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    1. time, although Tom wondered if this was illusory

    2. These encouragements, although at bottom, perhaps, as I shall endeavour to show hereafter, altogether illusory, sufficiently demonstrate at least the good intention of the legislature to favour agriculture

    3. You live this life without the comforting, but illusory, certainty of reason

    4. illusory comfort and safety of the ship would be shattered, like the silence in a well as the stone cast

    5. Closer, closer, until the hilltop was an island in an illusory present

    6. Young as one ―feels‖ contrary to how one really feels, holding fast to youthful designs and illusory impressions, has undermined our human dignity by its failure to properly complete itself in a manner welcoming every changing phase in our lives as a life (maturing) process injecting vitality and new meaning as it passes through each successive stage offering its own unique rewards while preparing it for the uncertain road that lie ahead

    7. Yet for convenience, in the name of illusory public unity that never happened for either president, both men sent the message that leading criminals in the government are above the law

    8. There was a possibility she might be called to that illusory place they called Home

    9. M: It is illusory as long as it is subjective and to that extent only

    10. M: How can we? We can talk only of the unreal, the illusory, the

    11. either space/distance is an illusion, or the seemingly illusory separation between two objects is

    12. M: All experience is illusory, limited and temporal

    13. Q: How is it that the person, which to you is quite illusory, ap-

    14. I have even heard advocates of scientism describe qualities such as love, consciousness, and personal experience as nothing more than illusory side effects of matter and energy

    15. If you believe there is more to life, then you are experiencing an epiphenomenon—a mental and illusory side effect that emerges from matter

    16. Dixie and I celebrated the illusory NNS job by taking three weeks’

    17. Any philosophical theory of error that partakes of the illusory relation does nothing but repeat

    18. This concept of the transcendental illusion is itself a transcendental illusory appearance, for

    19. Just as a hallucinatory or illusory apple may be causally investigated for

    20. mind are illusory and only bits are real

    21. illusion only occur when we attempt to place the original occupant into a new space where it does not fit, but there is nothing illusory or unreal about a square peg that does not fit into a round hole

    22. goals that led us into a European War were more illusory than real

    23. ” Mark added, casting an Illusory map of the island

    24. Only four of them made any sound at any given time, and that sound was also illusory; you didn’t truly hear it, I passed it to your minds through the Link

    25. “That means that they can see and hear us as we see and hear them, Your Majesty, though they are illusory

    26. The illusory group smiled and waved and called out; “Happy birthday, Prince Mark!”

    27. “Begin!” Gorsh called, and the gargoyles slumped into unconsciousness as their illusory selves appeared in the clearing, and the huge crowd of spectators roared louder than ever

    28. The illusory window they faced across sixty meters of open air and the shimmer of the Boundary was only slightly larger than the one they looked out of, but within it was the biggest room any there had ever seen

    29. The illusory window they faced across two hundred feet of open air and the shimmer of the Boundary was only slightly larger than the one they looked out of, but within it was the biggest room any there had ever seen

    30. Its evasiveness betrays the slippery and illusory nature of matter and space

    31. ’ He observes that the right brain’s ‘nonlinear mode’ is cultivated deliberately in Eastern mystical traditions for the purpose of arriving at a ‘more accurate picture of reality not based on time, linear consciousness, or the physical changes of the illusory world

    32. The term ‘nowhere’ is significant — the void (or the equivalent illusory black hole interiors ‘in’ the universe) is in fact literally ‘nowhere’ since space is an illusion

    33. Reality is the real truth and it shows you where your image of truth in the mind is illusory

    34. somewhat illusory connection among them, imbued at the same time with caring and

    35. The enlightened ones have realised the illusory nature of the concept of a unique individual self

    36. Un-enlightenment is an illusory state created by the Ego

    37. 3 Jesus did not cling to faith in God as would a struggling soul at war with the universe and at death grips with a hostile and sinful world; he did not resort to faith merely as a consolation in the midst of difficulties or as a comfort in threatened despair; faith was not just an illusory compensation for the unpleasant realities and the sorrows of living

    38. in fact an absent reality, an illusory reality, and the versions which

    39. the illusory world, yet is more interesting and strangely new, like

    40. illusory world, stripping naked the irrational and returning us to

    41. both shores are illusory), so isn’t it true that, in such a painfully

    42. again, illusory or real, absent or present – all lie within the overall

    43. Because the essential nature of our being continues to exist behind any illusory constrictive identifications, it follows that it remains transcendent to the health/illness dichotomy at all times

    44. But because this illusory ego-I has been treated as a real entity throughout this existence and previous ones, it has come to occupy the deepest level of the subconscious mind

    45. Think of the moment of death as a strange border zone of the mind, a no-man’s land in which, on the one hand, if we do not understand the illusory nature of our body, we might suffer vast emotional trauma as we lose it, and on the other we are presented with the possibility of limitless freedom, a freedom that springs precisely from the absence of that very same body

    46. illusory over-lording brother to the poor and needy?

    47. Where current schooling practices focus on the illusory externals of

    48. illusory toward what is real

    49. rest my arms a little - actually, any notion of rest was illusory, since when I tried to touch the floor and succeeded I started to receive

    50. Our control over the world is limited, temporary and more often than not illusory

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