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    1. John: 14:23: Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love

    2. Here Apostle John is teaching us how to have and

    3. "A century ago, most people lived on farms in the country in isolated family units," says John Selby, a counselor, teacher, and the author of Solitude: The Art of Living with Yourself

    4. John: 5:19: Then answered Jesus and said unto them,

    5. John: 14:16: And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you

    6. John: 14:17: Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world

    7. John: 2:11: This is the beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his

    8. John: 15:13: Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

    9. Answer: Dear John, What is that special soil you are talking about? I would be interested in testing it for you and seeing for myself

    10. John drives his car somewhere in the city

    11. She looks up, smiles pleasantly, when John enters

    12. John looks in confusion at a scrap of paper in his hand

    13. John sits in a chair next to the coffee table

    14. John looks around the room

    15. John looks at her askance, unsure what she is getting at

    16. He turns to John, holds out his hand stiffly

    17. He stares at John, waits

    18. John and Dr

    19. John nods to the hospital workers, but Zitteraal ignores his employees

    20. An old man sitting on one of the benches nearby, GABRIEL, looks up at John

    21. John glances at the fountain

    22. He watches John, who unconsciously takes a step back

    23. John nods, is at a loss for words

    24. The doors at the end of the corridor open inward automatically with an annoying buzzing sound, and John and Zitteraal enter

    25. John shakes his head

    26. John seems still a bit troubled from his

    27. They watch him leave, then Zitteraal shakes his head, turns to John

    28. John looks inside, sees an emaciated body lying in the bed, then slowly turns his attention to the face

    29. Despite the wasted and spare frame, the man lying in the bed is unmistakably John himself

    30. Zitteraal looks at him as if he had no idea what John is talking about

    31. John looks back at comatose John lying in bed and the man in bed slowly turns his head, raises up slightly, looks

    32. directly at John with eyes anything other than comatose

    33. Comatose John gives John a big wink, lays his head back down and closes his eyes

    34. John turns again to Zitteraal, who has seen nothing

    35. Zitteraal looks back once more at the comatose patient, John West, lying in bed with his eyes closed

    36. John returns to his car in the parking lot near the

    37. John puts the car in park, jumps out of the car for a better view, but when he gets out, he sees no one in the window

    38. John pulls away quickly, watching the building he just exited, turns out of the parking lot and races down the street

    39. John switches the station

    40. John? Are you there, baby?

    41. John ends the call, tosses the phone on the passenger’s seat

    42. John pulls into a parking space in front of one of the three-story buildings, gets out of his car, then suddenly staggers backwards, holding onto his car to support himself

    43. clearly we see Zitteraal with a pen light in his hand, looking down at John

    44. Slam cut back to John in the parking lot

    45. John staggers forward a step or two

    46. John staggers a few more feet, falls on his knees in the parking lot

    47. Clarisse kneels in front of John trying to put her arms around him

    48. John thrashes about as if in a trance

    49. John finally realizes she is there

    50. John lies on his back resting with his eyes open, the sheets covering his body up to his waist

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