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    1. interest – including visiting the customer premises on a purely

    2. The reason I have so much interest in Abraham’s life is

    3. I’m guessing the people who stayed thought it was in their best interest or else had nowhere else to go

    4. Moreover, until recently, feelings of sexuality and sexual need among those over 60 years of age might be cause for guilt feelings, based on the culturally constructed assumption that people were supposed to "mature out of" sexual interest and become sexual neuters as they entered into their so-called "golden years

    5. Studies have led to the realization that sexual interest and the need for sexual contact continue throughout the life cycle, although patterns differ somewhat for women and men

    6. Various factors can limit sexual interest and capacity in men as they age

    7. There are a number of organic problems of the heart and circulatory system, glands and hormonal system, and the nervous system that can, to varying degrees, diminish male capacity for and interest in sex

    8. Menopause was assumed to mark an end in women's interest in sex

    9. In recent years it has become clear that not only does interest and capacity for sex continue well beyond menopause, but that many women report an increased enjoyment of sex because worries about unwanted pregnancy are no longer a concern

    10. He had no clue they were of interest

    11. "So little interest that he threw it out," Herndon said

    12. Send your customers directly where they can find additional products that specifically interest them

    13. They meet fellow-devotees and withdraw from an interest in worldly matters, except those of the family and close relations

    14. Their interest slowly dwindles, but the engagements continue so that they can pass time, meet people and feel wanted

    15. Nichols is seeking interest and cooperation from the U

    16. b) Compound interest on deposits, where interest is earned on the interest over the principal, calculated at quarterly, half-yearly or yearly period

    17. This is done by adding the interest earned to the original deposit at the end of the specified period for subsequent calculation of interest

    18. e) Reduction in interest rates due to the fiscal decisions of RBI

    19. Rate of interest specified for a fixed deposit, say in bank, is the 'nominal rate of return'

    20. ’ He said, losing interest and picking up some tool or other

    21. Her interest is going to be more on that asteroid than on that shuttlecraft, and that comes in second in her attention to the crippled Christial starship she's trying to talk in

    22. Periodical lectures on current topics of the interest of elders

    23. But how does this person know him? How does she know his habits? Maybe she’s a stalker! Actually, that’s kind of flattering that someone would show an interest in him

    24. The fact that others have achieved this power, may encourage and interest us but it does no more unless we ourselves take some definite action

    25. The plea, "I have no time," is an utterly futile one, and indicates simply lack of interest

    26. As soon as Barney spots the bouncy castle, all interest in his old Gran disappears and he starts clamouring to have a go … Emma and Adrian exchange a glance

    27. This is the home site of BBC and provides links on various topics of interest apart from news and views

    28. He's well behind on his interest only

    29. Save yourself thousands in interest payments

    30. It would be nice to have someone to share my interest with … Stephen tries to be interested but … I hum happily to myself

    31. Estwig asked if any of them had ever performed on video and lost interest when he found they had not

    32. Russ spots something of interest in his newspaper

    33. It might interest you

    34. We have principle of €2000 with initial interest of 12

    35. Your offspring is late with payments, init? Interest rate of 100% applies after failure to repay a loan on the agreed date, init?"

    36. "Add to this a punitive weekly interest of 100% over a time period of exactly four weeks and your debt with us comes to a total of 36 grand

    37. As we drive back though the village, I look about myself with interest, I’ve not been to this part of the world much … nice little church they’ve got there … looks old

    38. He has less interest in you than me and I have shag all interest in you

    39. Not that I borrowed that much, only a few hundred originally, for the kids holy communion, but fuckin' hell he packs on the interest and if you don't have something to give him every week his guys go mental

    40. Then he could manage a restructured mortgage, interest only for a year and pay off Sammy on his terms over the course of six months

    41. "The original interest rate was 12

    42. If you have any interest in assisting with this, please reply

    43. Could I possibly be of interest to those who were working under my

    44. Breathtakingly unoriginal, or could one say refreshingly retro? Only one tattoo was of real interest, the outstretched ends of a spider-web that extended around to his throat from the back of his neck

    45. Morg had never been that attracted to pure-blood Caucasians like Ava and had little interest in Ava's passion; virtuality

    46. "I'm convinced enough that we are baseline that I have no interest in wasting time trying to find a hack out of it

    47. A good fifty percent of them wanted children and lost interest when they found out I couldn’t have any more

    48. His interest is first shown in Exodus 2:11 - “And it came to pass in those days, when Moses was grown, that he went out unto his brethren, and looked on their

    49. Schools of spiritual development are no different to the army: They teach you how to fight but never for your personal interest; it is always for a supposedly superior authority

    50. But I encourage him, asking questions and occasionally giving my opinion, and he seems to appreciate my interest

    1. Jorma thought the Brazilian was more excited about that aluminum than he should be, but then he had heard that most of the people of YingolNeerie were very interested in money

    2. Vureer found her to be more interested in her attentions than Tdeshi had ever been

    3. He was surprised she had been interested this sleep, on Dawnsleep she had still been sore

    4. If you're just interested in what you want in your life then you’re going to lack consistency

    5. In case you are interested, O

    6. Trying means that you’re interested

    7. If you say you are trying to build a business, you are interested in building a business

    8. If you say you are trying to quit smoking, you're interested in quitting smoking

    9. If you’re trying to lose weight, you're interested in it

    10. I don’t want you to be interested in creating your life

    11. I don’t want you to be interested in achieving your goals

    12. An offer was made to send a copy free [Yes, I did said FREE] by Email for a limited period to any interested parties

    13. · Kidnappers are not very interested in you

    14. If you are still interested, perhaps I could suggest to you that you read Medical Matters backwards and we might arrive at the same point?

    15. Some people are interested in living a better life but they are not committed, and that’s okay

    16. service trying to show off, while no one is interested

    17. What was that slut up to? And wasn't he saying he kept up with what Venna was doing since she left him? He seemed to be a lot more interested in Venna than he was in Ava, and that was a painful thought

    18. "I doubt that either one of them is interested enough in 'Yingolian crystals'," they both chuckled over that expression, "to have devices down here

    19. Answer: Dear John, What is that special soil you are talking about? I would be interested in testing it for you and seeing for myself

    20. Jorma went dashing off after him, no doubt more afraid of the ghoul-woman from YingolNeerie than interested in helping them find Venna

    21. After a couple of weeks he got over it and we settled down again, though he wasn’t interested in sex … I tried to seduce him a couple of times, but he just shook me off … not nastily or anything, just indifferent

    22. "I think you're so interested because there's something coming in

    23. Audience has to be interested in listening to your views on the chosen subject because of your experience, knowledge and the clarity of presentation

    24. He tended to travel where there was comfortable transportation and accommodations and might not even be terribly interested in watching a movie of a safari like this

    25. For those who are still interested in trading of shares, it is necessary to understand certain fundamental terms related to companies whose shares are available for buying or selling

    26. Everyone is more interested in being given a designation and being photographed by the media

    27. I know he sort of insinuated that he was interested in you but … oh why is life never simple?

    28. Barney grins at me, banging his spoon on the table as his father tries to encourage him to eat his lunch … I can’t help feeling that Barney is far more interested in me than his food

    29. ‘He was most interested

    30. He could not find an amount for Ava, so it couldn't be enough to get a detective interested, that would mean it was likely less than a dozen coppers a year

    31. are interested in knowing a bit

    32. Now I didn't have any tattoos, I'd never been interested

    33. Yeah, doostEr admitted to himself, but he'd be a lot less nervous and just as interested in the job if he'd showed him ten coppers

    34. It would be nice to have someone to share my interest with … Stephen tries to be interested but … I hum happily to myself

    35. He never seemed interested in sweet women so he seemed to care little about his appearance

    36. In spite of himself, John has become intensely interested in the story

    37. He was more interested in knowing the ownership of the cargo

    38. She’d have been about three when she died and I was a typical thirteen year old boy – not at all interested in babies, but I do remember some very clear pictures

    39. They seemed really interested

    40. I would have done the same for Will but the problem was that he wasn't interested in anything except girls

    41. "I am interested in skin

    42. I fuckin' knew something was up, but Rocco has run away before so the cops weren't interested

    43. "I told you, they aren't interested

    44. Glenelle didn't continue the conversation about her sister's love life that she had been listening to, she was more interested in discussing her sister's existence

    45. interested in collecting his fee

    46. Football was one of the only things he was even half interested in for God's sake

    47. Oh yeah, and local politicians weren’t interested either

    48. She wasn't interested in whether their technology worked or not, only that it was never discovered by anyone from the outside world

    49. "I've got some information you'll be interested in," she told him

    50. "I'm more interested in that than I am in having to explain why she left

    1. “No you just carry on it seems more interesting than mine”

    2. "Likewise," Ava said, "though I'm hardly that interesting

    3. Very interesting label, fun to read! Dr

    4. Like it is, huh? Interesting

    5. It was often an interesting source of information

    6. The most interesting thing in the newsletter from his perspective were the articles and letters about 'Ernesto's Legacy' and especially, his possessions

    7. 'The Five Punishments of ancient China' Interesting

    8. "Sounds like a more interesting evening than I had planned," Tahlmute said

    9. Of course Tahlmute would discuss nothing about the journey with Estwig along, instead he discussed the theater in this region and what he found interesting and what he found provincial

    10. pitch was interesting but hardly your average bit of foreign cheese on a cocktail stick

    11. Aunt Billie was an interesting old bat

    12. I thought this world was quite interesting

    13. That would be an interesting topic for a future conversation

    14. Cheron space is capable of much more interesting arrangements than the standard user interfaces can program

    15. It is a very interesting business Travis and now it is right here next to you

    16. In the absence of human companionship, the most interesting thing continued to be the planet

    17. I see a courageous woman who has been through some extremely trying times and not let them beat her down … I see a woman who, despite her having achieved the age of fifty-three, is still attractive and, more importantly, interesting to be with

    18. It also gave her a killer body and the opportunity to use some of her more interesting covert martial arts moves when opponents got nasty

    19. There was a timid side of her that wished the planet was an interesting find of exobiological life and they could get the Heavenly Mother in here safely and rebuild Angel society while studying the microbial life on this planet

    20. He had kept the most interesting items for himself

    21. He seemed to be a polite, nice guy; the three of us discussed various subjects and he proved to be an interesting person; he has sympathy with metaphysics too: he used to carry out astral projections but for some strange reason he can't anymore; yet, he can still see people's auras, he said

    22. ‘Your report was very comprehensive, Miss Osborne, and made very interesting reading

    23. For about two years now I have entered a very interesting phase of my life, since I have more and more psychic experiences; yet, I have also perceived certain paradox incidents which appear more and more frequently, surrounding me like a Sonic War: At daybreak, when I do the most important meditation exercise of the day, there is incredible mobility in the block of flats next to my house: A number of cars come and go continuously in and out of their outdoor garage, which happens to be right next to my bedroom window! Even earlier, from 4:00 to 6:00 am (no exaggeration) they race engines incessantly and/or slam car doors uncountable times! Why, indeed? Only God -or Satan- knows! The fact is that more often than not I can hardly sleep, I feel exasperated and I can't meditate properly

    24. Even when set on their sassiest however, they cannot show the independent will that Shibet could, that made love with her so much more interesting than love with this collection of surface renderings and response data bases

    25. Nick has got some really excellent crackers with interesting trinkets inside them and reasonably acceptable jokes … for crackers

    26. This afternoon I saw Diana at the gym, we had an aerobics lesson and then, as we were leaving together, she revealed to me some more interesting details about her job; in fact, she didn't hesitate at all to describe -always with an air of importance- a fixed fraud committed by the company she works for: It all starts with an advertisement they place in the newspaper every week, looking for new commercial travellers; they offer an alluring basic salary, as well as commission on the sales, plus social security

    27. It is interesting to note that while two books of the Old Testament bear the names of women (Ruth and Esther), and deal with their lives as God worked

    28. The lama proves to be quite agreeable and interesting, he answers all questions carefully and diplomatically, he surely knows how to win his audience over to his views

    29. We took part in interesting discussions, we played volleyball with the others, we walked to the nearby village every afternoon

    30. He and Enrico were not close friends, not really much more than acquaintances, but the invitation to ride along on such a mission was interesting

    31. It is interesting that one of the qualifications of an elder is : “

    32. Our morning visit to the Diros Caves proved to be very interesting: It consisted of a 30-minute boat ride and a 15-minute walk to the exit

    33. Sit for a minute or two and try and think about the things that interest you and things that you would find interesting in a person

    34. It’s interesting stuff and we have the odd chat

    35. As the youngest in the group I tended to listen more than I spoke, and I enjoyed a vicarious and voyeuristic expansion of my hinterland through the far more interesting stories from other people’s lives

    36. It was best just to walk along the most interesting level of whatever canal you were on and take in whatever you happened across

    37. ‘Really? … now that’s interesting

    38. Abery’s a very small village only a couple of hundred people in all – mostly sheep farming - but there’s an interesting stone circle … quite a large one - I don’t know what the place is called here on Earth

    39. So the back-story of the 5,000 being fed is really interesting

    40. Isn’t it interesting that a human could live under such conditions, but pigs (which are unclean) would not live for a moment with a demon in them?

    41. ’ She hadn’t the foggiest what this actually meant, but it sounded interesting and she was more than prepared for experimentation in her current euphoric mood

    42. Hmmm … interesting

    43. What’s even more interesting is that the rather jumpy young man we just met is brother to the woman in charge of organising transport for the Guild

    44. ‘No, neither do I, but it’s very interesting that she was moved here from Renald’s team … I’ve met her replacement

    45. This brings an interesting question: how did Judaism survive?

    46. So why not incorporate a bit of creativity, even if it results in conversations? As long as people are talking about the business and as long as they see different possibilities with the business, then there is something interesting that your business can offer (which another business can't offer)

    47. This had been a long and interesting day

    48. She met so many more interesting people sailing with the vagabonds of this basin and this woman was one of them

    49. interesting to see where the current hair trends

    50. Which, when John the Baptist is imprisoned, he sends his disciples to ask Jesus, “Are you the one who is to come?” Interesting

    1. limit girls’ interests in sciences and maths and cause them to feel

    2. We are free to pick up past interests and develop new hobbies

    3. An activity that brings the young, the middle-aged and the seniors together is much better than a group dedicated only to the interests of the senior citizens, from the point of view of building relationships

    4. You do not have to take control of the conversation; let your grandson steer it in a direction that interests him

    5. Ask questions about their interests, and when you disapprove, keep negative comments to yourself

    6. "What is this Sharkey? If you have information it would be in your best interests to pass it on to the Gardai at your earliest convenience

    7. We always sit together and chat pleasantly as, despite her young age, we have many common interests and we keep good company to each other

    8. He seems to be a very agreeable person, and the subject interests me a lot; moreover, the lecture is taking place at a centre of Buddhism which is only some metres away from Aphrodite's house!

    9. We have a lot of interest and the interests of one person need not match with the

    10. But thankfully the interests are not as numerous as human beings

    11. So, what are your interests? That

    12. Your tastes and interests could be very different

    13. decided on what your interests are then half the story is done

    14. What Interests You In A Person?

    15. Having the same interests doesn"t

    16. ” The interests of partners should complement each other and not clash

    17. So now that you have decided what is it that interests you in a person and what your

    18. "Sir I don't think it's in our best interests, for many reasons, the reasons I have made perfectly public

    19. So how do we avoid sublimating the word of God into the existing framework of our values and interests and not accommodate it to that?

    20. has your best interests at heart and delivers you

    21. The people seemed to have their best interests at heart

    22. Her interests and curiosity were slowly coming back

    23. Miss Jones had few vices and few interests that could be described as hobbies, but she was very keen on politics

    24. online dating through websites listing attractive profiles and typical interests that may match

    25. their interests or even with more than one person at a time

    26. One can also send private messages to the personal profile that interests them; thus, online

    27. so the chances of finding someone with similar interests as yours is stronger on the web

    28. She nearly fainted as they explained that, while she was not under arrest, they felt that it would be in her best interests to accompany them to the local police station

    29. date, and the interests that the two of you share

    30. interests and connecting with them if they match your own

    31. This is simply a data base that lists your interests, hobbies and communication styles into categories in order to

    32. technology that matches all of the similar traits and interests, as well as financial goals

    33. These listings hold the interests and personality answers to your opening profile questions, as these are used to locate a compatible mate, offering a nice

    34. Another major part of the Relationship Matrix is hobbies and interests

    35. This comes from having the same interests or even, sometimes, the same

    36. together with someone who does not hold the same hobbies or interests is the feeling

    37. in fact, a sense of rejection of the other person's interests

    38. share too many interests, through the feeling of being smothered

    39. the best you can to maintain a healthy balance in communication, finances and interests, while

    40. are able to listen and understand the other person(s) interests and professional endeavors,

    41. while mentally connecting their interests with your own

    42. He bought Terry and his mother a beautiful mock Georgian mansion in one of the better parts of Cheshire, while he devoted himself to furthering Terry's interests from a penthouse flat in the city centre

    43. You can't stand the thought of me having a life and interests of my own

    44. She was quite unlike her mother, and although ravaged by the same hormonal imbalances and certain confusions that beset Alan, she tried hard not to allow herself to be brow beaten by her mother’s general attitudes and specific goals, although her mother sought to make her daughter complicit in her disapproval of her step-son as a way of protecting both of their interests

    45. coincided with his own interests, and took thanks in as many ways

    46. Miss Jones had few vices and few interests that could be

    47. interests to accompany them to the local police station

    48. Creative, unique, sincere and active interests should be developed in the

    49. furthering Terry's interests from a penthouse flat in the city centre

    50. The blog’s purpose would be to share my expertise and interests with others,

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