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John in a sentence

John 10: 3 to 4.
John 1: 1 and 2.
John 3: 16 and 17.
In 1990, the John D.
It was a Dear John.
John of the Cross C.
John is now in prison.

He handed one to John.
So John has told me.
My name is John Morse.
With much love - John.
John: Of course he has.
He winks again at John.
John lays on his back.
John turned in his seat.
John was in the Spirit.
John looks at the canoe.
His name was John Roll.
John 14: 6; Acts 4: 12.
You have done well John.
John was a common name.
Foner, Eric, and John A.
It comes from you, John.
Luke 22: 54; John 18: 1.
Please read John 15: 5.
John hit the white ball.
John looks at the table.
Yeah, his name was John.
John was a dirty blonde.
John asked Jim to send.
Then John enters my mind.
John turns his head away.
John: But the Bible says.
John slapped on the door.
John 1:17 states that:.
Together with Sir John.
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