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    1. This, combined with Iain’s quite understandable jitteriness as he faced leaving not only the life he knew but also the world he had spent his life on, made for some uncomfortable silences and more than one irritable spat

    2. I've been trying not to act too depressed and irritable

    3. The human subject is growing more irritable

    4. But she had an unlikely savior in the irritable Breton man who stood by in the cave, wounded but defiant

    5. The irritable Breton would enjoy the vigilant eyes of not only the usual guards, but now the fortuitous Tribune and his soldiers as well - and he could hardly contain his excitement for the opportunity

    6. Mr Snickerty grew irritable

    7. She was extremely irritable, understandably, and sometimes she was so ill she had to miss class for days which meant she always had catching up to do

    8. Had Joseph been delayed? Perhaps he'd had a change of heart? Could he have been discovered, exposed? She didn't know, and the suspense was making her anxious and irritable

    9. His lost love had made him irritable and angry

    10. Cara seemed cranky and irritable and said she was getting a blister from the strap of her new sandals

    11. Irritable movement resulted in a slow rise to reluctant consciousness

    12. His arm involuntarily tightened slightly around her waist again, high enough this time to miss the irritable reminder of the price that he had paid for that torrent of experiences

    13. “Benjamin!” Moshe, suddenly irritable, called out as he looked around to see if anyone had

    14. They said I was becoming irritable

    15. the irritable reminder of the price that he had paid for that torrent of experiences

    16. I've worked hard enough for you— but it's not the kind of work that brings in a lot of money, and so I've become irritable and bad-tempered

    17. He had become irritable, sullen, and grouchy with everyone

    18. THE COMING MORNING, IRRITABLE and sullen, Tobias

    19. Despite my reservations it appeared to work; guests who arrived irritable, pinched and nervous, perked up remarkably; although it’s just as likely their sudden rush of bonhomie was relief at entering a warm house after trudging through freezing sleet

    20. McFife"s irritable descent was followed by the young woman"s clattering heels

    21. Having to please his irritable mother of whom he was so ashamed he never invited anyone home

    22. They seemed cold, irritable and unfriendly

    23. In moments Roger’s office door opened and in came Bill Mason, wheezing with the exertion and in an irritable mood

    24. George Riley had been on Grand Cayman for three days but he was already becoming impatient and irritable

    25. So now here they were at 10:15, in the building but still standing by the door, hungry, cold in their wet clothes, and increasingly irritable

    26. What's more, Travis felt irritable and moody

    27. Travis stood up, exhausted and irritable

    28. A half hour later Lewis sits down in the armchair, tired, irritable and dusty, he stares moodily down at the 'new' carpet

    29. Suzy arrives home tired and irritable; she had been shocked at Lewis's poor physical condition and had no desire to spend the rest of her life with him

    30. The driver and the officer beside him were hot and irritable as they handed over their papers

    31. I’ve noticed that you’ve been really irritable lately, you look

    32. Then he gulped back irritable thoughts of things that can hurt us, things that we fear and things that we lose…

    33. tense, irritable and have physical complaints as well as inconvenient rages, but they do not emotionally pay for their own mistakes

    34. It was the constant change of milk that caused the child’s intestine to be irritable

    35. Effectiveness of plantago seed husks in comparison with wheat brain on stool frequency and manifestations of irritable colon

    36. It is believed that this is a cause of many intestinal disorders, like irritable bowl syndrome

    37. Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Celiac, ulcers, chronic fatigue, migraines, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis and auto-immune diseases are digestive in origin and the sooner we understand this, the sooner we can be one the road to wellness

    38. Now at a personal level, if you find that you've lost your rest, lost your peace, if you find that you're becoming anxious, you're getting stressed out, irritable, confused, go back to where you lost it

    39. The upshot of that test, an extensive clinical interview, and an array of other studies indicated that Rob was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, sometimes called colitis, or simply I

    40. More directly, the Chen Li Pills are a formula used to help with your irritable bowel syndrome

    41. Paddy was an irritable boy, about Arin’s age, with a head of flaming hair and a horde of mean older brothers

    42. My brother had been feeling irritable, and Floy diagnosed it as lack of exercise

    43. “When Andrei comes back,” he said in an irritable voice, “You should probably stay away, princess

    44. Weary and irritable she just wanted to go home to her warm, comfortable bed

    45. Why was he so irritable?

    46. For more than a year he’d grown more irritable and inflexible toward both Connie and Josh

    47. Not that Cam could give her the greeting he wanted with Miranda trailing right behind, looking irritable

    48. It weakens your body and makes you irritable

    49. Meanwhile, Roth walked about in the drawing room downstairs, glancing with irritable

    50. format, he released his grasp on Lucifer with an irritable flourish, for that child had begun to

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