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    1. It was the inferno, the black pit, the desolation

    2. He swung out with his sword as the inferno raged over the One Elf; the orchid blade coming faster and more powerful than ever before

    3. " a line of undead littered the ground below, a string of black corpses hugging the outskirts of the inferno like a procession of ants

    4. Cloaked beneath the shadows of the inferno, the beings slithered among the undead, dark, empty stains on the land

    5. If not, it was obvious to him that their fading shields of blue were no match for their enemy’s perpetual inferno

    6. Penelope wanted desperately to move him, to pick him up and carry him away from the growing inferno

    7. Hans touched his belt, and a few seconds later, an enormous explosion detonated inside the bubble, blasting away all of the demons and sending the Arrows’ home into a blazing inferno

    8. I opened the door to a blast of heat and entered the inferno

    9. Many of those unfortunate individuals, who had witnessed their families sent to the gas chambers like sheep to the slaughter and survived the inferno, were murdered by the hands of Poles who feared that they would have to return the properties that they had stolen from the Jews

    10. A soldier rushed to the car moments too late to aid the driver whose body thrashed in the midst of the inferno, and began shooting at the locks of bouncing black hair and green shirt of the youth weaving through the mob who had thrown the bottle

    11. They rose from the depths of the inferno of molten rock and lava up to the level of the unique gangway that traversed the astounding cavity

    12. ‘There’s a fire extinguisher on the wall behind you,’ said Russell, from the midst of the inferno

    13. It rages within, a campfire and then an inferno, and my body is its fuel

    14. submerging him within the inferno

    15. When Mikael was sent into inferno, as the gate of the Prison was opened by Hades to throw him inside, the soul was sucked by it, but the body was left at the gate as anything that was not immaterial could not enter it

    16. One night Two Elk Lodge vanished in a roaring inferno: $12 million in property damage, and an immeasurable loss in beauty and healthful pleasure

    17. for the steak, she reached for the oven door and pulled it towards her just enough so she could reach up on top of the stove for the tray and place it into the inferno

    18. According to the news item, "Although a handful of survivors fled the Coptic city, the majority died … Heavily armed State's Spawn murdered countless Copts … The SS marauders also ignited numerous fires, which killed hundreds of thousands of Copts … It was a shocking massacre—much worse than the recent inferno that razed an inner-city slum to the ground

    19. children, blowing cold smoke in the inferno

    20. Ken inched in close to the inferno and focused his field glasses on the front seat

    21. smoke in the inferno

    22. deep cuts about his head and chest, but was unable to return to the inferno that

    23. Eyes glinting emerald he plunged into the dancing inferno

    24. “Talia, cast this on the Battle Shield!” he barked as he passed her a very complex compound spell, then as the inferno of incoming spells roared around them he threw his own power into their defenses for the seconds it took her to grasp what she had been given

    25. He screamed in rage as the bolt lanced in an instant from his fists, along GrimFang, out through their shields and into their simulated opponents in a constant, writhing, blinding and deafening inferno of electricity

    26. Fire appeared to leap from every edge of his body, now perfectly outlined as it occulted the inferno behind him

    27. Ambassador," Whitey said quietly, "is to what purpose these men are being sent into that inferno

    28. As I zig zagged both of us through the inferno, I forced myself to

    29. in other approaches is the descent into the inferno, or in other words

    30. interested in participating in first person in this descent into the inferno, that

    31. My mother, a radiating inferno amidst a field of flames, had set the entire town ablaze, freeing all the righteous

    32. “Doomsday terrorists? Accident during routine maintenance?” the news shows ask with a background of inferno and buildings crashing and helicopters dropping napalm or hydrochloric acid or something to kill the nasty viruses that escaped

    33. It was accessed by reaching up and tilting a copy of “Dante’s Inferno” which released a catch and allowed the bookcase to swing back on well-oiled hinges

    34. The cause of the death toll at Kings Cross was that a wooden escalator had caught fire, cutting off the means of escape for the unfortunate people that were trapped in the inferno

    35. inferno to face in preference the lion’s jaws, only to find themselves

    36. The officers' mess complex, a group of long buildings built of rock and logs, was a raging inferno along the hillside

    37. The next second, the entire place was a roaring inferno

    38. He moved closer, radiating the warmth of a small inferno

    39. Suddenly, his eyes froze on a single name that sent alarums ringing through his head like a fire engine racing towards an inferno, and his mind lost all bearings of their previous thoughts of death and destruction over the ages

    40. � What�s left of Colditz is now an inferno

    41. high for a moment as the inferno engulfed the new addition

    42. feeding the flames of the story till it’s a big, raging inferno that nobody

    43. The warehouse was an inferno by the time he peeped over the wharf

    44. Nevertheless, almost 4,000 tons of Incendiary and high explosive bombs were dropped to create an inferno far worse than the notorious Hamburg firestorm

    45. The bombers parking apron then turned into an exploding inferno, with burning fuel spraying the whole area

    46. the god of the underworld became a designation of that inferno which

    47. plunge his whole body, face first into a hellish, liquid inferno? Nobody

    48. of my infatuation with the god-man or because of the raging inferno

    49. an inferno that Lazereth had once described in the Bible

    50. A stranger ran behind the towering inferno that once was Sledge’s home

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