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Inquisitive в предложении (на )

  1. You are really inquisitive today.
  2. She glanced at the inquisitive Fox.
  3. Being of inquisitive nature, he was.
  4. Inquisitive, he turned the page over.
  5. Inquisitive, he ran as fast as he could.

  6. Thomas could not help but be inquisitive.
  7. He was cold, suspicious, and inquisitive.
  8. She was not used to inquisitive patients.
  9. Jackson gave Richard an inquisitive stare.
  10. Our inquisitive spirits started to revive.
  11. You are far too inquisitive, She stated.
  12. Ethan’s voice became suddenly inquisitive:.
  13. Could be important, said an inquisitive.
  14. One of them gave him an inquisitive look then.
  15. Safer and far from inquisitive eyes of neighbors.

  16. Yes, she is inquisitive, assented the prince.
  17. That's neat, said I with an inquisitive smile.
  18. Michaels looked at Corrine with an inquisitive look.
  19. Those inquisitive people wanted to know my story too.
  20. Are you learning to be inquisitive? she inquired.
  21. Inquisitive fingers snick in and out and find the bolls.
  22. Diggory swiped away an inquisitive dragonfly that buzzed.
  23. Hold your questions till we arrive my inquisitive ones.
  24. So inquisitive he was, and so eager to assist if possible.
  25. The animal burps in an inquisitive tone as he opens the door.

  26. His eyes looked uneasy, inquisitive, and obviously bewildered.
  27. Finally, with one more inquisitive look, he nodded once again.
  28. They gave each other a long inquisitive look before separating.
  29. Being inquisitive, he asked his guide what was behind the veil.
  30. I apologised, and began assuring him that I was not inquisitive.
  31. Leave the key alone, will you, you inquisitive little thing?
  32. Ben looked up, noted the inquisitive look on his friend’s face.
  33. Your parents should have taught you to not be so inquisitive.
  34. The next was the general manager who was at his inquisitive best.
  35. They left the bank with many pairs of inquisitive eyes following.
  36. Changing the subject, Shirley asked Sally in an inquisitive, yet.
  37. The man seemed to have a sharp mind and also had inquisitive eyes.
  38. Rochelle glanced about her, seeing the inquisitive looks from all.
  39. But hush! No telling to others that make so inquisitive questions.
  40. You’re too inquisitive, she’s the one that gots all the answers.
  41. Inquisitive creatures lifted their heads to investigate the strange.
  42. Junya recognized that the man was being very inquisitive about Junya.
  43. You have such an inquisitive mind, crammed full of unusual facts.
  44. Some gave me inquisitive looks, but no one dared defied their master.
  45. Allcock, sure not to be overly inquisitive if it were a hotel matter.
  46. I gave him an inquisitive look and he returned it with a goofy smile.
  47. Because I tend to become too inquisitive and I must stop this habit.
  48. The hobbits took no notice of the inquisitive heads that peeped out of.
  49. The jackal snarled, but it sounded more inquisitive, not so chew-your-.
  50. Ziggy lifted his head from her shoulder, his face alert and inquisitive.
  51. She looked over her shoulder at him again, her eyes inquisitive but cautious.
  52. Welcome Seaboy, I see you've bought that inquisitive Flitter Cloggs with you.
  53. Natasha looked at Sonya with wondering and inquisitive eyes, and said nothing.
  54. Could this be the simple case of an overly inquisitive, highly meddlesome–.
  55. At the same moment Fenya said to him, not a bit afraid now to be inquisitive:.
  56. The same inquisitive, challenging, and rather mocking eyes still looked at him.
  57. So far this has taken me two years applying what started out as an inquisitive.
  58. Natásha looked at Sónya with wondering and inquisitive eyes, and said nothing.
  59. MERCURY HOUR: You are objective, inquisitive, and have a light touch with others.
  60. He turned, staring at his naturally inquisitive sister, then back to his parents.
  61. The sergeant was not as strict as the sentinel, but he was extremely inquisitive.
  62. He was, besides, a meddlesome, inquisitive man, who poked his nose into everything.
  63. I see, replied Giles, eying the soldiers with an inquisitive though hasty look.
  64. And she answered and said to me Again you are inquisitive in regard to such matters.
  65. She was very inquisitive about the process and also highly critical of her appearance.
  66. He was functional, and he was also exceptionally inquisitive, trusting, and childlike.
  67. And you came willingly? His eyes were bright and inquisitive as he scanned her face.
  68. A young, raw-boned man with a lean face and inquisitive brown eyes was waiting for them.
  69. The inquisitive scientist asks what the result would be if both were dropped in a vacuum.
  70. After all, this wasn’t the first time I’d been harshly punished for being inquisitive.
  71. When Roopa heard their steps, rather instinctively she kept her inquisitive gaze door-wards.
  72. Lisa found one of the hunters tonight, she said, answering Sage’s inquisitive stare.
  73. A very inquisitive Nord soldier appeared at her side, his face bright with an immense smile.
  74. Bob kept smiling, but had a truly inquisitive look on his face, with no hint of condescension.
  75. Peter was very inquisitive, and wanted to touch it, but he was quickly stopped by Captain Red.
  76. While kayaking amongst the various water birds in the bay an inquisitive seal pops its head up.
  77. What’s the name of this world? It seems our inquisitive brother never bothered to find out.
  78. She would play the inquisitive captive, asking the Captain what she was to wear for the evening.
  79. Belle looked to Kaitlyn who returned the inquisitive glance with an expression of utter delight.
  80. He raised his hand for attention, quieting the inquisitive questions of the minions of the media.
  81. Jack said his goodbyes eventually so as not to appear too inquisitive and sauntered out onto the.
  82. What did you mean about new rabbits and another warren soon? His tone was urgent and inquisitive.
  83. The cold-blooded Heroic Age solider lived in complete harmony with the inquisitive modern scholar.
  84. My face slowly lost the look of an inquisitive child and took on the demeanor of a seasoned gigolo.
  85. I could think of nothing to say that wouldn't appear either inquisitive or to be encouraging Dolly.
  86. Lying side by side in silence they dragged still inquisitive fingers over their lover‘s chest and belly.
  87. There were other times when it was not so easy to dislodge himself from the inquisitive member of the public.
  88. It reached the first circle of inquisitive ears, and the meaning of his words slipped through the courtroom.
  89. It has been a most fortuitously sprinkled trail that only the most inquisitive of minds might have followed.
  90. Alec was flailing about, rambling while the little red imp hovered over him, an inquisitive look on its face.
  91. Around the age of 20 there was an inquisitive and innate desire to learn more about faith and ‘God’.
  92. King Stan, who had noticed Nancy’s initial reluctance about Margaret’s request, gave her an inquisitive look.
  93. Gina gave Alicia an inquisitive glance, but before Alicia could answer the unspoken question, the line connected.
  94. As expected Daniel asked lots of questions and Tracey did her best to answer them but he was far too inquisitive.
  95. Linda would find this amusing and stroke the inquisitive creature, and promptly return to deadheading her flowers.
  96. It was e\'ident that they too did not want to ask questions or be inquisitive, but talked of something irrelevant.
  97. But in Clerval I saw the image of my former self; he was inquisitive and anxious to gain experience and instruction.
  98. Most of the traffic slowed down when nearing the site and he saw inquisitive eyes as they searched along the scene.
  99. Of course, if you son is of the inquisitive type then there are always educational toys that are available in stores.
  100. He was a natural born scientist in a sense – always inquisitive, always childlike, wanting to discover new things.

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