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    1. The illusive dream that had drawn her to every sunrise since she’d originally dreamt it, now seemed possible

    2. Ego is the self destructive illusive mind illusion that you create to hide from the world

    3. She was actually on the trail of the illusive Simon Dunbar

    4. She realised his capture would launch her career into the stratosphere of importance within MI5, she would defiantly get that promotion now and nothing was going to stop her getting that illusive directorship

    5. Gary realised he had found the illusive Simon and the trail was once more live

    6. To climb that illusive mountain

    7. for that illusive dream, a love divine

    8. Sometimes, though scarcely, the nomad stops at a place for a brief interval, only to take a bit of rest, to rest his aching bones, before he sets out again in quest of that illusive truth that does not let him rest, meanwhile entertaining and amusing me

    9. illusive power that veils the Reality

    10. Lago advances the theory, in this case illusive, that “Deeply rooted in the will to harmony and justice, peace is built by means of the word put at the service of truth and communication in the form of sincere and friendly dialogue…”

    11. In a leisurely repose, the illusive mosaic of your sketch it spreads

    12. in its bottomless depths as on its illusive surface; a surface studded with countless phenomenal universes, systems and mirage-like worlds

    13. They fell silent, searching the windows of the buildings for a glimpse of their illusive prey – Bill’s bearded face

    14. Mist hung low on the surface, making a sort of illusive gray light that showed nothing

    15. A door at the other end seemed miles away in the illusive light

    16. Conan, towering above the field, strode through the welter smiting right and left, but Valeria moved like an illusive phantom, constantly shifting, and thrusting and slashing as she shifted

    17. 'A shell-shaped bowl of gold on a black altar in a deep cavern,' Conan muttered, frowning as he sought to capture the illusive image

    18. attempts to convey, remain illusive

    19. meaning of the poem is illusive, ambiguous, and the

    20. This illusive flame could only give up an amount of `heat` for us long as our temperature is colder than the temperature that is currently being given out by this burning tongue

    21. I was chasing some kind of illusive fashion that didn’t completely suit me

    22. a machine they revolve around by his illusive power (Maaya)

    23. So, in the other abode, when the believers watch the couches of the sinners and the illusive means they adopted in this life to enjoy its transient things, they will laugh at them and despise their mean interests

    24. Her kisses combined with the expression on her face made something about her, which had been illusive to him beforehand, amazingly crystal clear to him now

    25. It was a mixture of desire and something else, an illusive and fleeting emotion she couldn’t define, but one which made her heart beat faster, and gave her an intoxicatingly breathless feeling

    26. nHe’d hoped The Doctor would’ve been captured by now, but the stalker remained as illusive as ever…and time had become worrisome factor to him

    27. Other than that, there are the old narrative books such as the story of Saif Ibn Yazan, and of Hamza Al-Bahlawan, and other tales from The Thousand And One Nights, which are all illusive tales that ascribe agency to magicians and publicize sorcery

    28. He looked up at her with a great reproach on her entrance, for as invariably happened on the rare occasions when the tremendousness of what she had to say seemed to her to justify interrupting, he thought he had just arrived within reach, after an infinite patient stalking, of the coy, illusive heart of the problem

    29. admit it is illusive and therefore they can’t utterly transparent

    30. It is so because you are not yet ready to surrender your illusive self in the feet of your true Lord

    31. And nothing changes except that one feels a little more on his own with no illusive supernatural help to support him in time of need

    32. to the illusive idea that alien beings are interfering

    33. The illusive dream of gaining her freedom had been crushed once again

    34. And the greater the interval which separates them from philosophy and reason, the more strange and illusive will be the pleasure?

    35. He shouted Christine's name, brandished his pistol, knocked his forehead against the glass in his endeavors to run down the glades of the illusive forest

    36. The train behind her was still in chaos, its occupants blinking illusive darkness from their eyes

    37. This applies both to the selection of securities and to guidance in the elusive (and perhaps illusive) art of trading in the market

    38. Sabor paced back and forth beneath the tree for hours; four times she crouched and sprang at the dancing sprite above her, but might as well have clutched at the illusive wind that murmured through the tree tops

    39. Some who have lain flat on the ice for a long time, looking down through the illusive medium, perchance with watery eyes into the bargain, and driven to hasty conclusions by the fear of catching cold in their breasts, have seen vast holes "into which a load of hay might be driven," if there were anybody to drive it, the undoubted source of the Styx and entrance to the Infernal Regions from these parts

    40. She carried on with him a regular cross-fire of witticisms, of mocking and sarcastic sallies, of that most illusive and treacherous kind that, smoothly wrapped up on the surface, hit the mark without giving the victim anything to lay hold of, and exhaust him in fruitless efforts to repel the attack, reducing him to fury and comic despair

    41. How many times have I been tempted to fulfill my father's last wish! But at such a time it has always come to my mind that I too might have such a son, who would cast into his father's teeth that he was a coward and a selfish man; that he sacrificed a life for his illusive hopes

    42. Persoon's name of lacustris, being wrong, as it would seem to imply that it grows in lakes only; and Wildenow's name being too long and illusive, its similarity of habit with the genus Proserpinaca not being very striking

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