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    1. In that one building was the largest collection of genuine, and therefore priceless, artefacts and pure works of art, reproductions and quality artifice imaginable

    2. He did every test imaginable - a fitness check, a

    3. answered his inevitable question in every shade of grey imaginable,

    4. than anyone in the history of Collingston High, more than humanly imaginable

    5. I have spent the last two decades training my army, forcing them to endure the most brutal physical conditioning iMaginable, while teaching them swordplay in the Ancients' ways

    6. The speaker appeared, waddling to the roof's edge, his body covered in rusty plates of armor and weapons of every sort iMaginable

    7. “Historically, you human beings have celebrated great achievements in many areas of development, yet all the while have suffered every kind of difficulty, treachery, and unspeakable aggression and violence that could be imaginable on our planet

    8. And then you have the insects and the blights, the rodents, deer, and birds, and every other threat imaginable

    9. You can be in an enjoyable state of flow while doing work that others would call the most boring jobs imaginable, such as working on an assembly line

    10. The farms of America have the sexiest bunch of swingers imaginable

    11. was only a torch between me and some of the vilest monstrosities imaginable

    12. Her oversized vinyl pocketbook was crammed with everything imaginable for her cats’ health, safety, and comfort

    13. Stand by, for our ship of state is rapidly approaching the shoals of bankruptcy and insolvency, with the most calamitous consequences imaginable

    14. Truth be told, it"s the most reactionary proposition imaginable (And again, „A proposition so preposterous that only an intellectual could accept it

    15. The medical team had connected up just about every imaginable monitoring device to unconscious Jimmy

    16. Any (American) company operating abroad and selling cheaply made products at ―home‖ at an exorbitant profit, should, in my opinion, be hit with the stiffest import tariffs imaginable to help defray the social costs incurred by the taxpayer for individuals who have otherwise lost their jobs or are (under-employed)

    17. imaginable sort (that would have otherwise shocked the moral sensibilities of traditionally thoughtful liberals), and conditioned willingness to provide their ruthless leaders with a free pass

    18. Our society‘s insatiable demand for sports has given rise to 24/7 sports channels with up to the minute sports updates on every conceivable sport imaginable

    19. Though transforming at will to any shape imaginable was certainly an ability that shunted necessities and favored whim and fancy above all

    20. stillbirths, parents of handicapped children, in short all imaginable

    21. The stillest and clearest moonlit night imaginable captured small anchored fishing boats bobbing in the shimmering sea below us

    22. She wrote him the stiffest, coolest little refusal imaginable

    23. ” It's full of actual examples of every imaginable type of "tool" you can use

    24. They had lived by one of the most beautiful forests imaginable

    25. flash had illuminated the image to reveal the most ugliest creature imaginable

    26. with the most hideous sight imaginable, its rows of menacing

    27. ugliest creature imaginable had opened up the theory that there

    28. Suzy suddenly had an attack of conscience; what was she getting herself into, was this right? How could she commit herself to the most brutal act of treachery imaginable? Harry was her husband

    29. Trixie, his ever attentive nurse was standing there with the loosest buttons imaginable

    30. “Tell me truthfully, I need to know before I condemn Harry to the worst fate imaginable

    31. Women are nothing more than objects to be exploited in every way imaginable

    32. It is a city of gardens that overflow with narcissus, lilacs and tulips of all colors of any imaginable shade

    33. “You forgive her now, but you’ll feel differently before another century has passed! Gods’ teeth, you will hate her and the very air she breathes in a week! I will tell you what she lacks the courage to say! You will be raped in the most brutal ways, and if you try to prepare yourself for it to reduce your suffering, you will be raped by surprise! You will be bound, naked and helpless, in the most humiliating positions imaginable! You will be tormented upon your most private places, with cruel little whips, and with pins, and with hot candle wax! You will suffer buggery, the ultimate violation! You will be violated in every place with phalluses and fingers and every common object that can be made to serve the purpose! You will not be able to feel forgiveness for her after decades and centuries of such torments!”

    34. over it, it’s like the finest fur of the smoothest furry creature imaginable

    35. If he knew I was in love with him this would be cruel because I'm even more in love with him today than I thought imaginable

    36. Consider arrows that are explosive, or invisible, or magically poisonous, or have any combination of magic destructions imaginable

    37. What had seemed impossible through the long night of all imaginable terrors had come about

    38. He has used every artifice imaginable to conceal his true identity from my

    39. would come back to haunt me in the worst imaginable way, was

    40. every imaginable place that it would have been logical to find

    41. And within a month, everything imaginable

    42. We hereby judge you as guilty of the worst crimes imaginable

    43. What followed was the most obscene carnage imaginable

    44. Indeed, there was a massive demand for just about everything imaginable, from razor blades to furniture; however, jobs were still not plentiful

    45. What reward? All I have gotten is accused of every sin imaginable as of late

    46. whatsoever is hardly imaginable, so is a life in which every aspect is consciously chosen

    47. “Love is the strongest force the world possesses and yet it is the humblest imaginable

    48. I went to see what they were doing and I found you in the bloodiest state imaginable

    49. ” He regrets being pulled into this battle, this conflict that’s ripping apart everything imaginable

    50. Power beyond anything imaginable

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