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    1. herself whilst at the same time keeping

    2. He would try keeping quiet until she had at least taken him to a political event, he thought

    3. After the obligatory studio photographs they had to individually sit for on the way in, presumably for record keeping purposes, they were frisked and taken to seats at long heavily loaded tables

    4. “We were keeping the city safe

    5. walk with God without keeping that command

    6. And keeping His commandments is the way of

    7. “I wasn’t lying about keeping mutants in here

    8. She was having trouble keeping her mind on the financial conversation, especially if Venna was involved in the sexual conversation

    9. The two of them walked up the slanted ceiling of the stairwell, keeping their eyes on the dangerously, jagged steps above them

    10. This helps them in keeping away 20 Mule Team Borax: This is not a soap but an from any synthetic chemical used against them

    11. These returns should be correctly assessed keeping in mind the taxation, tax concessions and tax rebates

    12. ’ He said, ‘Paul Jarvis and I suggested it would be better all round if she kept away from the police station, though he has been keeping her up to date on what is going on

    13. Keeping moving, I’d started on the bathroom, dealing with the bath, hand basin and loo in turn and ending up scrubbing the bathroom floor with an energy driven by desperation not to fall apart

    14. A couple of hospital workers sit on a bench nearby, chatting, keeping an eye on things

    15. He welcomed Tahlmute to Gengee City where Brazilian money was still keeping things looking up

    16. The entire medical profession is trained to keep people alive, rather than keeping people comfortable so that they can die with dignity

    17. On top of that, I spent most of yesterday keeping within reach of the phone and, on the two occasions I had to go out of earshot into the garden to deal with the washing, I had checked to see if anyone had called while I was out there as soon as I got back inside … but Stephen didn’t call

    18. Laughing, he chases her round the kitchen, as I, keeping well out of the way, watch

    19. “So, Aunty, how’ve you been keeping all these years? He asked nonchalantly

    20. Keeping you company is great, but I hope I can be more useful than that

    21. She could ask, but she guessed Ava was mostly thanking her for keeping an eye on her sister's problem and staying out of the way on hers

    22. ‘We’ve been keeping your mother company, Stephen

    23. ‘No … but they’re keeping her heavily sedated for the next day or so to give her head a chance to recover

    24. Keeping a congregation informed of decisions is a wise choice by an eldership or a

    25. My strength came from keeping a secret

    26. The guards sat with me, pumping liquids into my desiccated flesh, keeping me alive with antibiotic pills massaged down my dry gullet

    27. Instead he had to go completely on his own, keeping no council and avoiding attention whenever possible

    28. That's the only thing keeping them from killing me

    29. you discover that one of the friends that you made and the one who you were keeping

    30. He noticed that his warning circuits were unarmed and cursed himself internally for not keeping up his guard

    31. " He came out and locked the office, keeping it and the children safe from each other

    32. It's hard keeping any of the old ways alive, we're just so few, even here in a near wilderness there are cities close by where we are lost in the crowds

    33. The water level might vary a foot here with the seasons and the storms, keeping those trunks fairly big

    34. keeping you out of a state of DELIGHT and ease

    35. They skirted round a collection of rocks half sunk in the sand, keeping the sun on their left

    36. Keeping myself separated

    37. Hazelnuts are a good source of folate, which plays a key role in keeping homocysteine within normal levels

    38. She stayed astride him a few minutes afterward, keeping his with hers and caressing his face as she caught her breath

    39. ‘I think keeping it unofficial would be our best idea

    40. Keeping The Fire In

    41. Fred picked up the shotgun, still keeping it in a safe mode

    42. out what was keeping you busy

    43. I debate, more as a means of keeping myself awake, whether this journey is better or worse than that one was … coming the conclusion that although this one is cleaner and marginally less stressful, in many ways there is not a lot to choose between them

    44. ’ I hear Gilla say, keeping her voice down

    45. Desa was also pretty quiet both days, keeping herself busy foraging and with little things around the camp

    46. He rose forward, and pulled her to him, keeping pace with her

    47. the hill, again keeping in the shadows

    48. In keeping with our part, he asks the customs man if he can recommend the best road to see the talaiots … enormous stone constructions set in the landscape thousands of years ago by primitive people

    49. I said all this whilst stroking my chin and keeping my face straight

    50. The antidote was based on limbering up the spine and keeping it supple, bending it this way and that to relieve tired muscles, and putting the feet up above the head to combat the pull and downward drag of gravity

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