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    1. It is critical that we know how the meaning applies to the leadership of the

    2. Consider several traits of a shepherd, that are important as it relates to leadership

    3. Trained - Moses was actually trained for 80 years prior to taking the leadership role of the children of Israel

    4. Exodus 17 when he delegated the leadership role to Joshua during the battle with the Amalekites

    5. ” The children of Israel looked to Joshua for leadership because

    6. The greatest example of leadership to be found in the Bible

    7. The leadership of Jesus carries with it a number of quality traits left to be an example for all who will follow him


    9. organization’s ability to reach its goals, therefore it is imperative to understand that God had a plan for leadership so each of us could reach the goal of eternal life

    10. Material used for Bad Examples of Leadership are freely quoted from a Sermon Series (Old

    11. (17) Preachers must be very careful when it comes to rebuking the leadership of the

    12. to please encourage our young men (even teens) to begin early to prepare for their role in the leadership of the church

    13. value in encouraging the young men to aspire to the leadership of the church

    14. A call to the entire congregation for much prayer is essential to the success of having a good strong leadership

    15. The lack of true devoted leadership is a horrible price to pay for the decline in the

    16. consider the tremendous need for more men in the leadership of the church and to continue

    17. The church of Christ looks to Jesus Christ as its head for leadership

    18. In the New Testament, Jesus has given the pattern for the leadership of the church of

    19. An example of selfish and impoverished leadership can be seen in the hearts of the

    20. Leadership by example means that godly leaders practice and teach the “Golden Rule


    22. elder takes control of the eldership, he is pulling the church away from the primitive pattern of leadership given in the Scriptures

    23. Every elder will give an account of his leadership

    24. Failure to perceive the spiritual principles of the leadership involved in the eldership has led to many destructive, devastating, and disastrous results in too many churches

    25. the pattern for leadership in the New Testament

    26. of the church (for documentation on this, please see my chapter entitled "Innovations in Worship: Women in Leadership Roles," in Shall We Restructure the Church of Christ: 1995

    27. restrictions placed upon women in regard to leadership in these historical events (1 Cor

    28. Man is given the leadership position in the church because he is first in order of creation and he was not deceived as was Eve

    29. It is clear from the Scriptures that the leadership role in the church, which involves the making of decisions, both spiritual and physical, pertaining to the affairs of the church, was given to men, not women

    30. the leadership role for two reasons: (1) Man was created first and woman was created out of him and for him; (2) Woman was deceived in the transgression

    31. Leadership”, that is, what the BIBLE says about church leadership in the Lord’s church

    32. This means we can find, in the scriptures, all the information needed to have congregational leadership which is pleasing to God!

    33. Jesus was very concerned about people having proper leadership

    34. improper leadership of Israel by evil shepherds is discussed

    35. Thus, there is the principle of leadership involved here

    36. Ideally, no congregation should be without proper (scriptural) leadership

    37. leadership, or the absence of shepherds

    38. It also discusses how to make the best of a situation in which a congregation has no elders, thus lacking in leadership

    39. Leadership begins with the head of any organization! This is certainly true of the Lord’s

    40. the cause of Christ, but it will require special effort in the absence of proper leadership

    41. I hope the news of his departure for Corsair Territory doesn't give the people of Alcazar any misguided feels, like something that will make them feel insecure with his future leadership

    42. The majority of saints today desire that only one man stand before the congregation to give messages and exercise leadership

    43. Because of what you both have been through and overcome; you were best suited to understand the demands of leadership

    44. “Lady Kate and I are the leaders of this camp, but we share our leadership with one who knows far more than we ever will

    45. There'll be a leadership challenge for sure"

    46. You have shown great leadership in many areas James

    47. He was sure it had failed because of his leadership

    48. But a new Kai emerged and took the reigns of leadership of Miners Hold with gusto

    49. I am to pass the leadership of this institution into his capable hands at the end of the Autumn Term, and have included him, naturally, in as much of the business of the school as possible of late, so that he may be able to take the helm with little or no interruption to the staff and faculty

    50. After that, she had a fantastic résumé for leadership, accuracy, and durability

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