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    1. “No,” Johnny said as he zipped up his backpack

    2. “Hey dad,” he called as he dropped his backpack onto the floor and started digging around in the fridge for something to eat

    3. Johnny picked up his backpack and headed for the door

    4. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a square box that had its own keypad on the front of it

    5. Ackers detached his keypad box and threw both it and his lock picking gadget into his backpack

    6. Book shelves covered three walls with doorways let into them here and there; a young woman stood apparently wrapt in the volume she was reading, a thirty-something man with a large backpack at his feet scanned the shelf above his head, neck craned, lips muttering silently as he concentrated

    7. Wiesse has arranged for me to be supplied with a neat backpack for daily use and a holdall for all the other stuff

    8. I have the backpack ready over there and the map is in my pocket

    9. They neither of them considered for a moment that I should be lumbered with the backpack – there are advantages to being the only woman in the group

    10. We both rush over to him, Joris removing the backpack, while I, grabbing Berndt’s arm and finding it all sticky, realise with horror what has happened

    1. Alone, with the busy slope of backpacks,

    2. They shot each other glances and busied themselves stuffing their backpacks

    3. They hoisted their backpacks which carried tents, ground sheets, bags and clothing

    4. “Okay, your backpacks and personal items are in the guest quarters

    5. Collecting the backpacks and supplies Dawn had bought, they hurried out to the tug

    6. Tearing madly about the room, her big eyes flashed in rage coming to rest upon backpacks Mike’s friends had piled in a corner

    7. mountain and carry down the backpacks and sleeping gear for the

    8. The priest and his assistant quietly took off their backpacks and left their stuff on the floor, in a corner

    9. He trotted to where the backpacks were and returned with some bread and water

    10. Exiting Egypt, with nothing but what was in their backpacks, they were to change

    1. backpacking trip may be just what a couple needs to put the spark back in their relationship

    2. This generosity reminded him how he survived backpacking down the rugged west coast of the South Island in ‘74

    3. Tensions rose and rivalry could be seen on the faces of these mates who had been backpacking together

    4. Backpacking is a state of mind

    5. As tall bottles of beer were toasted in the air, Michael reflected that this was it — the Circuit — the round-the-world backpacking trail upon which travelers of all ages and stripes met up time and time again

    6. Kate opened the metal door with a grating squeak and Michael was served his second look at the international backpacking scene

    7. He is backpacking around Europe but now he has a job in London for a while

    8. “Just backpacking things,” I said, reddening with shame

    9. They weren’t gearheads or backpacking experts or PCT know-it-alls

    10. We ran through the Pacific Crest Trail as a conversational topic, through backpacking gear and the record snowpack one more time, through the “ultralight” theories and practices of Ray Jardine and of his followers—who may or may not have misinterpreted the spirit behind those theories and practices—and finally arrived at ourselves

    1. She told me she lived in a little town in central Oregon and backpacked as often as she could

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