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    1. Furthermore if you are unclear you may come across as strange

    2. and charms could be exported, although it was unclear whether these

    3. The purpose of several of the buildings was entirely unclear to

    4. well alone, although it was unclear to Tom whether this was simply

    5. ” Harry still was unclear as to his own role in this success

    6. An enormous amount of firepower was used, and it is still unclear

    7. It was unclear how she could see to walk

    8. The voice came through scrambled and unclear

    9. Gunshots and unclear yells were heard over the radio

    10. To his fortune, he received more unclear chatter of gunfire and yelling as a response

    11. Finally, once he made it to the back door, he could hear more gunshots from inside, along with a few unclear yells

    12. And imaginings of an unclear future

    13. His brother's name was unclear but it reminded him of the word Danny in some way

    14. What we do know however, is that God left us enough information in the Bible to understand certain facts clearly and that he also provided clarifying information in the Bible in anticipation of questions we may have about certain aspects unclear to us

    15. Unfortunately since the Temporal Directive forbids any CC federation fleet from observing from within their solar system, the details of how this led to a full scale nuclear war remain unclear

    16. “Am I supposed to defend your honor when they do that? I’m a little unclear on the boundaries of our agreement

    17. Its national designs become increasingly unclear, its moral purpose, uncertain

    18. Art Stupefaction conceals an inherent baseness common to affected styles and manners that is often lost on the casual observer, captivated as many of them are by erratic forms for their own sake without giving considered thought to their (social) implications; radical ―art‖ forms whose intended meaning, if any, are often unclear, its premises anti-social, tasteless, adolescent, absurd, valueless and immoral

    19. The phenomenon of public opinion, or its volatility, I should say, is rooted, in part, in the (composite) uncertainties of a society‘s moral, spiritual and intellectual positions that are often unclear, if not incomprehensible to individuals who have never been properly instructed to learn or to think critically about what they have learned or make proper sense out of what they have learned; whose

    20. However imperfectly formed in their thinking, primitives were guided by a transcendent moral authority that, however unclear, informed their respective culture(s)

    21. It is arguably the most important faculty we possess as human beings in the manner it controls or directs behavior by giving pause to questions relating to right and wrong and good and evil, even when such distinctions are oftentimes unclear

    22. Whether the Hot Dog bandit was killed by a giant mutant ninja salamander, as the media was now calling them; was unclear and in Bru’s mind irrelevant

    23. Whether the practice began in San José or Limon was unclear, but it spread to affect all of Costa Rica, burglaries and muggings, practically unknown before, becoming common and increasingly violent

    24. What he would replace it with is unclear

    25. For an animal that had scared away a pack of wild beasts, it was unclear to Claire, what they'd feared

    26. His mind was still jarred by the headache and though it had subsided considerably, a sting of it still lingered and made his thinking muddied and unclear, his most recent memories a blur

    27. Why this should be so is unclear, but Arianism, the anti-Marian, dual nature of Christ belief, also had been much stronger in the eastern provinces as the apostolic age came to an end before the AD 325 watershed event took place

    28. The route into Pretoria and to the Naval Mess was still unclear to me despite careful instructions from my host

    29. In the West, the idea of karma and its connection with life and death has been unclear and difficult to explain

    30. but data is unclear about what is actually happening there

    31. It was a shock to her to discover she was carrying a baby but now she could feel this little miracle moving inside her and growing and with the growth of her baby the visions she was having were becoming clearer also, she could now see that the man who was holding his arms open to her was in fact in a wheel chair, his face although not clear was soft and then another face started coming into the picture, these images came at the strangest times, this face was very unclear but she felt there was a sadness and youthfulness about this new face

    32. A new image is forming, looking blurry and unclear

    33. And in an unclear flight, as an aimless bird, I follow without worry

    34. or where directions given are unclear or incoherent staff will lose both

    35. directions given are unclear or incoherent staff will lose both trust and respect for

    36. ” Dalia said in wonder, and it was unclear whether she addressed Bezedil thusly, or merely repeated his words, marveling that he should speak them to her

    37. The ogre with the broken club was next to swear, though it was unclear whether he truly understood what he was saying

    38. But what I do know is this—if someone, whose heart or mind is mottled or unclear, his purpose unfulfilled or lost, passes through this land, then the rocks here, the earth itself, will know and rise up against that person

    39. best, but at the time, his intentions were unclear

    40. Millsap was the one responsible for the kidnapping, but his motives were unclear

    41. Nuuke and Meo's ambitions remains unclear, but

    42. "The circumstances of the soldiers’ deaths are unclear and there have been accusations of friendly-fire, but nothing has been confirmed officially

    43. for! I still was unclear about my goal in life at the time but was reasonably sure that it

    44. I started, unsure of what it was, my eyes unclear from the smoke

    45. Gāndhi was an unclear infant and an ethical giant

    46. Work cannot be confusing, inefficient, unclear or unrelated to common ends and still provide optimal service to clients

    47. Too loud and clear and yet unclear! I paused to think

    48. They crept up the stairs and breezed into the lounge, standing in a half circle between the television and their surprised hostess who took one look and began to scream, whether at the sight of four large and fit naked men and one nude black woman, or the apparent resurrection of her son, was unclear

    49. Etheric thoughts of unclear mutterings are whispered in my ear

    50. Are you seeing things clearly, or looking at things through an unclear point of view?

    1. SUMMER drew to an end, and early autumn: it was past Michaelmas, but the harvest was late that year, and a few of our fields were still uncleared

    2. She left a note for John next to the uncleared dishes:

    3. Summer drew to an end, and early autumn: it was past Michaelmas, but the harvest was late that year, and a few of our fields were still uncleared

    4. From the tombs I am debarred, although the authorities are doing nothing whatever there themselves, and the tomb of Khuenaten remains uncleared, with pieces of the sarcophagus and vessels thrown indiscriminately in the rubbish outside

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