He used the cane as a hiking stick up the mountain.
  19. Recently, while hiking up an escarpment with an old.
  20. Did you find anything interesting while hiking?
  21. Hiking in the Himalayas and rowing across the ocean.
  22. While hiking through the woods looking for a cleaner.
  23. Saturday, hiking around Gray Mountain, in the snow.
  24. The critical thing is the hiking bridge, she said.
  25. I can’t help but notice; even his hiking boots are.
  26. Hiking across Japan, they’d be extremely conspicuous.
  27. While the other guys were off fishing and hiking with.
  28. We’re hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, added Stacy.
  29. I was wearing simple hiking boots rather than combat boots.
  30. I began hiking early the next morning, and before the sun.
  31. I pursued hiking and other physical activities as hobbies.
  32. Hiking it over her shoulder, she headed for the back door.
  33. I’d planned to put them all to rest while hiking the PCT.
  34. A silly little dog that Dad picked up on a hiking trip once.
  35. A vegetarian diet and a hiking workout? Sounds fantastic.
  36. Going hiking? Vince asked while Cami grabbed her jacket.
  37. To go in his hiking boot, in an ankle holster, also supplied.
  38. A famous hiking trail runs on the eastern side of the island.
  39. And after a few hours of hiking, that’s exactly what I found.
  40. Gosh, she looked so hot in those spandex hiking shorts that day.
  41. Dave didn’t mind hiking but it had never been a passion of his.
  42. She found herself dressed in a heavy fur parka and hiking up the.
  43. Just think, while we’re hiking, about coming to England with me.
  44. He could tell they were western from their expensive hiking clothes.
  45. I was wearing simple hiking boots rather than combat boots.
  46. I’m hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, I said to jog his memory.
  47. If you're getting that technical, we weren't hiking in San Francisco.
  48. If that hiking bridge is still functioning, it will save so much time.
  49. Matt had witnessed Jessies protective instincts once while hiking a.
  50. He knew that he was on a hiking trip along some old railway right-of-.
  51. Get out on the hiking trail, Harry the young man had said to him.
  52. I crushed both ankles at a hiking site called Chimney Rock in Maryland.
  53. When I told him about hiking the PCT, he insisted on washing my clothes.
  54. He was last seen wearing a white hooded parka, hiking boots and blue jeans.
  55. Do you think those shoes of yours will hold up with all this hiking?
  56. You invited me to the graduation party; you followed me while I was hiking.
  57. There is a story told of a man who was hiking in the snow-covered mountains.
  58. Their eggs are good travelers, hitch hiking on board container’s en route.
  59. All relieved! Erik turned around and they started hiking toward the spring.
  60. He spurred the horse’s flanks with his hiking boots, urging her ever forward.
  61. During a hiking trip, there are often two or more trails one must decide to take.
  62. Dave could also be with Tim’s father, Deputy Mark Thompson, hiking through the.
  63. They'd been hiking for about an hour when Robert, who was leading, raised his arm.
  64. When I told her I was hiking the PCT, she offered to give me a ride to the trail.
  65. Down, down, down the trail went on my last full day of hiking in the Sierra Nevada.
  66. Almost two hours and a lot of hiking sparsely covered the truck bed with dry wood.
  67. I’m hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, I said, and instantly wished I hadn’t.
  68. David Dawson went hiking through China and climbed the Taoist mountain of Mt Qiyun.
  69. Sierra enjoys going to book clubs, camping, hiking, reading, jogging, and swimming.
  70. We got into lots of scrapes riding and hiking over the forest and hills in the area.
  71. After hiking several minutes, she came upon a pyramid, built with sandy, baize stones.
  72. Mark and some college buddies were doing some hiking in the Nantahala National Forest.
  73. I was eager to hike away not so much because I felt like hiking, but because I had to.
  74. Birds didn’t listen to a barging brought on by what other enthusiasts labeled hiking.
  75. Or at least she trusted him enough to go hiking, or whatever he had in mind for the day.
  76. I had been hiking among the hills and heard from a search party about her disappearance.
  77. Chin on the top of the crate, Akstyr said, I’m not hiking to the other side with this.
  78. Beyond coding and all things tech, he enjoys hiking, beating his friends at pool and plays.
  79. He had hiking boots on his feet, with speckled laces like miniature mountain-climbing ropes.
  80. Yes, I was just hiking in the hills minding my own business when the cold and snow set in.
  81. He spent some of his formative years hitchhiking and hiking around the great state of Alaska.
  82. Teresa approaches Diane D and says, Diane, are we still gonna go hiking in the woods?
  83. I was wearing hiking boots and a thick pair of jeans that would serve as protection in a crash.
  84. Samantha was curious as to why he had chosen Gray Mountain as their Saturday hiking destination.
  85. He checked out the hemp sandals on Sage’s feet, which were definitely not hiking appropriate.
  86. Luckily, he had on his LL Bean hiking boots – and, had previously activated the homing device.
  87. She was probably just confusing him with all this blather like he was any old tourist hiking thru.
  88. You will be able to spend more time doing fun things such as playing football, hiking or dancing.
  89. I hadn’t used it since the day I was hiking on that road after my first hard week on the trail.
  90. He stomped as he paced the floor of their humble kitchen, hiking his tunic back onto his shoulders.
  91. Since I’d begun hiking, the struggles of my life had only fluttered occasionally through my mind.
  92. Last I remember, I was hiking up to Odinseat in Bergendal, and they didn’t even know I had left.
  93. I explained to them about hiking the PCT, about how I planned to lay over in Ashland for the weekend.
  94. It’s pretty intense you’re hiking alone, said one of them after we’d finished with the bags.
  95. The usual items that a man would use in hiking a long distance, Warlock replied matter-of-factly.
  96. She wore high- heeled red-leather hiking boots under the divided skirts which he had suggested for her.
  97. In the far distance, I could see something called Chimney Rock, which we planned on hiking the next day.
  98. I believe because he’s hiking a trail in the mountains, that the best method would be to use a Skimmer.
  99. Maps of the Great Allegheny Passage which is why I’m using the hiking path along the river, Kurt said.
  100. A chicken, we might add, with enough evolutionary chutzpah to know the value of a good pair of hiking boots.
  1. He hadn’t hiked for years.
  2. We hiked there with Gearzon.
  3. Bubba sniffed and hiked up his leg.
  4. I hiked back with a tickly cheetah.
  5. She’d hiked this trail with Lindsay.
  6. She carefully hiked herself back up.
  7. Yes, I have hiked over them many times.
  8. We packed up and hiked out back to the road.
  9. I reached the road and hiked toward the falls.
  10. They stepped out and hiked to the nearest rise.
  11. Well you hiked over the mountains by yourself.
  12. The POWs hiked back up and waited for help to come.
  13. That's longer than the distance I hiked to Yoonbarla.
  14. I guess her skirt hiked up as she struggled to get free.
  15. Beckham hiked up his pants cuffs and squatted near the hole.
  16. As he hiked, he pondered the things that had happened to him.
  17. She hesitated and then hiked her skirt up to remove the flail.
  18. He hiked along the coastline, following a track paved with worn.
  19. The skins team hiked the ball and Emily dodged around her guard.
  20. She hiked up her skirt and ran wildly through the lifeless woods!.
  21. I would be back on it again as soon as I hiked away from Sierra City.
  22. I hiked the rest of the afternoon thinking about Hawaiian screwdrivers.
  23. A few skiers in his party have hiked to the top and are already boarding.
  24. As the ball was hiked, Emily lunged at the new recruit and he turned just.
  25. It had a slutty devil on the side, red skin and horns, short skirt hiked up.
  26. All semester she sat in the front row of my class, with her dress hiked up.
  27. I rolled my eyes and hiked the Gucci backpack on my shoulder a little higher.
  28. He left the motorcycle covered with some branches and hiked back to the villa.
  29. At midafternoon he hiked down the steep descent to the waterfront, where a U.
  30. That time when you hiked along the Grand Canyon together and then watched the.
  31. She hiked up her long skirts and dropped to her knees on the crushed pumice road.
  32. Mike had Cheri’s skirt hiked up past her ass cheeks, and was inhaling her face.
  33. Colt hiked up his shorts and grabbed his beer as the others came out on the porch.
  34. I hiked away from my camp in the clear-cut at first light and saw no one all morning.
  35. As I hiked, I made a catalogue of the rest, listing them painstakingly in my head:.
  36. She hiked about an hour before she came to something interesting, the ruins of a road.
  37. They also hiked the Chilkoot Trail, which goes from Dyea, Alaska, to British Columbia.
  38. It was 1,008 trail miles away; I’d hiked only 170 so far, but my pace was picking up.
  39. I hiked away before the others even emerged from their tents, happy to get a head start.
  40. Her skirt was hiked up around her waist and my first thought was that she had been raped.
  41. When she got to the tallest tree, she hiked her skirt up and climbed up into its branches.
  42. That very morning he’d hiked the seven miles I had agonized over the entire previous day.
  43. We hiked into the woods behind a row of modest homes, though still with a view of the ocean.
  44. Getting out of the car, they hiked up to the facility as Kevin focused on feeling for Nikole.
  45. You should camp with us tonight if you catch up with us, said Tom before they hiked on.
  46. They hadn’t hiked all the way from Mexico, nor had they been planning the trip for a decade.
  47. Quit, quit, quit, I chanted to myself as I moaned and hiked and rested (ten, five, ten, five).
  48. When Crisi had passed three springs, she, Lovern and I hiked up the mountain trail behind our fort.
  49. Contrary to what she’d promised Alric, she then hiked her dress up and tied her flail to her thigh.
  50. They hiked on, climbing the ridge until the woods opened up and they stopped to take in the devastation.
  51. Daphne hiked beneath the cliff edge and around to the other side, in the direction of the other person.
  52. As I hiked, I moaned again and again, as if that would provide some cooling relief, but nothing changed.
  53. One had her lips attached to his, while the other sat in his lap with her dress hiked up around her waist.
  54. She hiked back to her car, looking longingly in the windows of the pricey clothing boutiques along the way.
  55. We’d hiked away from Seiad Valley together the day before, after spending a night with Rex and the couples.
  56. I hiked high on a ridgeline, coming to short icy patches of snow that I crossed with the help of my ski pole.
  57. A long time ago, Captain Blitner might have hiked these trails, swam these rivers, and climbed these mountains.
  58. We hiked to Wineglass Bay, which is an incredibly beautiful bay with a most gorgeous deserted white sandy beach.
  59. I’d done the same with the section from The Pacific Crest Trail, Volume 1: California that I’d already hiked.
  60. The next day I hiked at what for me was record speed, spurred on by my desire to reach Castle Crags by day’s end.
  61. They hiked to the place where the muddy river flowed into the gulf, and his older brother started picking up trash.
  62. I hiked a few half days, going only seven or eight miles in an effort to alleviate the pain, but it did little good.
  63. That glimmering dark water was more beautiful than anything I’d imagined during all those miles I’d hiked to reach it.
  64. In spite of all his years of training in the exercise ring, he was sore as all get-out when he hiked out of his little camp.
  65. One needs to have hiked up on one of the surrounding mountains and looked down on the water to appreciate this incredible sight.
  66. I hadn’t read Muir’s books about the Sierra Nevada before I hiked the PCT, but I knew he was the founder of the Sierra Club.
  67. I hiked out an hour later with the Three Young Bucks, crisscrossing with them all day; occasionally we stopped together for breaks.
  68. I’d met a few people who switched off between boots and sandals while they hiked, but their sandals were far sturdier than mine.
  69. The woman hiked her skirt and rushed out of the house and into the cold air of the front lawn where the whipping pole was installed.
  70. I’d generally been covering two miles an hour as I hiked most days, but everything was different in the snow: slower, less certain.
  71. At another time in Denali, we obtained a back country permit and hiked into our assigned wilderness area without anyone else in sight.
  72. And he stood by reticent as the other man turned his bitterly mournful gaze downward and slowly hiked back up to the city on the hill.
  73. As she walked she hiked her Mother Hubbard up to her knees, and she bleated her shrill terrible war cry: Pu-raise Gawd fur vittory.
  74. I sweated as I hiked, the whole backside of me wet where my pack covered my body, regardless of the temperature or what clothing I wore.
  75. I wore the shirt from Paco the next morning as I hiked back to the PCT and on to Belden Town, catching glimpses of Lassen Peak as I went.
  76. It didn’t feel like I’d hiked seventeen miles in midnineties heat that day with a pack on my back and duct tape wound around my feet.
  77. I parked my ‘66 Ford Fairlane in the boondocks and hiked to the brick wall adjacent to the SE end zone where Nick had two season tickets.
  78. We saw the flames and smoke at the bottom of the hill after we hiked up it, and then the helicopter—yours, I guess—burst into flames.
  79. The guidebook assured me that in a regular year most of the snow would be melted by the time I hiked the High Sierras in late June and July.
  80. The following day I hiked over Santiam Pass and crossed into the Mount Jefferson Wilderness, named for the dark and stately summit to my north.
  81. I hiked through forests of noble, grand, and Douglas fir, pushing past bushy lakes through grasses and weedy thistles that sometimes obscured the trail.
  82. She hiked alone often in the forest preserves around the city, and whenever a man approached or passed her, especially if he was running, she felt nervous.
  83. The next morning I said goodbye to Doug and Tom and the two women and I hiked away alone, climbing up the short steep path that went from the lodge to the PCT.
  84. After visiting the mine we hiked up a trail along the Kennecott glacier and found ourselves a beautiful secluded spot to put our tent right along the glacier.
  85. He was what was called a ‘section hiker’; those that tackle the Trail one piece at a time year to year until they finally end up having hiked the whole thing.
  86. Every night he hiked up the hill to a place called Shack Town, where he had found a cheap room in a long, rickety shedlike building designed to house single men.
  87. Making it back to the trail and grabbing his pack as he ran past, he ran for the rest of the night and hiked for the next day, alternately jogging and hiking fast.
  88. I hiked through ten foot tall ferns and clusters of giant oval-shaped leaves and finally found a way to cross back over, without negotiating a huge gap in the canyon.
  89. It was a hot summer’s day and he set off through the beautiful Wiltshire countryside and he hiked at leisure with his backpack on his back without a care in the world.
  90. We hiked through bush for two days and although he wasn‘t fully recovered from being bashed up and imprisoned, and was covered in cuts and bruises he never complained.
  91. As I hiked, I tried to force myself not to think about the things that hurt—my shoulders and upper back, my feet and hips—but I succeeded for only short bursts of time.
  92. I was careful to wind them tight enough that the booties would stay on while I hiked, but loose enough that I could pry them off at the end of the day without ruining them.
  93. For example, if someone is searching for "hiking in Norhter Nevada" a literal search would only match the words used without taking into account words such as "hike", "hiked".
  94. In a crashing rainstorm, they hiked for hours, through forest, over boulders, and through ravines, climbing so high that the surrounding mountains were capped in snow in summer.
  95. I slammed the book shut and hiked on through the heat into the Dome Land Wilderness, heading toward what I hoped would be an ice ax crash course taught by Greg in Kennedy Meadows.
  96. Tears rushed from her eyes as she hiked along the thin strip of beach near the poppies toward the east, weak and dizzy and her hip hurting from where she had fallen and scraped it.
  97. The trees were the same species as those I’d hiked past often on the trail, but the forest felt different, desultory and somehow darker, in spite of the intermittent expansive views.
  98. I could feel it unspooling behind me—the old thread I’d lost, the new one I was spinning—while I hiked that morning, the snowy peaks of the High Sierras coming into occasional view.
  99. As I hiked into the day, the air shifted and warmed again and I felt as if I were back in California, with the heat and the way the vistas opened up for miles across the rocky and green land.
  100. My brother didn’t find out about his catcher’s mitt and the statue for two weeks, and when he did he ditched me when we hiked out in farm country and left me lost because I was such a sap.
  1. His long hikes became runs.
  2. There are unprecedented hikes.
  3. I confine myself to simpler hikes now as well.
  4. Hikes to go on in the dark, without a flashlight.
  5. They differed on one question regarding these hikes.
  6. On long hikes they would sit astride our shoulders.
  7. Sleep more than usual and take long hikes in nature.
  8. Unbelievably, he hikes the dose of the medicine again.
  9. We went for walks, long hikes, kayaking, and even jet-skiing.
  10. Obsidian, something, he said, he had found on one of his many hikes.
  11. He began testing himself with long hikes, borrowing a dog for company.
  12. You saw him rise to vanish on vast comet staircases, on hikes and explorations.
  13. We have done some other magnificent short and long, day and multiple night hikes in many.
  14. So let’s talk about eight-mile hikes in deep snow every day for weeks at wilderness camp.
  15. These continued high interest hikes to many make it not worth buying things are credit anymore.
  16. The February 27, 2007 edition of USA Today had the headline, Forever stamp may insure against hikes.
  17. He led them on mountain hikes, letting them talk out their troubles, and rappelled down cliffs beside them.
  18. I did and a lot of them said they went dancing and played baseball and basketball and went for hikes and just stayed fit.
  19. In the hikes back from this slave labor, men were so rubber-legged that they tumbled into snow crevasses and had to be dragged out.
  20. He hikes the Fun Bag over his shoulder, carefully picks up one of the empty champagne bottles and one of the plates, and heads into the kitchen.
  21. In the past, three successive significant hikes in Fed interest rates have generally marked the beginning of bear markets and impending recessions.
  22. He said that a few had ended their hikes altogether, just as Greg had told me earlier, deciding to hike the PCT another, less record-breaking year.
  23. Soon after Dixie died, I joined the Professional Singles Association which was then very active with dineouts, hikes, volleyball, house parties, etc.
  24. As a sixteen year-old he’d worked for the previous owner taking young men for hikes in the forest, having no idea of their ultimate dreadful fate.
  25. She’d decided to get off the trail here and return to Colorado to do several day hikes near her home for the rest of the summer instead of hiking the PCT.
  26. The older ones, those ten years and more, disdained the affair and marched scornfully off on hikes or played a more dignified version of hide-and-seek on their own.
  27. One hikes through luscious rainforest, over high mountains, through swamps, past waterfalls with inviting pools and along unspoiled sandy beaches (watch out for the crocodiles).
  28. But at least by the end of the first ten days, Agatha no longer fled, but stood in nearby doors, or sat in distant chairs under trees, or if we went out for hikes, followed ten paces behind.
  29. There will always be relative price changes or temporary inflation impulses, but only second-round effects—requests for price or wage hikes that compensate for perceived inflation—transform these into persistent inflation.
  30. He complains about milk-price hikes but fails to point out that the hike authorized by the President was in fact lower than that requested by the Democrats who received more funds from the dairy industry than did the Republicans.
  31. After the summer bustle, Lea started painting again and occasionally Stratos accompanied her on her hikes to mountaintops and villages, to barns and hovels to paint a shrunken, wrinkled old woman, a dog or a villager urinating on a tree.
  32. In this charming locality, sightseers can experience hikes through trails of still intact and unspoiled natural beauty in the coastal forest, or do mountain biking through the famous Inside Passage and see the biggest collection of original totems of the nineteenth century.
  33. During the interim, until they might try their skills on the lake, many of the men and women entered for the competition spent their late mornings and afternoons going on hikes or boat tours around the Tahoe, gaily brunching together at the cafes, or browsing the shops of the village.
  34. After the mistake of transferring from there, the schools had almost all been like this one, except for a three year period in a high school where the principal kept order and supported his teachers; at that school, she had sponsored an ecology club and led hikes and camping trips, for once enjoying teaching.
  35. There was no longer any trace of the wooden rails and holding pens, but on one of his early exploratory hikes in the area, Jarek had discovered that the dip itself, a concrete-sided hole three metres deep, ten long and two wide had never been filled in, only covered with concrete slabs, and apparently forgotten.
  36. After showing Stephen the maps they’d drawn of the area indicating possible hikes, and a preliminary list of suitable activities and plans, they promised to have details of each day’s activities ready for approval by the following Sunday when Stephen would come for a final check before the boys arrived on Monday morning.
  37. Many of the student protestors can’t afford the tuition hikes,.

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