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Disconsolate в предложении (на )

‘Don’t look so disconsolate.
Sophia was looking disconsolate.
and with their disconsolate roar.
She was disconsolate for two days.
Jeff looked completely disconsolate.
The fact remains that I was disconsolate.
She had married Harailt, but I was not disconsolate.

she was so disconsolate without him she started making.
The street lamps gave a disconsolate and useless glimmer.
Gilbert scowled and his face fell into disconsolate folds.
The disconsolate journalist had seated himself at a writing-table.
Pete seemed disconsolate, but that’s just the price you have to pay.
They were rather disconsolate, did not know what to do, what to play at.
He felt that his work was almost finished; he was disconsolate and lonely.
The barrister bustled off and Sebastian and I were left alone and disconsolate.
Sometime in that interval, my mother died of a cancer and I was disconsolate for years.
He burst into a mad laugh, while Christine gave a disconsolate moan behind her velvet mask.
Jo leaned her chin on her knees in a disconsolate attitude and shook her fist at the reprehensible John.
I had never seen him so troubled and disconsolate about a case before, no matter how difficult or gruesome.
It is also recognized that Alilia, in her disconsolate state, may have meted out a punishment that is unjustly harsh.
On their disconsolate way back to the car a slight sound sent them scurrying for the trees bordering the private road.
And yet he was convinced that a disconsolate widow, more than any other woman, might carry within her the seed of happiness.
The Genie was disconsolate and frightened, clung with both hands to the rails trying to move them, but these have not yielded.
He had followed behind them suddenly disconsolate in his musings of whether there would be a place for him among them after all.
'Brosy has been scouring the country on his bicycle trying to discover your retreat, and was quite disconsolate at not finding you.

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disconsolate inconsolable blue dark dingy dismal drab drear dreary gloomy grim sorry