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    1. It is sometimes found in pieces of some bulk ; and, even when mixed, in small and almost insensible particles, with sand, earth, and other extraneous bodies, it can be separated from them by a very short and simple operation, which can be carried on in any private house by any body who is possessed of a small quantity of mercury

    2. But what all the violence of the feudal institutions could never have effected, the silent and insensible operation of foreign commerce and manufactures gradually brought about

    3. This gradual fall in the average price of grain, it is probable, therefore, is ultimately owing neither to the one regulation nor to the other, but to that gradual and insensible rise in the real value of silver, which, in the first book of this discourse, I have endeavoured to show, has taken place in the general market of Europe during the course of the present century

    4. “This Professor has drugged us both, then while the two of us were insensible, he and his monkey-faced daughter loaded us into the back of van and drove us out here into the middle of nowhere

    5. How can it be supposed that he should be the only rich man in his dominions who is insensible to pleasures of this kind ? If he does not, what he is very likely to do, spend upon those pleasures so great a part of his revenue as to debilitate very much the defensive power of the state, it cannot well be expected that he should not spend upon them all that part of it which is over and above what is necessary for supporting that defensive power

    6. “When I was developing the Dauntless simulations, years ago, we discovered that certain levels of potency overwhelmed the brain and made it too insensible with terror to invent new surroundings, which was when we diluted the solution so that the simulations would be more instructive

    7. Not even an absent-minded minister, who was after all a young man still, though he firmly believed he had outlived romance, could be insensible to the charm of the night and the path and the companion

    8. Meredith misunderstood his cheerfulness and thought him insensible

    9. 26 He, in his hardened mood, insensible to all persuasion, was going onwards with the view of

    10. 26 He in his hardened mood insensible to all persuasion was going onwards with the view of carrying out this design

    11. She was sinking into scented billows of insensible bliss, when something touched her face

    12. 10 Jesus' humanity was not insensible to this situation of private loneliness, public shame, and the appearance of the failure of his cause

    13. How insensible and absurd this sounds!

    14. Lying in his hammock, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was insensible to the pleas for clemency

    15. Taciturn, silent, insensible to the new breath of vitality that was shaking the house, Colonel Aureliano Buendía could understand only that the secret of a good old age is simply an honorable pact with solitude

    16. ” But it did not take her long to realize that he was as insensible to her begging as the colonel would have been, and that they were armored by the same impermeability of affection

    17. At dawn on Monday they brought a woman who recited cauterizing prayers that were infallible for man and beast beside her bed, but Amaranta Úrsula’s passionate blood was insensible to any artifice that did not come from love

    18. The earth isn’t insensible, as we’ve been led to believe

    19. Feeling connected means, that instead of treating things as insensible objects, treating them as if they were as capable of feeling as we are

    20. We toss things about carelessly or leave things in a mess, and then wonder why we feel that life is tossing us about like an insensible object, and why our life is a mess

    21. "We have shown, we trust, that we are far from insensible to the dangers that might possibly arise from the admission of the laity to a larger degree of authority and influence than they now enjoy in the Anglican communion as known within these isles

    22. The character of a ruler, like the insensible pressure of the atmosphere on every square inch of our bodies, will always have a silent, quiet influence on the conduct of subjects

    23. One insensible impulse moves to clear a bulk of creative impulses

    24. and when all the currents of will the sensible as well as the insensible

    25. But indeed the traveller who does not yearn for waiters and has no prejudices against crawling up a staircase so steep that it is practically a ladder when he wants to go to bed, who loves quiet, is not insensible to the charms of good cooking, and thinks bathing and sailing agreeable pastimes, could be extremely happy at a very small cost at Wiek

    26. It was nearly empty, but as he looked from it quickly to the two insensible figures before us he muttered: "Morphine

    27. Of course Fred would never really do such an insensible thing with his gun - he might lose his shooter's license, and that thought was unbearable

    28. Faith, joy, and goodness are desolated leaving only an insensible personality with sadness, evilness, and hopelessness

    29. She couldn’t be certain for the sound of her heartbeat and her feet hitting the ground were so loud to her ears that she was feeling almost insensible with fear

    30. But here it is necessary to turn aside for a moment to question and protest against that system of metaphysics which in its reactionary zeal against extreme anthropomorphism teaches modern men to think of God as a Being impassive and insensible to real delight or pain—the Buddhism of the West

    31. I am not insensible to the force of these considerations, and they have been pressed upon the public with equal ingenuity and perseverance by Mr

    32. Perfectly still and silent, and not even fallen back in her chair, she sat under his hand, utterly insensible; with her eyes open and fixed upon him, and with that last expression looking as if it were carved or branded into her forehead

    33. The prisoners were far from insensible or unfeeling; their ways arose out of the condition of the time

    34. Her father had gone on before, to prepare her, and when her husband stood upon his feet, she dropped insensible in his arms

    35. For a few seconds he faintly struggled with the man who had come to lay down his life for him; but, within a minute or so, he was stretched insensible on the ground

    36. There is terror in the carriage, there is weeping, there is the heavy breathing of the insensible traveller

    37. To listen to most of his biographers one would suppose that all Spain was in league not only against the man but against his memory, or at least that it was insensible to his merits, and left him to live in misery and die of want

    38. Zoraida cried aloud to us to save him, and we all hastened to help, and seizing him by his robe we drew him in half drowned and insensible, at which Zoraida was in such distress that she wept over him as piteously and bitterly as though he were already dead

    39. received, because the worth and wisdom that your brother's bearing shows him to possess do not make it likely that he will prove haughty or insensible, or that he will not know how to estimate the accidents of fortune at their proper value

    40. constitutionally insensible; then indeed it is a mere affair of barter; and I have nothing to do with the secrets of trade

    41. rather more gallantry than, in my situation, I thought delicate, that such a woman should be thrown away on a man insensible to the charms of beauty or grace

    42. She sat by the drawing-room fire after tea, till the moment of Lady Middleton's arrival, without once stirring from her seat, or altering her attitude, lost in her own thoughts, and insensible of her sister's presence; and when at last they were told that Lady Middleton waited for them at the door, she started as if she had forgotten that any one was expected

    43. Elinor was very angry, but Marianne seemed entirely insensible of the sting; for she calmly replied,

    44. Your sister's lovely person and interesting manners could not but please me; and her behaviour to me almost from the first, was of a kind--It is astonishing, when I reflect on what it was, and what she was, that my heart should have been so insensible! But at first I must confess, my vanity only was elevated by it

    45. "To have resisted such attractions, to have withstood such tenderness!--Is there a man on earth who could have done it?--Yes, I found myself, by insensible degrees, sincerely fond of her; and the happiest hours of my life were what I spent with her when I felt my intentions were strictly honourable, and my feelings blameless

    46. insensible to the ground

    47. The Greek tyrants were not insensible to the importance of awakening in their cause a Pseudo-Hellenic feeling; they were proud of successes at the Olympic games; they were not devoid of the love of literature and art

    48. An instant they held asunder, and then how they met I hardly saw, but Catherine made a spring, and he caught her, and they were locked in an embrace from which I thought my mistress would never be released alive: in fact, to my eyes, she seemed directly insensible

    49. Earnshaw looked up, like me, to the countenance of our mutual foe; who, absorbed in his anguish, seemed insensible to anything around him: the longer he stood, the plainer his reflections revealed their blackness through his features

    50. tender furrow all insensible to Louisa's complaints; nothing can stop,

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    insensible out of it senseless indiscernible undetectable unaffected impervious cool passionless hardened detached insensitive callous unaware incognizant unknowing unappreciative indifferent impassive inaudible incomprehensible indistinct ill-defined obscure unconscious comatose oblivious anaesthetised drugged unperceiving