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    1. someone else, and thirdly seek guidance of the Elders in

    2. with need His guidance, wisdom, strength, presence,

    3. and guidance in your life

    4. you pray, you always ask God for His guidance in your

    5. the area where you need His guidance in

    6. Seek His guidance

    7. Scriptures are for guidance; particularly for the masses many of them come to know of the contents through discourses by religious teachers

    8. guidance when He begins to uproot this wrong mentality

    9. "The guidance can be re-programmed," Diam said

    10. "They will have guidance planted on it," Carlton said

    11. with very healthy parental guidance as to what unconditional

    12. and soft pedalled guidance for the masses,

    13. Jeffery stepped forward and placed his hand on Jake’s neck; your wisdom, my friend, your guidance, and your great capacity for patience with us all

    14. The crew had weighed anchor, made the customary ritual sacrifice having prayed to the gods for help and guidance

    15. Confession in the Christial church was more of a one-on-one with a clergyman, seeking guidance as well as absolution

    16. "No one else has duplicated Darryl's work and found that the impactors are in fact being guided, much less found changes in that guidance

    17. I think the data Thom’s getting is real but it may not mean what we think it does, for instance, there could be a guidance unit on that iceberg but the state changes in the condensates are a reaction to it and there may be a lot less of it because of the heat imparted by the guidance unit

    18. With proper training and guidance, and with implementing what the kid has

    19. guidance became ever more pressing, and that, my dear, was the

    20. So why the uncertainty? Why resort to horoscopes for guidance? Something was out of kilter, and I couldn’t let it rest

    21. on this side, the official title was the Travellers Guidance Group or

    22. organisations, the Guild of Directions and the Travellers Guidance

    23. ” He began to sit down, then seeing a tear in his mother's eye, stood again and finished with, “If you didn't know already, it was my Mother and Father's wish that my sisters and myself have the finest education possible, and it has been through their constant and careful efforts over the years, with the assistance and guidance of my Great-uncle, which has made this all possible

    24. and the Travellers Guidance Group – almost invariably recruited

    25. Guidance Group was based in Cliviger Grange, he would not have a

    26. guidance counselor) this morning and it turns out you need this class to graduate

    27. She’d always looked to Emma for guidance

    28. I found Harry fishing one afternoon and confronted him with my realization of my desperate need for guidance if I was ever to tolerate my own existence

    29. faith in the guidance of Saint Jacques

    30. Ask for guidance on what you should do

    31. And I will do it with or without guidance

    32. He was indeed a sly coyote, having initially learned his skills under the patient and shrewd guidance of his mother, and then perfecting them over time when he became independent of her loving care

    33. She was indeed a vigilant gopher, having initially learned her skills under the patient and shrewd guidance of her mother, and then perfecting them over time when she became independent of her loving care

    34. But surely the wise men would have called on the gods first or looked at the stars for guidance? So why weren’t they helping? He wondered about Darniil’s God – Yahweh

    35. procrastinate in getting that much needed spiritual guidance

    36. You need some direction and guidance in your life

    37. To see or have a tutor in your dream indicates that you are seeking some personal advice or guidance

    38. “All thrusters reverse and acquiring exit buoy guidance signals

    39. More recently, books such as The How of Happiness, by Sonja Lyubomirsky, provide guidance on simple methods that can increase your basic level of happiness

    40. In the appendices on Buddhism and yoga, we will look at the guidance for living that these practices offer

    41. But I most thankful to all my students and clents who have trusted my guidance

    42. Sri Patanjali provided the following guidance for choosing a focus of meditation

    43. Bearing this brief guidance in mind, let us look at some different types of objects and focuses of meditation

    44. With a lot of assistance and guidance from her unified mentors, she spun on her foot and faced her company

    45. The guidance on meditation, in Chapter 9, applies equally to prayer

    46. I will not repeat this guidance here

    47. The book, Zen in the Art of Archery,[174] describes one student’s long years of trying to learn Zen archery, with only the most cryptic guidance from his teacher

    48. You should make a point of being available to your freelancer in the event they have questions about the project, or need guidance

    49. Hence, there will come a time when the spirit meets such a group of beings who will help with its spiritual growth, by offering guidance or advice

    50. reasons: the first is that they are a guidance system that

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