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    1. Can a fireman who wants to build a great cavern do that by blasting a solid rock with a fire hose for a week straight, staying up with every bit of energy that he has, holding the hose blasting it at full power

    2. “Did you shoot him? Fuck, Dad!” The man’s holding his stomach, just below his chest

    3. identify those associations in your life that are holding you back

    4. "Leave that," he said, and reached for it, still holding the stairpost with his other hand

    5. Micah, holding a small trash bin in his hand, was not moved

    6. Underling said again, holding out his hand for the papers

    7. "He's making you," a woman holding her toddler replied

    8. “What do those do?” Johnny asked, indicating the objects she was holding

    9. ’ He went on, holding open a door for me

    10. “What do those do, anyway?” Big Petey asked nervously as he looked at the four square grenades that Red was still holding

    11. “Oh my,” he said as he watched it all while holding the Super Chip up in his hand for anyone to notice

    12. The Operator was still holding the Chip up in the air

    13. Henry was holding up two different pieces of paper and trying to look at both of them at the same time

    14. ’ He said with a smile, holding out the receiver to me

    15. Yet again Stephen comes to my rescue, grabbing a handful of tissues from the box I keep in here and holding them out for me

    16. Nancy walked forward, holding the wrist computer ahead of her as the beeps reached a frantic pitch

    17. Still holding my hand, he rises, pulling me to my feet

    18. I stare at the water remaining in the glass I am holding … but that is ridiculous … absurd … it would mean that Dan would have to be psychotic or something … wouldn’t it?

    19. We’re holding the

    20. John pulls into a parking space in front of one of the three-story buildings, gets out of his car, then suddenly staggers backwards, holding onto his car to support himself

    21. ‘Paul and I had the devil of a job stopping her mounting an assault on the police station where they were holding you

    22. Dan sat back in his chair, still holding Jen’s hand

    23. he was still holding in his left hand

    24. mother had simply had enough of living her life in that seemingly permanent holding

    25. Weakly, he pushes the wreckage toward the land, paddling with his feet while still holding on

    26. "So this is what's holding them up?" Taktor said to Ilumvi

    27. Beside them was an old hangleaf holding what had to be the last public house before the wild chaparral

    28. Only he remained, holding her hand, squeezing her

    29. He corners her by the back door and, neatly forcing her to yield up the handful of wallpaper she is holding, dexterously pushes it down the back of her t-shirt as she squirms and squeals

    30. John lies on a single bed, holding his wedding band in one hand, studying it

    31. ’ Emma said, her voice muffled … she must be holding the phone under her chin so that she can write in her diary

    32. Glenelle wondered at the folly of a nation consisting of one pill-shaped space colony three miles in diameter and forty miles long that passes in close orbit less than five hundred miles above, declaring war on a glowing industrial belt holding half a billion mortals that was longer than the distance to that orbit

    33. fauna and insect life was holding its breath

    34. A sheepish CAPTAIN, holding his cap in his hands, walks up with RICCI, strutting and imperious

    35. The plane bounces and shakes through some bad turbulence as Russ snores while holding a drink in one hand

    36. ’ She said, holding out a really pretty bunch of roses and freesias

    37. He tightens his grip on me, holding me closer than ever and murmuring soothing noises as I soak his shirt with tears

    38. Ali Ben Ali walks in, holding his hands over his ears and glaring at one of the soldiers

    39. The prosecutor aims his pointer again at the easel, but this time it’s holding a big, grainy portrait of Teekra

    40. You found where they are holding

    41. coach, holding his Winchester

    42. ’ I said holding out my booty

    43. ‘You idiot!’ he laughed, holding his stick out on a level with mine

    44. ’ He said holding out his business card

    45. He’s holding me far too close to conceal how he feels successfully … unless he has something large in his trouser pocket which I don’t know about

    46. He was holding the delivery and was already through

    47. ’ Stephen replied, holding out the glass and sounding more himself

    48. He was holding an extended telescopic baton in his right hand

    49. He’s still holding my hand and I grip his fingers with mine, trying to smile at him

    50. He was sitting on the ground in back of the Boston Monitor building, holding a gun to his head

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