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    1. We hear Ahmed’s indistinct voice emanating from the phone

    2. All Alan could see was a distant dot on tiny stick legs, tiny and indistinct in the wavering distance

    3. There was no real horizon line in any direction out here, the extreme distance was just an indistinct band

    4. " That fact made the filament rather indistinct since it was in motion

    5. Already, his face is becoming indistinct in my memory … it saddens me that is should be so

    6. the main road, and followed an indistinct path through a

    7. armour, without a visor, and with an older man's face, a little indistinct, as dreams can be when it suits them

    8. There were memories, which would float up, and only faint and indistinct as in a dream

    9. He fleetingly glanced through the frosted panel of one at the figure that was indistinct but whom he knew to be Gerrid

    10. As they approached the Roney place, looking dim and indistinct in the

    11. She was transfixed as the ghostly veil seemed to take on an indistinct form that became the skinny, leering monster with his knife

    12. At the edge of a clear pool of water a full seventy metres long; there was a beach, composed of a kind of black sand, along with lots of indistinct footprints

    13. With his lower intestines feeling loose and suddenly hollow, he crept closer to the hubbub of voices, now aware that one was too deep and indistinct to be one of the women

    14. Starting to run again, she traveled some distance before making out the indistinct outline of darkened houses up ahead

    15. Although indistinct, Moshe saw what looked to be larger, official-looking buildings, constructed of some kind of polished stone, lining the river at the midpoint of the City

    16. He looked in the captain’s direction, but the words spoken were indistinct

    17. After staring at it for some time, he raised his staff, and using it as a rough siting tool, followed the water all the way until it became indistinct as it reflected the light cast off from the pillar of fire

    18. Coming out of a fold in the hills, a small black indistinct line meandered in the direction of the lowlands

    19. offered, again pointing toward something still too indistinct to clearly identify

    20. After a couple of hours or so, the helicopter lowered, picked up a metallic panel that flashed in the sun from the boat by means of a cable, and carried it a very short distance to the indistinct object, where it was received

    21. direction, but the words spoken were indistinct

    22. staff, and using it as a rough siting tool, followed the water all the way until it became indistinct

    23. a fold in the hills, a small black indistinct line meandered in the direction of the lowlands

    24. couldn’t, something vague and indistinct that was hidden inside

    25. subtle and indistinct that could be heard under the din of their

    26. indistinct, until it was only a dark speck against the vegetation,

    27. indistinct and unknowable peace that still hangs between the

    28. indistinct way, it means others, an “other”: one’s wife, one’s husband,

    29. With the growth of movement I become conscious of sounds; at first indistinct rumblings, then music, laughter, and singing of birds

    30. Indistinct, as ephemeral as a ghost, at first I took it for the Sensei’s spirit

    31. is indistinct but there must be one or two usable ones which the police will

    32. Tim had this time, a tiny indistinct voice, twisted and distorted by the wind

    33. From her bed of leaves she watched the immobile figure, indistinct in the soft darkness

    34. Its details were still obscure and indistinct, even when it halted so near that it almost touched her shrinking flesh

    35. It made distant objects indistinct and that made him uneasy, rousing thoughts of serpents gliding unseen through the dimness

    36. Already the mist was thinning; close to the bars she saw a pair of sandalled feet, the toes turned upward—she glimpsed the indistinct outlines of seven still, prostrate shapes

    37. Its outlines were indistinct, but it was taller than a man, and not very bulky

    38. Behind the altar was an idol, dim, indistinct, bestial, yet vaguely man-like in outline

    39. The opened gate, or door, gave directly into a long, broad hall which ran away and away until its vista grew indistinct in the distance

    40. The great rooms and halls were shadowy and indistinct; copper friezes glinted dully through the dusk

    41. Straining his eyes he made out a bent, indistinct figure outside the grille

    42. Knowing JY would be useless in backtracking he started back the way they came but found the trail indistinct where small natural openings occurred among the tree trunks

    43. You couldn’t really see him, just a quick indistinct facial glimpse captured as he left

    44. The beat is indistinct, muffled

    45. Indistinct at first, fading in and out of the fog

    46. The voices continued in a dull, indistinct reverberation in the background

    47. Despite Stan's appeal to their similarities, there was an indistinct tension between them

    48. The intensity of its glow brightened, and the lines of energy that formed the indistinct shape became sharply defined within it, then the entire glow faded into the relative darkness of my room

    49. Otherwise, at thirty-eight years old I was broke, heart-broken within an indistinct maze of causes and effects, unemployed, and only possibly employable in the television news business with CTV and Global on the east coast

    50. clash with the indistinct dialect of local educated businessmen and the

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