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    1. greeted with ill-tempered grunts when he hailed his

    2. Evander is an ill-tempered and a vengeful man

    3. And her eyes, already alight, blazed all the more as soon as she saw that the ill-tempered Breton man before her bore her sword in his hand

    4. She had been meaning to ask what would be done with the ill-tempered thief and when, but held off

    5. ill-tempered nor harsh, she was so cold, remote and rigid in face,

    6. Timid and/or expedient politicians pandering to off the wall, lunatic fringe groups, whose members should have their collective heads examined, have lent legitimacy to peevish, ill-tempered designs in exchange for political party loyalty

    7. Then he found his ill-tempered steed and walked it over to Headquarters

    8. I looked anxious, stressed, old and ill-tempered

    9. But Ganid asked one last question, to which he never received a fully satisfactory answer; and that question was: "But, Teacher, if a stronger and ill-tempered creature should attack you and threaten to destroy you, what would you do? Would you make no effort to defend yourself?" Although Jesus could not fully and satisfactorily answer the lad's question, inasmuch as he was not willing to disclose to him that he (Jesus) was living on earth as the exemplification of the Paradise Father's love to an onlooking universe, he did say this much:

    10. He was defeated—not by Joe Billie Bloodtooth but by the ill-tempered Pay-Hay-Okee

    11. hardened, hateful look; was ill-tempered and unpredictable

    12. “There were many, many quarrels with Karam and when Hiram happened to be in the house he was more often than not, long faced, ill-tempered and surly

    13. stern and ill-tempered, they would

    14. Is there a duenna on earth that has fair flesh? Is there a duenna in the world that escapes being ill-tempered, wrinkled, and prudish? Avaunt, then, ye duenna crew, undelightful to all mankind

    15. Thomas, concerned for Alby despite his recent ill-tempered ways, turned back to Minho and repeated his question

    16. A deficient, ill-tempered,

    17. "But," said Andrea, ill-temperedly, "by my faith, if it was only to breakfast with you, that

    18. "Truly," said Monte Cristo, "with your posthorses going at the rate of two leagues an hour, and that absurd law that one traveller shall not pass another without permission, so that an invalid or ill-tempered traveller may detain those who are well and active, it is impossible to move; I escape this annoyance by travelling with my own postilion and horses; do I not, Ali?"

    19. When they woke up, hung over and ill-tempered, they realized they could not take the three-quarters-full barrel with them, so they just left it there

    20. Kitty glanced at her sister, and the cold, rather ill-tempered expression of her face did not change

    21. Petritsky, who knew he was ill-tempered on such occasions, on waking up and seeing his comrade at the writing-table, quietly dressed and went out without getting in his way

    22. His tutor found his pupil on the staircase half an hour later, and for a long while he could not make out whether he was ill-tempered or crying

    23. But this ill-tempered anticipation that she could desire visits which might be disagreeable to her husband, this gratuitous defence of himself against selfish complaint on her part, was too sharp a sting to be meditated on until after it had been resented

    24. He was not an ill-tempered man; his intellectual activity, the ardent kindness of his heart, as well as his strong frame, would always, under tolerably easy conditions, have kept him above the petty uncontrolled susceptibilities which make bad temper

    25. That was the state of things with Lydgate and Rosamond on the New Year's Day when they dined at her father's, she looking mildly neutral towards him in remembrance of his ill-tempered behavior at breakfast, and he carrying a much deeper effect from the inward conflict in which that morning scene was only one of many epochs

    26. Foka, the butler, was the most ill-tempered person in the house

    27. " The covers were displaced, the rags scattered about, the jug broken, the mother had been crying, the children had probably been beaten; traces of a vigorous and ill-tempered search

    28. had an ill-tempered air, seemed to wish to intimidate his customers, grumbled at the people who entered his establishment, and had rather the mien of seeking a quarrel with them than of serving them with soup

    29. She could not do otherwise than accept him, for he was rich, and she had nothing; but he turns out ill-tempered and exigeant, and wants a young woman, a beautiful young woman of five-and-twenty, to be as steady as himself

    30. Everyone connected with the terminus seemed ill-tempered

    31. And as we dawdled along behind, watching him like hawks lest we lose him under a leaf or something, we all got so cross and ill-tempered we were ready to bite one another's heads off

    32. The women in the kitchen were depressed, and that made them more ill-tempered than ever

    33. The whole affair was utterly absurd ; I have mentioned already that the ill-tempered cook would sometimes, when she was sulky, refuse to speak, and would not say a word to her mistress for a whole week at a time

    34. “Don't be ill-tempered with my brother

    35. "Some have the right to call me Luka, but for you I am Luka Kouzmitch," replied rather ill-temperedly a small, feeble convict with a pointed nose

    36. "Has your wife come?" Shatov heard her voice at the window, and to his surprise it was not at all ill-tempered, only as usual peremptory, but Arina Prohorovna could not speak except in a peremptory tone

    37. Fóka, the butler, was the most ill-tempered person in the house

    38. The general saw no way of keeping her; and he did not even wish to do so, thinking her only a quarrelsome, ill-tempered woman

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