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John in a sentence | john example sentences

  1. John 10: 3 to 4.
  2. John 1: 1 and 2.
  3. John 3: 16 and 17.
  4. In 1990, the John D.
  5. It was a Dear John.

  6. John is now in prison.
  7. John of the Cross C.
  8. With much love - John.
  9. John lays on his back.
  10. He winks again at John.
  11. He handed one to John.
  12. My name is John Morse.
  13. John: Of course he has.
  14. So John has told me.
  15. Foner, Eric, and John A.

  16. John was in the Spirit.
  17. John was a common name.
  18. It comes from you, John.
  19. John hit the white ball.
  20. John looks at the canoe.
  21. Please read John 15: 5.
  22. You have done well John.
  23. John 14: 6; Acts 4: 12.
  24. Luke 22: 54; John 18: 1.
  25. His name was John Roll.

  26. John turned in his seat.
  27. Then John enters my mind.
  28. John was a dirty blonde.
  29. John: But the Bible says.
  30. John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
  31. John slapped on the door.
  32. Please read John 11: 35.
  33. Yeah, his name was John.
  34. John looks at the table.
  35. And that is John Boychuk.
  36. John turns his head away.
  37. John asked Jim to send.
  38. And of course John adds;.
  39. Tell John to do the same.
  40. If John had given up at.
  41. John looks at her askance.
  42. He leans in close to John.
  43. You must be John Smith.
  44. John hands the photo back.
  45. John looks at the picture.
  46. John turns red with anger.
  47. He stares at John, waits.
  48. John held my hand tightly.
  49. John eyes fill with anger.
  50. John Smith gasped for air.
  51. He was eager to see John.
  52. Please read John 19: 34.
  53. Read John 1:1-4; 14; 17.
  54. John Adams, both very long.
  55. Okay John, do your best.
  56. But John Smith was winning.
  57. They let John lead the way.
  58. He stepped closer to John.
  59. I haven’t told John yet.
  60. The worst part for John F.
  61. John doesn’t look at it.
  62. The fact is John planted.
  63. Yes John, that is right.
  64. Thanks for the time, John.
  65. John tries to shake it off.
  66. John takes her in his arms.
  67. John jumps out of the car.
  68. John looks around the room.
  69. Cut to: John under the sea.
  70. John thinks about it, nods.
  71. Dave looks at John askance.
  72. John and his missus were.
  73. John shakes his head, grins.
  74. John called his dogs again.
  75. John let out an agonizing.
  76. John drove into the shadow.
  77. John picks it up, opens it.
  79. John watches her, lost in.
  80. John was still on the phone.
  81. Steve and John could very.
  82. I also desired to see John.
  83. John? Are you there, baby?
  84. She had met John when she.
  85. To his surprise, John saw.
  86. I pitied him as I did John.
  87. I nodded and smiled at John.
  88. Indeed John, I do understand.
  89. Donna stepped closer to John.
  90. John did not attempt a reply.
  91. John looks at it doubtfully.
  92. Ah, John take a seat,.

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