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Disconsolate в предложении (на )

  1. Sophia was looking disconsolate.
  2. She was disconsolate for two days.
  3. Jeff looked completely disconsolate.
  4. The fact remains that I was disconsolate.
  5. She had married Harailt, but I was not disconsolate.

  6. And that has left you so disconsolate? he asked.
  7. The street lamps gave a disconsolate and useless glimmer.
  8. Gilbert scowled and his face fell into disconsolate folds.
  9. The disconsolate journalist had seated himself at a writing-table.
  10. Pete seemed disconsolate, but that’s just the price you have to pay.
  11. They were rather disconsolate, did not know what to do, what to play at.
  12. He felt that his work was almost finished; he was disconsolate and lonely.
  13. The barrister bustled off and Sebastian and I were left alone and disconsolate.
  14. Sometime in that interval, my mother died of a cancer and I was disconsolate for years.
  15. He burst into a mad laugh, while Christine gave a disconsolate moan behind her velvet mask.

  16. Jo leaned her chin on her knees in a disconsolate attitude and shook her fist at the reprehensible John.
  17. Ay, my master! Indeed the youth’s tone was disconsolate, even as a true lover’s might have been.
  18. I had never seen him so troubled and disconsolate about a case before, no matter how difficult or gruesome.
  19. It is also recognized that Alilia, in her disconsolate state, may have meted out a punishment that is unjustly harsh.
  20. On their disconsolate way back to the car a slight sound sent them scurrying for the trees bordering the private road.
  21. And yet he was convinced that a disconsolate widow, more than any other woman, might carry within her the seed of happiness.
  22. The Genie was disconsolate and frightened, clung with both hands to the rails trying to move them, but these have not yielded.
  23. He had followed behind them suddenly disconsolate in his musings of whether there would be a place for him among them after all.
  24. But he was watching her throat below the ear, where the flush was fusing into the honey-white, and her mouth that pouted disconsolate.
  25. He did sound genuinely rueful, looked disconsolate although, she reasoned, only because he had become personally attached to her – his special project.

  26. Hastening to offer my arm to the disconsolate Elena Ivanovna, whose charms were only enhanced by her agitation, I hurriedly led her out of the crocodile room.
  27. The Charity matinée was over, I felt; the impresario had buttoned his astrakhan coat and taken his fee and the disconsolate ladies of the company were without a leader.
  28. The terrified and disconsolate ladies, without discussing Don Quixote's demand or asking who Dulcinea might be, promised that their squire should do all that had been commanded.
  29. The interview was brought to a summary conclusion when the Lady Barbara reached her aunt’s house, for she flung the door to in his face and left him standing disconsolate on the outside.
  30. Many of the women compelled to take to the boats would have stayed, had it been possible, to share the fate of their nearest and dearest, without whom their lives are crippled, broken and disconsolate.
  31. We were a disconsolate party, fornothing could have been more minute than our investigation, and it was absolutely certain that there was no single point where the most active human being could possibly hope to scale the cliff.
  32. When upon our return journey of a mere few blocks to our rooms at the elegant Chelsea House, we were momentarily detained by four disconsolate fellows whose evening's entertainment I'm afraid was not furthered by our own contributions.
  33. He set out on his march again, then he began to run; and from time to time he halted and shouted into that solitude, with a voice which was the most formidable and the most disconsolate that it was possible to hear, "Little Gervais! Little Gervais!".
  34. When he read the fine passages he was transported, but when he thought that mummers would get something out of them for their show, he was disconsolate; and in this confusion of sentiments in which he was involved he would have liked at once to crown Racine.
  35. But the loss will not be felt by the public alone: the friends of their social hours will regret their loss; the widow will mourn her disconsolate situation; the orphan shall cry for the return of his father in vain; and the mother carry her sorrow to the grave.
  36. He felt like a criminal because he was warmly clad and well fed in the midst of all this want and unhappiness, and he flushed with shame because he had momentarily faltered in his devotion to the noblest cause that any man could be privileged to fight for - the uplifting of the disconsolate and the oppressed.
  37. When he read the fine passages he was transported, but when he thought that mummers would get something out of them for their show, he was disconsolate; and in this confusion of sentiments in which he was involved he would have liked at once to crown Racine with both his hands and discuss with him for a good quarter of an hour.
  38. It would be unjust to inflict a penalty so severe on the disconsolate widows and orphans of those officers and soldiers of the volunteers and militia, who, in common with their brother officers and soldiers of the regular troops, fell in their country's cause, in a manner so distinguished, that nothing was wanting but a great occasion, interesting to the feelings of the American people, to have crowned their names with unfading laurels.
  39. Judging from the extra politeness of the parents, and by the exceeding smartness of the young ladies, he could not help suspecting that Pavel Pavlovitch had been improving the occasion, and that he had—not, of course, in so many words—given to understand that Velchaninoff was a single man—dull and disconsolate, and had represented him as likely enough at any moment to change his manner of living and set up an establishment, especially as he had just come in for a considerable inheritance.

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