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Imprint в предложении (на )

Your imprint in the world.
Maybe what you saw was an imprint.
Patty lifted the pen to read the imprint:.
My back and buttocks wore the imprint of his.
Her finger reached a small imprint of a forest.
Clara started to refuse, but the imprint of her.
Published by Point, an imprint of Scholastic Inc.

The slap stung, producing a perfect imprint of her hand.
That silk cushion bears the imprint of some one's hips.
We want to imprint into the baby’s conscious and subcon-.
The ground is rutted with the imprint of old tractor wheels.
Sendak himself needed to imprint the memory chips with the.
Imprint/s There are two types of imprint: imprints of actions.
Q: Is there any trace, or imprint, of the beyond on conscious-.
On a tablet of that time, was found a picture imprint of a human.
Humans have a tendency to try to imprint their will on the markets.
Everywhere the creature’s foot had landed it left an imprint that.
SALE and put a stamp on the imprint page, because it has come to our.
This imprint stayed on Court's eyeballs as he climbed and jinked away.
Warner's iPublish imprint offered it as an e-book, where it hit the top.
She was no longer plastic clay, yielding imprint to each new experience.
Even after he pulled away, she could still fill their imprint on her skin.
Because home is the power of parents to imprint good impulses in the child.
Another console, plus one checking the imprint of a hand, were next to the.
He left an imprint of heat behind, reminding her just how chilled she felt.
As I did so I passed the patch of mud on which I had seen the huge imprint.
You will find that the effort made to imprint the sentence on your memory.
You know the weather when the wheels imprint themselves upon the dirty road.
Its memory was like a living imprint of those great years, minute by minute.
Once we have an imprint of an action in our mind, it tends to be habit-forming.
Knopf, an imprint of The Knopf Doubleday Group, a division of Random House, LLC.
Every incarnation leaves an indelible energy imprint on this spectacular world.
Sometimes I visit Jane in my dreams and leave her with a memory, an imprint, of me.
Billy can feel the imprint of gravel on his cheek, can taste worm earth on his teeth.
His eyes follow the motion of the light, but it’s the shadows that imprint themselves.
When you al ow this negative imprint to be in your body it natural y starts.
Then, you simply forward the sales to the company, they imprint the materials, and ship.
Na Chahiye Soi Shahanshah’ – The surface of mind which bears the imprint of illusion.
The havtrol’s stomp echoed in the quiet hallway and left a deep imprint in the stone floor.
Taking a closer look, he noticed the scar was an imprint of a crucifix as though he was branded.
Thanks to this imprinting, he is in.
She can feel the hardness of grass imprinting.
Only a shape is transmitted in the process of imprinting.
It cracks the glass, imprinting broken rings in the windshield.
I slapped into his front, imprinting the lewd picture on his stomach.
Because of his imprinting, he found the biologically produced smells the most.
This alone wil have a positive impact on my old negative imprinting.
Ironically, Gerrid's unusually recent synaptic imprinting may have aroused suspicion.
The analogy of a seal imprinting wax may be helpful in understanding the overall process.
This is a great practice to clear non-‐truthful negative imprinting that is.
Childhood imprinting of not feeling good about her body has created a negative association.
Each time an experience occurs similar to the first experience, it will further reinforce this imprinting.
The closest it has ever come to obtaining a body was by imprinting a full copy of itself in Mac as an unformed fetus while it possessed her mother.
The bailiff entered with a solemn expression, carrying the heavy cast-iron imprinting seal, which he placed at the right end of my father’s bench.
This was done by imprinting children with moral codes and instilling a fear of authority that shaped them into law- abiding and hard-working citizens.
He drew rein, and as they slowed he was on the point of imprinting the desired salute, when, as if hardly yet aware of her own modesty, she dodged aside.
It is the exclamation, the bursting of pipes, the change of simple into complex, the release of ratios and relations, the imprinting of existence upon the Void.
Before she’d left, early this morning, she’d kissed his cheek as he slept, imprinting the knowledge of her whereabouts in his thoughts where he could not miss it when he woke.
If all subatomic matter in the world is interacting constantly with this ambient ground-state energy field, the subatomic waves of the [zero point] field are constantly imprinting a record of the shape of everything.
Your Kelvan imprinting gave you the ability to process a great deal more information than the average human and consequently, when you plugged into this machine, you tapped into not only the group of hostages here, but you tapped into a.
Suddenly, the void shone a bright light, striking Justice in the stomach and imprinting his image into the doors like a woodcut, where he remained forever, and the light spread across the universe faster than time itself, and everything turned white.
So anyway, the ten strands are not active at the moment, but if they were to be activated, they would fuse together with the two already active strands and enhance your abilities by imprinting an operational coding, and you, in turn, would become a multi-dimensional Being.
These labels-identities were inflicted on each person at birth: imprinting people with a prefabricated identity, a prefabricated self-image, a pre-destined function-role in their society… giving them no chance to grow up and freely develop and discover their own personality; because the name they were given had nothing to do with their own individual uniqueness.
The young registration clerk, who had danced with the lady in the blue scarf through all the figures and through all the five quadrilles which they had danced that evening, played the same prank the whole time: that is, he dropped a little behind his partner, seized the end of her scarf, and as they crossed over succeeded in imprinting some twenty kisses on the scarf.
The reason why they can’t find an answer to why the other person left is because after committing their crimes: after imprinting negative thoughts and feelings into only one of a couple in love… these sneaky, filthy hiding rotten dead scum leave, they disappear from the scene of the crime: their evil filthy deed is done: they don’t have to hang around; they have successfully poisoned another romance, another budding love, nipping it in the earliest stages of its growth.
Once I pass'd through a populous city imprinting my brain for future use with its shows, architecture, customs, traditions,.
The imprinted cuckoo infant will.
This behaviour is imprinted deep.
Imprinted on the fabric of eternity.
She imprinted on you, Glor said.
Bafflement was imprinted upon his face.
The tension at Moorhen had imprinted the.
His face was imprinted with a red boot mark.
Section Two Name to be imprinted on Certificates.
Everyone is imprinted with that answer from birth.
The press doesn’t have to read what is imprinted.
He eats her up, teeth marks imprinted on her nipple.
Energy Enhancement Video Course is imprinted with the.
Allys could see the worry imprinted on his countenance.
I can't help it that I imprinted on him when I was six.
He imprinted all the magic onto a young, unhatched dragon.
Zillions of metal coins with a head imprinted only on one side.
When the wax solidifies, the mark stays, imprinted in the wax.
Yet these impressions will be imprinted on the spirit unconsciously.
The Bible says that He has you imprinted on the palms of His hands.
With the current scene imprinted in my mind, I could've run forever.
An enormous three-toed track was imprinted in the soft mud before us.
Marcus saw the name imprinted on the cover and took it from our hands.
Thus the verses be a reminding that reminds it of what was imprinted on it.
I’ve seen men who died of fright with fear still imprinted on their faces.
As I watched the murder of my father unfold, a memory imprinted on my brain.
It has imprinted on your child and is now useless to me, the vendor said.
You are allowing your old imprinted perceptions and beliefs to create.
They forged my signature by using a rubber stamp with my signature imprinted on it.
Just the feeling of being a newborn, a pure soul just waiting to be imprinted upon.
The images were imprinted on his mind, and sometimes he saw them again in his dreams.
Won’t such demeanor get imprinted in the minds of those who espy that visage then!.
Records imprinted on the zero point field are the ‘Akashic records’ of metaphysicists.
The MPs he had passed earlier at the diner would have had his mug imprinted on their genes.
Those experiences, when she had thought she was dying, were indelibly imprinted in her mind.
Opening a drawer, Holland pulled out a laminated card with Gonzalez’s photo imprinted on it.
The images of the man and the events of those times remained vividly imprinted in his memory.
He read it over and over until he knew it by heart and the words were imprinted on his brain.
Fifteen years old was imprinted in every feature of her face and every motion of her body.
It was a terrifying spectacle, one that would be imprinted on his mind for the rest of his life.
Imprinted along the exterior were several inscriptions and markings in a language foreign to him.
Imprints in the sand.
Imprints of delusions.
Then, if two imprints.
The imprints were identical.
Famous examples of imprints include the.
Experience imprints itself on the face, the hands, the.
Because of the imprints of conceptual thoughts that grasp.
Imprint/s There are two types of imprint: imprints of actions.
Obstructions to enlightenment The imprints of delusions, which.
Yangsi Rinpoche distinguishes between karmic imprints and karmic seeds.
Mentor Master and from the depth of the imprints, looked like something only his.
I don’t recognize these tracks, said Jack, studying the imprints in the mud.
A now that contains the imprints of the past and the meandering dreams of the future.
For a long time, all sorts of imprints of bloody hands were visible on the door-posts.
Ahead was the compartment that still had the bloody imprints of Jess’s knuckles on it.
But from the imprints of the palms, the one scaling the wall had his face facing the wall.
There are lots of Sanskaras (imprints) accumulated through different cycles of births and.
I fingered the two tear-shaped scars on my cheekbone, imprints from the iron’s steam ducts.
The imprints of undead violation and intervention are all over the royal dynasties during that era.
It was the kind of scream that imprints on your soul and chills the marrow flowing through your bones.
The corpses impacted against the vehicle with incredible force, crushing the steel body and leaving imprints in it.
The four opponent powers, explained in the three tables that follow, are used to purify negative seeds or imprints:.
These impressions or imprints will also ripen at a future time – either in this life, or possibly in future lifetimes.
And there, on the margin of the page, were the partially blurred imprints of four wee fingers and the outer half of the thumb.
In fact actually your memories are made up of the chemical imprints that go into the brain, but there must be a retaining of them.
As he searched for fossils and imprints in the calcareous streambed, he had the disconcerting impression that he was being watched.
The morning of January 3 brought a twenty-degree bump in the temperature, melting the snow and all its imprints to a springlike mush.
We may each be likened to players upon a stage and everyone has a specific role to play, which is partially written onto Karmic imprints.
She said she would place her small hands and feet into imprints left by the major stars of her youth as Grace stood behind her and watched.
If there’s intense pleasure associated with it, or intense pain, it’s more deeply imprinted; and if it’s repeated, it imprints even more.
The cup fell from his hand and water sloshed onto the pristine marble floor, which he ignored as he left muddy imprints through the spilled water.
Fact that one's non-virtuous karmic imprints are temporary pollutions obscuring the mind, and that they do not exist innately in the nature of the mind itself.
The side of the road was covered with a certain amount of soil and this contained tyre imprints, which corresponded size and width wise to tracks that would fit a mini-van.
Because the fire department had responded so quickly, firemen and paramedics ran all over the crime scene before the FBI could get there, so no shoe imprints were available.
Build imprints in your memory of you as a teacher equipped with psychic powers and teaching skills so that you will be able to quickly grow into that man with no resistances or fears.
These karmic imprints determine the quality of the next life, and some of the karma carried over will also come to fruition in this next life when it meets the appropriate conditions.
In the early stages of infancy it is mostly the subconscious, which stores and imprints these traumas and experiences: to serve as the blueprint for the later-developing conscious mind to follow.
As spiritual beings created in the image of our Father we think from the mind of God in our spirit, which then manifests into our soul, which then flows into our body, and imprints upon our brain.
Now I stood astonished before it, for there were three similar imprints upon its surface, enormous in size, irregular in outline, of a depth which indicated the ponderous weight which had left them.
A stony path has been marked by white crosses to guide us over a little stream, but even with a torch it’s hard to make out and I often see the imprints of a pair of wet feet at the entrance of the room.

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