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Listless в предложении (на )

They were listless and stale.
A grey and listless dawn had come.
Dad is sighing and looking listless.
She moved in a kind of listless trance.
It was not like her to feel so listless.
His face hung and his greeting was listless.
He felt tired, listless; it was a great effort.

The boys lay on their beds, listless and ruined.
Even then there was no reaction from my listless lady.
If they didn’t have it, repeated Rendall, listless.
The troops meanwhile stood growing listless and dispirited.
Sam lifted Donna’s listless body and laid her on the table.
Dave leans over the side of the boat staring at the listless sea.
Still feeling listless, I watched Billy practicing with his lariat.
The crowd poured into the road, and it was no longer loose and listless.
They were listless and apathetic, but they came to the voice of authority.
It was gone before she could study it and the listless expression back again.
Rosemary crouched in stasis by the slate driveway, a conifer shivering listless.
For several weeks she had been pale and listless and had missed some morning classes.
Sunday morning Nicole was listless and bored as she sat on her bed, flicking through.
Despite mutterings and listless gestures, he remained visible – and visibly pitiful.
Henry Jackson, who was tallest could jus see over the heads of the listless prisoners.
Kay walked to the window and then just stood there, gazing out, arms listless at her.
Harvey-Browne, had said yes in the right places, and had only been listless and bored.
Fozzie giggles at her listless resistance, then drags her by the head down a dark alley.
She rolled over, listless at my touch, and began whimpering and shuddering in convulsions.
He raised one hand in a listless goodbye, his eyes refusing to stray again from the tube.
After a time he lowered his head and rubbed his nose on his forepaws in a listless manner.
At last, however, her listless walk brought her up alongside him, and still he said nothing.
Her face was averted, but she looked as gray and listless and afraid as I had ever seen her.
In the twenty years of tracking the BSP, I hadn’t seen such a listless campaign by the party.
Listless and pale, the man rose to greet the other, clinging to his chair as he held out his hand.
It seemed only an instant later he found himself on the floor, his head fuzzy, in a listless state.
Late that night, Marie was drowsy and still confused, waking from a listless state of dense slumber.
But the thought of being with any other man besides Perry filled her with a heavy, listless sensation.
Watching the other cars appear to fly backwards made him feel superior to their mellow, listless drivers.
Her eyes as listless as a Shal'in Ome, the middle aged woman looked ahead, unaware of the world around her.
The lesson is universal, she said with a wave of her hand, in a listless illustration of everywhere.
He responses to Rose’s questions were worse than deadpan, worse than listless, worse than unenthusiastic.
It is well understood that children grow listless and dull before noon, when an insufficient breakfast is eaten.

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