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    1. Jorma thought the Brazilian was more excited about that aluminum than he should be, but then he had heard that most of the people of YingolNeerie were very interested in money

    2. Vureer found her to be more interested in her attentions than Tdeshi had ever been

    3. He was surprised she had been interested this sleep, on Dawnsleep she had still been sore

    4. If you're just interested in what you want in your life then you’re going to lack consistency

    5. In case you are interested, O

    6. Trying means that you’re interested

    7. If you say you are trying to build a business, you are interested in building a business

    8. If you say you are trying to quit smoking, you're interested in quitting smoking

    9. If you’re trying to lose weight, you're interested in it

    10. I don’t want you to be interested in creating your life

    1. interest – including visiting the customer premises on a purely

    2. The reason I have so much interest in Abraham’s life is

    3. I’m guessing the people who stayed thought it was in their best interest or else had nowhere else to go

    4. Moreover, until recently, feelings of sexuality and sexual need among those over 60 years of age might be cause for guilt feelings, based on the culturally constructed assumption that people were supposed to "mature out of" sexual interest and become sexual neuters as they entered into their so-called "golden years

    5. Studies have led to the realization that sexual interest and the need for sexual contact continue throughout the life cycle, although patterns differ somewhat for women and men

    6. Various factors can limit sexual interest and capacity in men as they age

    7. There are a number of organic problems of the heart and circulatory system, glands and hormonal system, and the nervous system that can, to varying degrees, diminish male capacity for and interest in sex

    8. Menopause was assumed to mark an end in women's interest in sex

    9. In recent years it has become clear that not only does interest and capacity for sex continue well beyond menopause, but that many women report an increased enjoyment of sex because worries about unwanted pregnancy are no longer a concern

    10. He had no clue they were of interest

    1. limit girls’ interests in sciences and maths and cause them to feel

    2. We are free to pick up past interests and develop new hobbies

    3. An activity that brings the young, the middle-aged and the seniors together is much better than a group dedicated only to the interests of the senior citizens, from the point of view of building relationships

    4. You do not have to take control of the conversation; let your grandson steer it in a direction that interests him

    5. Ask questions about their interests, and when you disapprove, keep negative comments to yourself

    6. "What is this Sharkey? If you have information it would be in your best interests to pass it on to the Gardai at your earliest convenience

    7. We always sit together and chat pleasantly as, despite her young age, we have many common interests and we keep good company to each other

    8. He seems to be a very agreeable person, and the subject interests me a lot; moreover, the lecture is taking place at a centre of Buddhism which is only some metres away from Aphrodite's house!

    9. We have a lot of interest and the interests of one person need not match with the

    10. But thankfully the interests are not as numerous as human beings

    1. “No you just carry on it seems more interesting than mine”

    2. "Likewise," Ava said, "though I'm hardly that interesting

    3. Very interesting label, fun to read! Dr

    4. Like it is, huh? Interesting

    5. It was often an interesting source of information

    6. The most interesting thing in the newsletter from his perspective were the articles and letters about 'Ernesto's Legacy' and especially, his possessions

    7. 'The Five Punishments of ancient China' Interesting

    8. "Sounds like a more interesting evening than I had planned," Tahlmute said

    9. Of course Tahlmute would discuss nothing about the journey with Estwig along, instead he discussed the theater in this region and what he found interesting and what he found provincial

    10. pitch was interesting but hardly your average bit of foreign cheese on a cocktail stick

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    Synonyms for "interest"

    interest pastime pursuit sake interestingness involvement interest group stake concern occupy worry matter to attention engrossment curiosity percentage claim advantage benefit good well-being fascinate intrigue attract pique arouse excite

    "interest" definitions

    a sense of concern with and curiosity about someone or something

    a reason for wanting something done

    the power of attracting or holding one's attention (because it is unusual or exciting etc.)

    a fixed charge for borrowing money; usually a percentage of the amount borrowed

    (law) a right or legal share of something; a financial involvement with something

    (usually plural) a social group whose members control some field of activity and who have common aims

    a diversion that occupies one's time and thoughts (usually pleasantly)

    excite the curiosity of; engage the interest of

    be on the mind of

    be of importance or consequence