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Impress в предложении (на )

  1. She wanted to impress him.
  2. They impress us by their.
  3. Do not try to impress on.
  4. Then to impress this Whole.
  5. That you should impress upon.
  6. If he was hoping to impress.
  7. What a way to impress a girl.
  8. They didn’t impress her much.
  9. That would not impress Sespian.
  10. Something to impress the birds.
  11. This seemed to impress everyone.
  12. Something to really impress her.
  13. The warm impress of her warm form.
  14. Ha! That does not impress anyone.
  15. The argument did not impress Travis.
  16. Thomas still tried to impress her.
  17. Every superior she didn’t impress.
  18. That will really impress the kid.
  19. Jupiter does not impress me as dead.
  20. Oh, and trying to impress Nathaniel.
  21. History does not impress me, old man.
  22. That on a wild secluded scene impress.
  23. The ones that can even impress chicks.
  24. I didn’t have to impress or suck up.
  25. They put on their best to impress you.
  26. The mind that is within us, so impress.
  27. The drinking didn’t impress them as.
  28. He gave her a manly jig to impress her.
  29. And I’m sure you will impress me.
  30. There is no corporate ladder to impress.
  31. She’s dressed to impress, I said.
  32. It was there to impress and did its job.
  33. That did not seem to impress the big lady.
  34. It was obvious he wanted to impress Jill.
  35. Trying to impress a lady, are we?
  36. He’d been trying to impress his friends.
  37. Your love and your wild nature impress her.
  38. With hand speed to impress a conjurer, in.
  39. It is one of the best way to impress a date.
  40. He was determined to impress above all else.
  41. They can impress on him neither weal nor woe.
  42. But if you're going to impress anyone, myself.
  43. They do that to possibly impress the investors.
  44. They should impress as well the Japanese here.
  45. In the beginning, she sat down to impress him.
  46. And, of course, he is very difficult to impress.
  47. Imagine that you don’t have to impress anyone.
  48. Let me impress on you once more: don't use it!'.
  49. This is a fact that you should impress upon your.
  50. Barb had no idea Thomas was trying to impress her.
  51. You then impress the subconscious with expectancy.
  52. Without her giving me direction I try to impress.
  53. The most important habit I impress upon my coaching.
  54. No, he was just making noise to impress his buddies.
  55. He wants to impress me favorably, to please me, to.
  56. He was hardly the type to impress a selection panel.
  57. Christ! I thought I could impress a displaced Limey.
  58. I’m still thinking of what I can do to impress you.
  59. Probably something very fancy to impress the girls.
  60. Demon: Obviously, his plan to impress the young lady.
  61. But she wanted to impress, so she gave it her best try.
  62. She was a kid, she should be the one trying to impress.
  63. Those few hours were however enough to truly impress me.
  64. It was too big for her but Amelia wanted to impress him.
  65. There are two sensory organs of a buyer you must impress.
  66. This will not impress the girl at all and she will take.
  67. Well, it used to impress the girls, when I’s about six.
  68. If it was true that God is impress with how you look, He.
  69. He wanted to sound intelligent, he wanted to impress her.
  70. The wrong time is when someone is trying to impress you.
  71. Don't be all formal and pretentious and trying to impress.
  72. Cursing his forgetfulness, but wishing to impress his new.
  73. He hadn’t even noticed Homer’s attempts to impress him.
  74. Everything bore an impress of tidiness and good management.
  75. Is there finally someone you are trying to impress?
  76. She paused to let the silence impress itself on her audience.
  77. I don’t like women, why would I want to impress them?
  78. What had I done? It’d been my intent to impress Aaron and.
  79. Why are they trying to impress me? she asked curiously.
  80. It was a gargantuan feat, but it didn’t impress the voice.
  81. It was not just talk, not merely another way to impress her.
  82. It's just what he WOULDN'T! she could still impress upon me.
  83. I imagine that that would impress people, Wickland said.
  84. Well, what is Bonaparte like? How did he impress you?
  85. Let neither their possessions nor their children impress you.
  86. They are as transparent as plastic wrap and will not impress.
  87. No right has been asserted to impress the natives of America.
  88. Marina smiled and said, So you can try to impress her?
  89. This formula does not impress the most learned Physicists such.
  90. Because he loves Daisy and wants to impress her with his wealth.
  91. She’s trying to impress me and put my whole dick in her mouth.
  92. Then you can impress that client by asking intelligent questions.
  93. Perhaps they don’t know any better or feel the need to impress.
  94. This is your chance to impress me, let’s see how well it works.
  95. And there I was thinking you were just trying to impress my Mom.
  96. When you try to impress your wants upon Substance, remember that.
  97. The only reason she wanted into the university was to impress him.
  98. I’ve commandeered it for the day to impress our country cousins.
  99. They’re short on experience and out to impress the opposite sex.
  100. The mischievous blond recruit, always eager to impress his DRAFT.
  1. It’s a way of impressing.
  2. Don’t worry about impressing Mitch.
  3. Worry about impressing those cheerleaders.
  4. You told me once to start by impressing you, General.
  5. He had no trouble handling it, much impressing our hosts.
  6. He was impressing me to my new boots now and I stared at him.
  7. If I’m no use for impressing his mates then he doesn’t want me.
  8. Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought.
  9. Man can form things in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon.
  10. Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon.
  11. What I am impressing on would-be vegetarians is that it can be done if you really want to.
  12. Jeremy and Tony were just staring in admiration at Alex, his skill in playing clearly impressing them.
  13. Brian described the heist from his point of view impressing Babs that his murders were done efficiently.
  14. More realistically, you should hope to sell a reasonable number, impressing your publisher on the upside.
  15. Perrin was a willowy, young cop, who appeared eager on satisfying and impressing his superiors, and human.
  16. Hank was a bit awkward at this impressing a girl thing, but most tenth graders are, and he was no different.
  17. When two species are crossed, one has sometimes a prepotent power of impressing its likeness on the hybrid.
  18. We have not injured her, while she has been impressing our sailors whenever she wanted and could find them.
  19. In terms of the content that you write, you want to work on really impressing the reader with your knowledge.
  20. Godwyn was not very interested in food, except as a means of impressing people, but Philemon tucked in greedily.
  21. The last time I tried to do so it was for my American Patriot (soon after we met and still at the impressing stage).
  22. Fleurette excitedly congratulated Charlie for impressing Quentin, acknowledging the fact that it was quite an honour, indeed.
  23. He delighted in impressing them with slight-of-hand, card tricks and spent a considerable amount of time with Paige Whitley.
  24. I was helping Gautam in impressing Koel as a result of which I had to spend too much time with him and Koel was not liking it.
  25. There may be times when you want to emphasize on your strengths, in the effort of impressing the interviewers to get the job.
  26. Livingson, I have just been impressing upon Grundy and Mackie, that in my five years of tenure here, nor I might add, after counsel with Mr.
  27. Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.
  28. Some of the older folk sit around impressing the hell out of the younger kids with stories about the drugs in the ‘good old days,’ and whatnot.
  29. The peculiar custom in England of impressing seamen on every appearance of war will occasionally expose our seamen to peculiar oppressions and vexations.
  30. He gave up all pretense of high roller intent on impressing his companion, and allowed her to pull him close for the cheek-to-cheek delivery of her secret.
  31. Why did you not succeed in impressing on Bonaparte by diplomatic methods that he had better leave Genoa alone? retorted Prince Andrew in the same tone.
  32. To all appearances, it was an occasion for preaching him a little sermon, and of impressing the Bishop on the convict, so that a mark of the passage might remain behind.
  33. Different tribes for different areas have different tongues, you see? He had learned this from other prisoners, but it seemed to be doing the trick in impressing the guard.
  34. Could she have been angry because I hinted that she was enjoying Nastasia Philipovna’s ‘leavings’? Why, I have been impressing it upon her all this while for her own good.
  35. You came down to this office for the sole purpose of impressing on us how important the current situation is and you will most likely need some sort of prop, hence the equipment.
  36. Liston seemed to imagine, while the seventh paragraph of his project expressly recognizes the right of impressing British subjects, and consequently American citizens as at present.
  37. Let their property be captured, or expected to be captured, under a new order in France or England, and more complaints will be made about it, than the impressing of a dozen citizens.
  38. With all explanations covered for Birch to peruse, Cedar gave him little time to make any other decision than to go to the camp, impressing even Elm at his dominance of the situation.
  39. This is a concise direction for making use of the creative power of thought by impressing on the Universal subjective mind the particular thing which we desire as an already existing fact.
  40. She left him on his bed, sternly impressing upon him that if he must blubber he must do it in his pillow so as not to be overheard, and that he would be a fool if he showed any traces of it next day.
  41. Of one thing we are certain: it rests upon no doubtful ground: that Great Britain, rather than surrender the right of impressing her own seamen, will nail her colors to the mast, and go down with them.
  42. The tour of the corvette given afterwards to her, her brother Ahmed, her father Omar and to ibn Khordadbeh had finished impressing into her how far ahead of the present world Vyyn Drelan and her people were.
  43. At the end of twenty years we have gained nothing, and lost our labor; the question is as unsettled as ever; and we have been worsted in this way, that, while we were negotiating, they were impressing seamen.
  44. He had hoped to share a memorable lunch with Beth in the elegant restaurant, impressing her with Gordy, before leaving for two weeks of travel, but the idiocy of his brother became a source of continual, acute embarrassment.
  45. That infernal scene, apart from impressing the hell out of Marguerite Higgins and the other American women, created utter panic among the surviving enemy infantrymen, who then withdrew in disorder, pursued by machine gun fire.
  46. He had the knack of putting on an air of absolute sincerity, and of impressing his hearers with the belief that he considered them equally sincere; he was able to act the simple, careless, and happy young fellow to perfection.
  47. Russell, authorizing him to agree to an armistice, upon two conditions only; and what are they? That the Orders in Council should be repealed, and the practice of impressing American seamen cease, those already impressed being released.
  48. You better take a look at this for yourself, she conveyed the message to the Dragons, impressing on the gravity of the situation and hoping to have them on her side while starting to deal with the antique, to make it genuine and unadulterated.
  49. Under the pretext of impressing British seamen, Americans were seized in British ports, on the high seas, and in every other quarter to which the British power extends, were taken on board British men of war, and compelled to serve there as British subjects.
  50. It is remarkable that, while we hear not a word said to justify England for impressing and plundering the people of the United States, that so much should have been said to prove that we ought not to have gone to war with her, and that we were wrong in doing so.
  51. Under the pretext of impressing British seaman, our fellow-citizens are seized in British ports, on the high seas, and in every other quarter to which the British power extends; are taken on board British men-of-war, and compelled to serve there as British subjects.
  52. With a gasp that was almost relief she slipped out of the room, shut the door quickly behind her, and assuming what she tried to hope was an unconcerned swagger, a sort of "I am-as-good-as-you-are" air for the impressing of any one she might meet, walked down the passage.
  53. Over and above these unjust pretensions of the British Government, for many years past they have been in the practice of impressing our seamen from merchant vessels; this unjust and lawless invasion of personal liberty, calls loudly for the interposition of this Government.
  54. Would you have excluded British vessels since 1793, for taking the vessels engaged in your lawful trade, and for impressing your seamen? You did not do it; and it was not for that alone that you did it at the last session, but for other causes, which have nearly or quite disappeared.
  55. He besought her--though he added that he knew it was needless--to console her father, by impressing him through every tender means she could think of, with the truth that he had done nothing for which he could justly reproach himself, but had uniformly forgotten himself for their joint sakes.
  56. But there was no need for caution; not a soul was at hand, and Tess went onward with fortitude, her recollection of the birds' silent endurance of their night of agony impressing upon her the relativity of sorrows and the tolerable nature of her own, if she could once rise high enough to despise opinion.
  57. But, admit this right in Sovereigns to its fullest extent, and it does not give one Sovereign the right to impress the citizens or subjects of another; nor does it justify such an act; of course it does not touch the act of which we complain; that is, the impressing of American seamen from American vessels.
  58. Several other singular rules could be given from Gartner: for instance, some species have a remarkable power of crossing with other species; other species of the same genus have a remarkable power of impressing their likeness on their hybrid offspring; but these two powers do not at all necessarily go together.
  59. It was uncommon for any Chairman of a bank to attend these events; they were usually reserved for sales directors and their minions but it did have the effect of impressing upon potential clients the personal service and attention they required; throughout all of his years in Banking, he had never lost his common touch.
  60. And the oncommonest workman can't show himself oncommon in a gridiron,—for a gridiron IS a gridiron," said Joe, steadfastly impressing it upon me, as if he were endeavouring to rouse me from a fixed delusion, "and you may haim at what you like, but a gridiron it will come out, either by your leave or again your leave, and you can't help yourself—".
  61. The congress protests against the use of military drill in schools by way of physical exercise, and suggests the formation of brigades for saving life rather than of a quasi-military character; and urges the desirability of impressing on the Board of Examiners who formulate the questions for examination the propriety of guiding the minds of children in the principles of peace.
  62. And I did this for the purpose of impressing upon the House an opinion, that if the Administration had practised upon the principles of their predecessors, all had been well; or, that if retracing their steps, or relinquishing the path of error and misfortune, they would still be the learners of wisdom and experience, it would not even now be too late to retrieve the affairs of the country.
  63. The Congress protests against the use of military drill in connection with the physical exercises of schools, and suggests the formation of brigades for saving life rather than any of quasi-military character; and it urges the desirability of impressing on the Board of Examiners, who formulate the questions for examination, the propriety of guiding the minds of children into the principles of Peace.
  64. The fundamental idea of the Congress is this, that it is necessary, in the first place, to diffuse by all means possible the conviction among men that war is very unprofitable for people and that peace is a great good, and in the second, to act upon the governments, impressing them with the superiority of the international tribunal over wars, and, therefore, the advantages and the necessity of disarmament.
  65. The Congress protests against the use of military exercises in connection with the physical exercises of school, and suggests the formation of brigades for saving life rather than any of a quasi-military character; and it urges the desirability of impressing on the Board of Examiners, who formulate the questions for examination, the propriety of guiding the minds of children into the principles of Peace.
  66. Does any man doubt that the war is justly undertaken? Is there a man in the nation—I care not of what political sect, many as there are—who believes that the war is not undertaken on just grounds—that we had not borne with their indignities till we could have borne them no longer? After plundering your property and impressing your seamen on the ocean, their agents have been sent into this nation to sow divisions among us, who ought to be but one family.
  67. Pinkney, in their letter to the Secretary of State of January 3, 1807, all tend to confirm me in the belief, that it is the duty of Congress to pass a law which would not only check desertions from the British service, by excluding persons of that description from employ in our service, but also deprive the British Government of the apology alleged for impressing American seamen, by excluding British subjects from the commercial and public service of the United States.
  68. I would spend my days impressing her with the gloriousness of independence, of having her time entirely at her own disposal, her life free and clear, the world open before her, as open as it was to Adam and Eve when they turned their backs once and for all on the cloying sweetness of Paradise, and far more interesting that it was to them, for it would be full of inhabitants eager to give her the hearty welcome always awaiting those rare persons, the cheery and the brave.
  69. I ask, did any nation ever do more? Besides, has not the United States, over and over again, offered to make an arrangement with England on the subject of sailors, which should be satisfactory to both, by securing to each the use of their own sailors? and has she not always refused to make any arrangement about them? And it may be fairly asked here, what measures Great Britain has taken to prevent her officers from impressing our seamen? None that I have heard of, and she is the aggressor.
  70. Zimoveykin would have continued, but Mark Ivanovitch checked his zeal, and waiting till Semyon Ivanovitch was still and almost calm again began judiciously impressing on the uneasy invalid at great length that, to harbour ideas such as he now had in his head was, first, useless, and secondly, not only useless, but harmful; and, in fact, not so much harmful as positively immoral; and the cause of it all was that Semyon Ivanovitch was not only a bad example, but led them all into temptation.
  71. What a wrong, to cut off the girl from the family protection and inheritance only because she had chosen a man who was poor! Dorothea, early troubling her elders with questions aboutthe facts around her, had wrought herself into some independent clearness as to the historical, political reasons why eldest sons had superior rights, and why land should be entailed: those reasons, impressing her with a certain awe, might be weightier than she knew, but here was a question of ties which left them uninfringed.
  72. Permit me, sir, to remark, that notwithstanding the importance, the difficulty, and delicacy which have been justly attributed to this subject, and the unwillingness at all times manifested on the part of the British Government to abandon or derogate from the abstract right of impressing her own seamen from on board neutral merchant vessels, it is very far from being certain that she has not been willing to enter into such arrangement with this Government, as would place the question of impressment on a basis both safe and honorable to this nation.
  73. Some, the men of the ruling classes, who no longer possess any rational explanation for the advantageous positions held by them, are put to the necessity, for the purpose of maintaining these positions, of suppressing in themselves the higher rational faculties of love and of impressing upon themselves the necessity for their exclusive position; the others, the lower classes, who are oppressed by labour and purposely stupefied, are in a constant state of suggestion, which is unflinchingly and constantly produced on them by the men of the higher classes.
  74. It is true, sir, that we do not complain of Great Britain impressing her own subjects; she may do as she pleases with them; that is no concern of ours; all we ask of her is to keep her hands off our people; and we deny her right to impress American citizens; and if the abuse be the impressing them, of that we do complain, and not without just cause, because she has impressed many of them, and compelled them to fight her battles; and I have understood, after we had declared that war existed between her and us, that she detained those she had before impressed as prisoners of war, and this may be a part of her public law.
  75. This is accomplished, in the first place, by impressing all the labouring people, who have not themselves any time to solve moral and religious questions, from childhood, and up to old age, by example and direct teaching, with the idea that tortures and murders are compatible with Christianity, and that, for certain purposes of state, tortures and murders are not only admissible, but even peremptory; in the second place, by impressing some of them, who are chosen by enlistment or levy, with the idea that the performance of tortures and murders with their own hands forms a sacred duty and even an act which is valorous and worthy of praise and of reward.
  76. In this speech Don Quixote wound up the evidence of his madness, but still better in what he added when he said, God knows, I would gladly take Don Lorenzo with me to teach him how to spare the humble, and trample the proud under foot, virtues that are part and parcel of the profession I belong to; but since his tender age does not allow of it, nor his praiseworthy pursuits permit it, I will simply content myself with impressing it upon your worship that you will become famous as a poet if you are guided by the opinion of others rather than by your own; because no fathers or mothers ever think their own children ill-favoured, and this sort of deception prevails still more strongly in the case of the children of the brain.
  1. He was impressed by the.
  2. That real y impressed them.
  3. Aya was a little impressed.
  4. And much impressed is he;.
  5. He did not look impressed.
  6. I was impressed with his.
  7. She did not seem impressed.
  8. Hopkins was impressed by it.
  9. Duval was impressed by this.
  10. I was impressed by what I saw.
  11. Mike shook his head, impressed.
  12. When you are deeply impressed.
  13. The king was clearly impressed.
  14. He was impressed by how well.
  15. Shahu; I was highly impressed.
  16. He was mighty impressed with.
  17. She is impressed by it's size.
  18. Max was impressed this morning.
  19. Oak was impressed by this Citan.
  20. I was impressed by his loyalty.
  21. My father would be impressed.
  22. Are not with elegance impressed.
  23. The image of her seal impressed.
  24. He noted that he was impressed.
  25. Grits was impressed, and made.
  26. That always impressed me a lot.
  27. The gang members are impressed.
  28. She wanted Khan to be impressed.
  29. He was very impressed with its.
  30. He’s really impressed by that.
  31. The young lady cop was impressed.
  32. The deputy was not impressed by.
  33. The most impressed of them said:.
  34. Already he was impressed by her.
  35. I was impressed by his bravery.
  36. At first, it had impressed David.
  37. The news evidently impressed him.
  38. Blamey nodded his head, impressed.
  39. Again, his neatness impressed me.
  40. The steady tapping impressed Tom.
  41. But I was still deeply impressed.
  42. It had impressed Pyotr Petrovitch.
  43. With a speed that impressed even.
  44. He seemed impressed, not outraged.
  45. He was impressed with his own list.
  46. I was not very impressed with her.
  47. Your mom, well, she was impressed.
  48. She was just so impressed that a.
  49. As he got closer he was impressed.
  50. The boss notices and is impressed.
  51. He was impressed to see that she.
  52. Both Alex and Amaia were impressed.
  53. Tommy looked on impressed and said.
  54. The two weren’t impressed at all.
  55. Dunk was impressed despite himself.
  56. It seems you were not impressed.
  57. We were not really impressed with.
  58. Captain Gorrie was really impressed.
  59. He was extremely impressed by the.
  60. And I was not impressed really by.
  61. She was impressed that it didn’t.
  62. I could sense that he was impressed.
  63. Xavier had to admit he was impressed.
  64. They were very impressed by the tale.
  65. He was impressed in spite of himself.
  66. What impressed them, he didn't know.
  67. The customer is impressed with the.
  68. All the mothers were very impressed.
  69. Amy was less impressed with the door.
  70. And that was what impressed almost.
  71. I was impressed with his style and.
  72. He nodded, looking a little impressed.
  73. I’m really impressed, Uncle Carl.
  74. And he was impressed that given the.
  75. I had been impressed with his bravery.
  76. David was impressed with her comments.
  77. I certainly hope they’re impressed.
  78. And now I’m impressed, thought Rob.
  79. Harry was very impressed and said so.
  80. And thoughts of Olga first impressed.
  81. I’m impressed! You look handsome.
  82. I was impressed – what a cool hobby.
  83. She looked at him, obviously impressed.
  84. I nodded, inwardly impressed with her.
  85. But he was more impressed by the wolf.
  86. The woman in Chicago seemed impressed.
  87. I was most impressed by the brown bear.
  88. I was impressed with your discovery.
  89. Damn, girl! said Colt, impressed.
  90. I’m more than impressed, Richard.
  91. She was impressed with your operation.
  92. I had also become impressed with the.
  93. But the assembled crowd was impressed.
  94. Blazin' and I were impressed with her.
  95. But the ball thrower was not impressed.
  96. Darek was rather impressed with himself.
  97. He was impressed with what she’d done.
  98. The tired coonhound wasn‘t impressed.
  99. Her passion for her cause impressed me.
  100. Ghalid smiles and is clearly impressed.
  1. It impresses upon us the.
  2. Show biz impresses you not.
  3. Europe and stil impresses, with its 15.
  4. This greatly impresses the gathering and a murmuring goes.
  5. Besides Mr Mandela, I have yet to meet one who impresses me.
  6. He shows that he means business, at the same time he impresses.
  7. Oh, it's Youssaf that impresses him, Moshe thought even as he spoke.
  8. Oh, it’s Youssaf that impresses him, Moshe thought even as he spoke.
  9. When this buddhic consciousness fully impresses the physical brain, it gives.
  10. She impresses me, Travis, he said, reaching out and seizing the front of her coat.
  11. Her mamma of course impresses on her that this is her husband and that this must be so.
  12. He tells about our suspicions that we were being followed, but especially the book impresses Oded.
  13. Something about not understanding that being on time is important or that dressing correctly impresses.
  14. If I read a book and it impresses me, I may send out a note, provided there is a way to contact that writer.
  15. It is a black-powdered substance that peels away the face and soul of an angel and impresses them on someone else.
  16. The founder of a sect or party, or an inventor, impresses us less when we know how or by what the way was prepared for his activity.
  17. But this linking to each other’s thoughts gave their collective race a vast unheard of power and intelligence that impresses even you.
  18. What impresses me and gives me hope is the growth of the mind and spirit of man, and not his being used as an agent to convey a message.
  19. The consideration of these various facts impresses the mind almost in the same manner as does the vain endeavour to grapple with the idea of eternity.
  20. And the drawing near of Death, which alike levels all, alike impresses all with a last revelation, which only an author from the dead could adequately tell.
  21. When you see activity that impresses you, always refer to a weekly chart to see if the stock is building a base or if it is extended too far past its buy or pivot point.
  22. That impresses men's minds, and to such a degree that the very triviality and incompleteness of the evidence becomes less trivial and less incomplete even to an unprejudiced mind.
  23. How does a phrase crop up in a dialogue? Whence comes it that it suddenly impresses itself on the attention of those who hear it? We have just said, that no one knows anything about it.
  24. It is a full admission of these truths which impresses upon me the extreme peril of humanity at present … Let us not be deceived by phrases about "Man taking charge of his own destiny".
  25. You might miss a few titles – Citizen Kane for example, which I find impresses film directors more than it does the rest of us, or A Clockwork Orange, whose main impact lay in getting banned.
  26. It is beautiful, this strange thing, and impresses upon her the finality of the situation—that, before her eyes, and in the near distance, is a castle wide and tall, of which she knows is the end of the world, this journey, this place.
  27. Do you feel a creeping, shrinking sensation, Watson, when you stand before the serpents in the Zoo and see the slithery, gliding, venomous creatures, with their deadly eyes and wicked, flattened faces? Well, that's how Milverton impresses me.
  28. Do you feel a creeping, shrinking sensation, Watson, when you stand before the serpents in the Zoo, and see the slithery, gliding, venomous creatures, with their deadly eyes and wicked, flattened faces? Well, that's how Milverton impresses me.
  29. Nothing impresses the mind with the vast duration of time, according to our ideas of time, more forcibly than the conviction thus gained that subaerial agencies, which apparently have so little power, and which seem to work so slowly, have produced great results.
  30. On many occasions I visited her in the past, right from my Primary School days when my mother usually sent me to assist her in washing plates, sweeping of their massive compound and as well attend to other home chores, she impresses me as a living legend and I had always looked up to such visits.
  31. His forehead was marked with the line that indicates the constant presence of bitter thoughts; he had the fiery eyes that seem to penetrate to the very soul, and the haughty and disdainful upper lip that gives to the words it utters a peculiar character that impresses them on the minds of those to whom they are addressed.
  32. Not because they couldn’t not make any sense: but because your dreams are inhabited and poisoned and affected by the wishes of so many unseen, undead insane auras… that the combined effect of their wishes in your dream: break up your dreams, like a kaleidoscope of broken fragments: flashing and changing with no rhyme or reason… as first one entity manages to take control of your subconscious… and then another entity rips that control away from the first and impresses his wishes on your dream so it can vicariously live out its fantasy, as all the other insane entities, crowding into the dream-fantasy… turning into meaningless chaos of conflicting wishes, a nightmare of horror, fear, terror, violation, etc… that leaves you unable to do anything.
  33. Ah, I said, Your focus impresses me, never the one to stray,.

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