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    1. There are still less than a thousand with genes from Earth when you include all their possible descendants

    2. When the locals pray at night, they all include the same prayer: may those caught in the teeth of the Krummling die silently and without fear

    3. We must follow all correct procedures, have PAN number allotted and include all taxable income in the Income Tax return

    4. · Include all details in the will

    5. Small loans are provided of around CNY 1,000 (USD 120) to families that include an elderly relative

    6. As it happens, it is a Granny & Grandpa afternoon and, as Fred is a keen G&G attendee and frequently spends the afternoon crawling round the floor with the children, it makes sense to include the kids in the festivities

    7. They should see to it that their vision for the future of the congregation is in harmony with the will of God! This would include taking every step possible to reach the

    8. He didn't include anyone else, and didn't increase the list to get this data

    9. He didn't even include Elmore

    10. cultural expectations, which may include a variety of things,

    11. You can share the major successes, you can include them in major changes that are going to come in the near future and you can even interact by asking your followers and customers for suggestions as to how you can improve your business and the quality of service you offer to them

    12. It allows your followers to feel as if they are a part of the team, and that you want to include them in up and coming decisions to be made, or new product innovations that you have in line for the company

    13. That only made sense if this planet was once part of a larger network, one that might include the whole galaxy

    14. aside from these methods? A method that does not include scalpels, suctions, topical

    15. I include it here for the sake of interest and in case there may be some readers adventurous enough to attempt it

    16. That in itself can include promises – for those who don’t want to include Gotte in their vows

    17. What is devitalized food and why are the Yogis so against it? Dead and devitalized foods include everything that has been preserved, bottled, bleached, refined, canned, pickled, or polished

    18. Some changes were made to include private bedroom areas; but on a whole they shared the rest of the living areas

    19. These movements include the Shoulderstand, the Leg-raising Pose (Udhitta Padasana), Viparita-Karani, and the Plough Posture, and we will call this series of seven movements YOGA IN SLOW MOTION

    20. And remember that animal fats include lard, butter, liver and egg yolk, these so-called saturated fats being high in cholesterol which substance builds up in the arteries and causes untimely ageing

    21. date through the online dating services website programs and these include creating an honest

    22. And if you’re a man who will only date slim women you should try to include something about this condition in your subject

    23. Reassured by his aides and aware that the world’s press was waiting with baited breath, the great politician himself now wanted to read the document, even though there were still some relevant facts to include and a few final conclusions to draw

    24. only include information that people can use to learn enough about you to be interested in more

    25. Clean and Fluid code with new syntaxes to include server side code in to HTML

    26. “Sorry about this, but it’s mine now and I’ve got plans, none of which include you

    27. I must pin Alastair down to what organ pieces he wants to include … we’ll have to schedule some rehearsals as well

    28. It was here that the females altered a new ship under construction to include a secret room

    29. include it because it illustrates the fact that magnets

    30. These include pregnancy, use of implanted pain or

    31. include and a few final conclusions to draw

    32. however if your theme does not include that, then you will have to do it manually

    33. should you include? That may vary from company to company, but here are some

    34. 'When she went to Italy she met up with a charming American and, not surprisingly, fell for him, her experience and education didn't include womanising lotharios

    35. Her pin-ups include an Austrian specialist in elephant pregnancy

    36. She did include the incident of being locked in the storeroom as an example of how those kinds of things happen in other universities, not just here in the Kassikan

    37. Goodness only knows what she used to do for a living before she came here – it certainly didn’t include being pleasant or even polite

    38. We’ve been doing these concerts for some years now and part of the format is that we include anecdotes about the music, trying to make them more than just straight performances

    39. Ben suggests that if David is going to communicate with us by e-mail, as he has said he intends to, then if he could include some titbits of information about the town where they are at the time, we can print off the e-mails, and then stick his messages around the map with a string linking the message with the appropriate place

    40. "There's a lot I didn't include

    41. I certainly don’t think the mission plans include you going back to ask awkward questions and listen to some teenage native girl fantasizing

    42. He seemed more ready to include them in on the valley's legend

    43. Symptoms can include

    44. Risk factors include sexual

    45. Birds include woodpecker, hawk, pine martin, falcon, owl and golden eagle

    46. Birds include Cetti’s Warbler and the Red-Rumped Swallow

    47. Popular species include green and hawksbil turtles, great blue heron, Scarlet Macaw, manatees, humpback whales, bottle-nosed dolphins and coral

    48. Fruits include papaya, guava, limes and mountain apples

    49. Trees include banyan and flaming trees

    50. Birds include Rose-Crowned Fruit Dove

    1. of the following pieces of doggerel† included here for your reading

    2. I’ve never seen this included before in a shopping system

    3. I have included them to help you develop a feel for blending your own organic materials

    4. Women were not included in the Old Testament priesthood

    5. which included a veil

    6. So, I corrected and sent them an old story of mine titled “Escape from the Tower of Eons”, and it was included in the issue of March! Certainly, this isn't a terrific success, but it is an unprecedented victory for me! I am on cloud nine!

    7. For example, cheap plots of land are seldom included in the town planning zone

    8. I sensed fear and bewilderment, mine included

    9. She tried to remember what data was included in the paperwork on JJ … no, no mention of the Lilwin connection

    10. She’d never been one for planning futures but what little she had tentatively sketched out had included Joris … or, if not him, then someone

    11. The two boys who never received the ‘call’, Lance and Robert, sought out Master Jeffery and asked if there was someway they could be included with their friends

    12. A quiet word with Gilla on the subject of feminine hygiene has resulted in a supply of the necessary articles being included in my baggage

    13. Nothing, however, on her curriculum vitae included the term ‘industrialised’

    14. Every year her children, himself included, return from every corner of the world to pay their respects and although they do what they can to keep us alive with their money and time, we have to face the facts

    15. And then he came in and placed himself close enough to our usual table to seem included, but with me not sitting down it was hard for him to pin me down

    16. They were coming straight up the Orion Arm on the way home, everything, snowflakes and stars included, was orbiting the galaxy in this direction, Sol was eleven light years ahead of 61 Cygni in the galactic orbit

    17. He also included his observations of Rayne’s interaction with Tarak and Kai

    18. One of those million structures included my future shop

    19. The Brave Heart System - Currently included as a FREE

    20. He had included a brief note about this favored captain of his, and his highest praise

    21. Nothing, however, on her curriculum vitae included the term

    22. She is officially on our staff, acting as receptionist to all of us, and also doing a bit of photocopying and coffee making for any visitors, her services being included in the rent for the offices as far as the other businesses are concerned

    23. the options that may be included with that one theme

    24. If you decide to use Socrates, many plugins will be included, but you can install any plugins you think will be a plus for your site

    25. ride” included sitting in the back of a horse-drawn cart on a country

    26. had not previously come across; these included an assortment of

    27. “For that you chose extermination? You prefer genocide and suicide to supporting the Life Principles? This is wrong! I was not included in the vote

    28. This included all the times they were having sex, that in itself was almost ten percent of their waking time he thought

    29. “Nothing's for sure until the money is in the bank, but as a projection, and knowing no one else has indoor plumbing: it's three dollars a day up at the Inn, and their weekly rate is twenty dollars, but Mandy has the restaurant, tea room, and saloon right there as a convenience, but not included in the rate

    30. prohibited, and Tom now understood that this included the dragons

    31. It was not uncommon for Jameson to be included in family outings and he was often seated with them at their supper table

    32. circumstances, a Guides’ duties included the organisation of travel

    33. By showing her Kassikan medallion she was able to get a copy of her career certificate and that included a thumbprint

    34. We were very appreciative that you included sums and such with the itinerary for the trip,” replied Harry

    35. But each introduction included: “

    36. He should interrogate her on where that number came from, it included even the scrounges used only occasionally

    37. I am to pass the leadership of this institution into his capable hands at the end of the Autumn Term, and have included him, naturally, in as much of the business of the school as possible of late, so that he may be able to take the helm with little or no interruption to the staff and faculty

    38. Bessamer had arrived during their absence, so he included a stop in at the little shop

    39. ' He looked up and told Harry plainly that it would be more profitable if the news included some indications of what might be of practical use to the citizenry

    40. I’d had a pretty hard job talking Sally into accepting this, but it meant a lot to me that they’d included me in this outing and I wanted to reciprocate a little

    41. He included what was planted and where, and spoke a little about the three houses and hunting lodge

    42. ' Closer to home, it was Kaitlyn who actually did the letter-writing, and like the twins, it was Chloe who made sure she included the items which seemed also important to add

    43. Most students, myself included, really could give a damn about whether

    44. George and White Feathers included Lawrence in their weekend fishing expeditions

    45. All this and he included the new School House designs and construction plans

    46. “Look here! He's included a real stage at one end of the building! Oh Harry!” They pointed to the features and showed the others excitedly

    47. Jameson's ideas for the kitchens, although scrutinized carefully by Mandy, included what appliances and storage were required to produce breakfast and brunch pastries and a limited evening menu

    48. A saloon was included in the scheme of arrangements, isolated from the dining hall proper, it was envisioned more of a sitting room with a bar than a bar with a sitting room

    49. Well access may not be the right descriptor; part of his list of duties included the maintenance and management of the file rooms

    50. While she understood little of the written old English, it was clear that the letter was from her parents, and went so far as to point out the tradition by which she’d inherited the items included with the money

    1. So, to build a bare bones system that includes the above features you would pay about $9450

    2. The Kick Start Cart Integrated Shopping System Includes: Hosting on their server

    3. Pain Away: This is a blend of oils that includes Helichrysum

    4. PCP includes the proper selection of the types of grasses for your area and the lawns use (are you going to play on it, walk on it a lot, or just enjoy its beauty)? Having a healthy lawn without harsh chemicals is really very easy to do

    5. · Dharma includes all external deeds, as well as thoughts and other mental practices that tend to elevate the character of a man

    6. It includes proverbs, idioms, phrasal verbs, and many fixed expressions

    7. work of an eldership includes the responsibility to place before the congregation a vision, of things the congregation should set out to accomplish

    8. This ideology includes and eclipses the idea that clouds and darkness are there because no one can see God in His full glory

    9. “My sentence includes both ends of the alimentary canal

    10. After you have posted your profile posting requirement on the online dating site for free, you are ready to plunge into the world of web-relationship management; this includes putting in your

    11. The advent of the internet changed our lives forever, and this also includes the realm of dating

    12. Some of the language that you should know includes:

    13. This phase follows the approval of the charter application and includes the actual process of developing the school

    14. gov - includes programs from these agencies that are of interest to small, grassroots groups

    15. This is the type of prayer that most people are probably familiar with, which includes asking the universe for a specific outcome

    16. Peter includes us in the prayers by name; this hits Simon – I hear his sharp intake of breath - this whole brother/vicar thing has depths for both of them which I can only dimly perceive

    17. Sexual Pushiness That includes pushiness on the more subconscious

    18. That includes touchiness

    19. Bunty transferred all her property into the Foundation when it was set up in 1978, that includes some property in Bristol which is let out

    20. Conveniently for me, the post includes a copy of Lizzie Goulden’s speech at the operatic society last Friday … I spend the morning writing my article about the society, then sit thinking about Jo Liddington, pen in mouth, gently chewing the top

    21. The boundary includes just over two hundred and fifty acres, much of it capped by the pyramid and the dome

    22. So how then is the symbol, reflecting the primordial 'law of seven,' to become in our world the diatonic 'law of octaves' which includes this equi-distanced arrangement of forces where its purer cousin does not? A change was made in the law of seven

    23. Judy includes a lovely photograph of her in on the back she writes Dearest Jeff, just for you to remember me by always

    24. Local wildlife includes bear, lynx, wild boar, deer, otter, fox and, buffalo and the protected Van Cat (one green eye, one blue eye!)

    25. Local wildlife includes otters and badgers

    26. Local food includes

    27. Wildlife includes boar, brown bear, lizard and whale

    28. waters, who would not dream of lazing here awhile? Local wildlife includes hermit crabs, mangrove cuckoos, red-footed tortoise and tiny orange butterflies

    29. This is the smal est country in the Andes, and includes the Amazon and Inca ruins

    30. They have a possible role in fighting a variety of illnesses and this includes some types of cancer

    31. (Yes, this includes most of the well-known authors

    32. Your PR Plan should be a document that includes PR activities for a 531 12-month period

    33. It is having confidence in one’s ability to resolve difficulties; and includes the executive functions of analysis, planning, logical thinking and problem-solving

    34. Which includes obeying my instructions

    35. One aspect of the path is wisdom, which includes right view and right intention

    36. This dialog takes place just before a great battle, where Arjuna will be forced to fight an army that includes many relatives

    37. “signature” at the end of your reviews that includes your name and

    38. My guess is that includes you

    39. The 88th Brigade of the 29th Division and that includes our Company will attack up the left flank then the day after on the 7th August two Brigades of the 42nd Division will attack up the right flank

    40. In an "extended model" which includes hot dark matter in the form of neutrinos, if the "physical baryon density" Omega-bh2 is estimated at about 0

    41. "Frank can only place the phone to within twenty yards, and that includes the street

    42. This also includes power over Satan and his fallen angels, who have legal power over all people who have not accepted God’s gift to us

    43. “Because all the senior Generals in charge are all ex cavalrymen and that includes Haig now you know why the horse soldiers are here

    44. This includes the

    45. This includes your heels, feet, elbows, hands, and shins

    46. On April 15th of this year 2011, the Republican House, bless them, passed a sensible budget that includes both tax decreases and entitlement cuts

    47. Did we lose it? Yes, but not on the battlefields of jungles and rice paddies, for we never lost a set-piece battle, and that most assuredly includes the Tet Offensive

    48. includes specialization routines for the shoulder and v-taper, the biceps and the chest, because these are the areas most guys typically want to target

    49. That includes me: it's taking care of itself now

    50. My job is to keep our folk safe and that includes the poor children who were taken today

    1. interest – including visiting the customer premises on a purely

    2. Other psychological factors, including depression, lowered self-esteem associated with overall loss of physical strength and the onset of physical signs of aging, anxiety, and substance abuse can all contribute to male impotence

    3. I’ve had to wear a lot of hats lately, including obstetrician

    4. They're about the size of a large house cat, they're called mindunes and there were at least a dozen on the building, including the one on this railing wanting its chin scratched

    5. In the decades since, she'd tried to convince everyone, including herself, that she disliked him and had sent him away

    6. He gave us, including His anointing on us

    7. A study found that females of many species, including humans, respond to stressful situations by protecting and nurturing their young and by seeking social contact and support from others, particularly females

    8. Men are more likely than women to respond to stressful experiences by developing certain stress-related disorders, including hypertension, aggressive behavior, or abuse of alcohol, or hard drugs

    9. Maintain a regular bed and wake time schedule including weekends

    10. They had one they were selling for sixty dollars including transportation to the house

    11. Just remember that if you have pets that it can kill them as well as kill animals including humans if ingested or if it enters our blood

    12. Given that the family remains the mainstay of care for older people in rural areas, boosting the household income is essential to improving care, including access to health care

    13. Enoch returns with the coffee, including one for Bush

    14. Every event, including the ones we call wrong, is an Act of God

    15. He was listed as a subcontractor on many other Kassikan projects including security and survillance

    16. His wide variety of clients - including in the past, such celebrities as Olivia Newton-John and Mark Harmon, attests to his effectiveness in connecting with people who share his motto (“happy, healthy, holy”) when it comes to living and interacting with the natural surroundings

    17. and planning, but everything was smaller then, including the regulations

    18. including Russ, John and Bolt, pile off the bus as one of the doors of the building begins to creak open

    19. "Look, I've got 12 people to manage here, including yourself

    20. including very competent doctors who were involved

    21. including the aforementioned pyjamas, an en-suite lavatory and a musty mirrored

    22. from any curse of this world, including diseases

    23. the lost including, in many cases, their own husbands! They have cared for the sick, the

    24. including this final chapter, will help remedy this all too common problem

    25. many people who have qualms about including a picture in the profile

    26. He fully understood that the wildlife in different areas of this planet differed from that of this area more than the wildlife of Brasil differed from any other continent on Earth including Antarctica

    27. A good fraction of the original crew has gone totally native and disappeared from their knowledge on the hands of native girls, including one of only two shuttle pilots, on their first trip outside the Kassikan

    28. early on in a number of religious cultures, including

    29. (including the one inside)

    30. Several basins had hostilities, including Lumpral, one of the major ones

    31. No family … an only child, her parents had died some years before … few friends of the social variety because over the past fifteen odd years what time she’d had to spare had been spent with Joris and other people had just stopped including her in

    32. Ethereead their last adventure at the Circus, including Fred and

    33. Just as Jesus was resurrected and thus given a name above every name – including the name of the Father – we are resurrected and brought into unity in such a way with God and man, flesh and Spirit, Israel and Church, man and woman, black and white, cross-national, and any other distinction or separation that God then exults us as He exulted Christ

    34. Everyfolk, including Joe and Fred cheered; Pottypears was

    35. including but not exclusive to pornographers, drug barons

    36. It is also highly beneficial to arthritis sufferers to eat one or two finely grated raw potatoes, including the skin, every day

    37. Vitamin D controls the calcium content in the blood; excess of vitamin D results in a number of disorders, including diarrhoea, depression, and severe toxic disturbances

    38. Standing between Betta and Gilla, I peer around the building, taking in the ornately robed High Guild members, including Wiesse looking splendid in his robes as Speaker

    39. In spite of every advantage in life, including a fabulous education and a family ethos of good works and humble gratitude for the largesse granted by fate, this young lady rarely had a good word to say for anyone

    40. 'As I say, some time ago Pantelis got wind of what was going on and over a period of time he collected his evidence: names, numbers, times, photographs, dates, recordings; a comprehensive list of villains, including prominent public figures, involved one way or another in the smuggling and acquisition of priceless cultural objects

    41. whatever it takes to get those dates including lying on their profile and including photos that are outdated

    42. If he was to guess, he figured that she would go into a hang on every time slice because there was so much security preventing any signals from coming back thru Thom’s instruments to anything, including that veron store

    43. She pressed him to tell her everything, which he did, including the part where the poor unfortunate man had promised to remember them if they ever needed help

    44. I was glad when I did because apart from a few tourists, the usual gang were there including Virgenia and Nikos and it was time to make my point

    45. The panels of the ceiling were panoramas depicting the predictions of Revelation using their event in history, up to and including the powering-up of New Jerusalem in Ceres

    46. Crates marked Afghan, Uzbek, Cyr, Scy, Ity, Try, Cthge and every Greek island including Faria stacked high to the roof on galleries along four or five avenues

    47. The audience gave a mini applause, including Omi

    48. Indeed, with the decline in rental income caused by the ever increasing costs of insurance, red tape and health and safety initiatives, great-aunt Edith had financed some of the finer pieces in the apartment, including a real Ming chrysanthemum pot and a small Lowry, through her prowess at conducting phishing expeditions across the global email network in search of the details of other people’s bank accounts

    49. He had a few bright engineers on his staff, including Alan, who was still under sentence and probably couldn't be trusted with sensitive data

    50. • Fly: The fly is light weight lure that is used to attract a variety of fish including trout and salmon

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