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    1. There is this idea of perseverance even through a hopeless situation, strength through adversity

    2. “Watch and learn, my hopeless friend

    3. up on business, spent hours writing hopeless paeans to her memory, and slowly the

    4. I was hopeless about the problems mentioned above, but this morning an unexpected solution came up: After years of moving houses, my sister has just decided to return here, at her own house, so that my mother can help her even more with raising her children

    5. He gave up on business, spent hours writing hopeless paeans to her memory, and slowly the light in their eyes, these daughters of his with their busy lives and their boisterous men folk, ceased to burn for him

    6. It was a hopeless scope, but it was all he had

    7. Then when you don't have any for a few weeks, like now, you wind up in a condition opposite to being stoned, a bleak, dark, hopeless, empty, everything's useless type condition like this

    8. Afternoondays were hopeless and she found the other days were now difficult

    9. Even there, there was poverty but it is a hopeless poverty

    10. She did see a young man, who seemed oddly familiar, watching her at the Friday night rave in the student union, but then boys always watched her and she was hopeless with names and faces

    11. desirable answers; however it also proves that it is not a hopeless cause, and that building a

    12. 'And I suppose we could try to rescue as many of the pieces at Faria as we could carry away,' my voice was small and hopeless

    13. He hated to have to do it, mainly because he wanted to console him and had to refrain from doing much of that because it would make his situation seem too hopeless

    14. hopeless with names and faces

    15. He opened the meeting with a hopeless assessment of the military situation

    16. She was screaming about her same old drivenness and he was trying to talk her out of it by telling her how stupid and hopeless it is

    17. Later, when we could speak, he’d explained that he had fallen for me more or less as soon as he met me but had assumed it was hopeless as he could see no reason why someone as talented and attractive as me could ever consider him

    18. “Just to confirm that I really need a fuck?” Tahlmute had told him this girl was also a hopeless slut

    19. into them, but it was hopeless

    20. It was hopeless to try and hide

    21. But the second case is hopeless

    22. told her that I was hopeless at dance and all I could manage was

    23. more than of that hopeless extra who dances behind the hero

    24. She heard the hopeless doubt that filled her intonation as her beloved’s name returned

    25. Oh, I know something interesting , thought Nerissa, if you can call a love-bound maiden’s hopeless wishes interesting

    26. ” She spoke softly, knowing that it was a hopeless case

    27. All these years, she’d had an image of Homer as a hopeless intellectual

    28. Staring into the eyes of a Lascorii is more addicting than any drug devised or refined---Even with the greater part of their atmosphere dampened down, their eyes can scramble your brains and before you realize it: you're a hopeless slave to their merest glance

    29. “You really are hopeless

    30. He was simply in a hopeless situation, his fate as inevitable as everyone’s eventual demise

    31. Raiya, I was a hopeless case, remember? My mind was shattered, ripped apart by the

    32. It was hopeless! What could she do to stop them? In every future, she massed her armies to try to capture and Heal her friends, but in every future, she was defeated, her armies were defeated; it was the beginning of the Age of Chaos

    33. “Although I don’t like saying this I feel that I must our position here now is hopeless with no hope of relief it is now time to try to get back to our own front line trenches

    34. Swift’s master, realized the situation was hopeless, and he brought the ship about to face the consequences

    35. “I will try to find some witnesses but things look pretty hopeless I will also see if I can get some people to give you a testimonial as to you conduct and what kind of soldier you have been so I had better be on my way as we haven’t long left”, saying this he stood up and left to find his witnesses

    36. She had been struggling with the realisation for some time, knowing that it could only hurt them both, that it was hopeless to begin a relationship that could never flourish within these walls

    37. Whenever she felt hopeless, trapped inside the prison, she thought of Raven, and it almost felt as though they were not restrained but were wrapped up warm, enclosed in their own space

    38. Could there be a more hopeless situation?

    39. agreed that the crime scene was fairly hopeless by now

    40. She could not tell them to sacrifice themselves to a hopeless fate

    41. "It's my fault that Darkburst and Grey are dead," Soffen had whispered, her eyes filled with hopeless desolation

    42. Were they even coming for her? Was this all a hopeless gesture?

    43. It will be a rather hopeless case for the terrorists if you stop destroying your economy with reckless spending and bring your troops home

    44. But I had never felt so hopeless

    45. Beth awoke in a struggle, attempting to free her legs from their hopeless entanglement among a snarl of sweat-soaked sheets

    46. A violent, abusive, hopeless situation was totally healed for about ten days straight, because the house became filled with angel beings who also hovered over the house and filled up our hearts

    47. A surprising number have abandoned the old model as hopeless and have turned to other women instead, giving up on the struggle to find a Hero in the male

    48. So when he thought of the odd million words he might have used Stuart felt pretty hopeless

    49. Instead of being troubled by a crisis in the economy and a seemingly hopeless future, it fiddles with a remote, not being able to choose between American Idol and Hell’s Kitchen

    50. It seemed such a stupid and hopeless thing to say, but she had no name for the man

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