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Frasi con listless (in inglese)

  1. They were listless and stale.
  2. A grey and listless dawn had come.
  3. Dad is sighing and looking listless.
  4. She moved in a kind of listless trance.
  5. It was not like her to feel so listless.

  6. His face hung and his greeting was listless.
  7. The boys lay on their beds, listless and ruined.
  8. He felt tired, listless; it was a great effort.
  9. Even then there was no reaction from my listless lady.
  10. If they didn’t have it, repeated Rendall, listless.
  11. The troops meanwhile stood growing listless and dispirited.
  12. Sam lifted Donna’s listless body and laid her on the table.
  13. Dave leans over the side of the boat staring at the listless sea.
  14. Still feeling listless, I watched Billy practicing with his lariat.
  15. The crowd poured into the road, and it was no longer loose and listless.

  16. They were listless and apathetic, but they came to the voice of authority.
  17. It was gone before she could study it and the listless expression back again.
  18. Rosemary crouched in stasis by the slate driveway, a conifer shivering listless.
  19. Henry Jackson, who was tallest could jus see over the heads of the listless prisoners.
  20. Kay walked to the window and then just stood there, gazing out, arms listless at her.
  21. For several weeks she had been pale and listless and had missed some morning classes.
  22. Despite mutterings and listless gestures, he remained visible – and visibly pitiful.
  23. Sunday morning Nicole was listless and bored as she sat on her bed, flicking through.
  24. Harvey-Browne, had said yes in the right places, and had only been listless and bored.
  25. Fozzie giggles at her listless resistance, then drags her by the head down a dark alley.

  26. She rolled over, listless at my touch, and began whimpering and shuddering in convulsions.
  27. He raised one hand in a listless goodbye, his eyes refusing to stray again from the tube.
  28. After a time he lowered his head and rubbed his nose on his forepaws in a listless manner.
  29. At last, however, her listless walk brought her up alongside him, and still he said nothing.
  30. Her face was averted, but she looked as gray and listless and afraid as I had ever seen her.
  31. In the twenty years of tracking the BSP, I hadn’t seen such a listless campaign by the party.
  32. It seemed only an instant later he found himself on the floor, his head fuzzy, in a listless state.
  33. Listless and pale, the man rose to greet the other, clinging to his chair as he held out his hand.
  34. Late that night, Marie was drowsy and still confused, waking from a listless state of dense slumber.
  35. But the thought of being with any other man besides Perry filled her with a heavy, listless sensation.
  36. Watching the other cars appear to fly backwards made him feel superior to their mellow, listless drivers.
  37. Her eyes as listless as a Shal'in Ome, the middle aged woman looked ahead, unaware of the world around her.
  38. The lesson is universal, she said with a wave of her hand, in a listless illustration of everywhere.
  39. He responses to Rose’s questions were worse than deadpan, worse than listless, worse than unenthusiastic.
  40. At that time it was noticed that Ermengarde was more stupid than ever, and that she looked listless and unhappy.
  41. It is well understood that children grow listless and dull before noon, when an insufficient breakfast is eaten.
  42. I felt oddly listless and distant, as though most of me was far away, connected to the rest of me by a thin tether.
  43. Chairman, said he been a listless hearer of the very ingenious arguments advanced by gentlemen in favor of the report.
  44. She—I mean—I thought you would be here each night, stammered the boy, contritely, and yet his tone was listless.
  45. The listless look on their faces had not left them, Monty noted, but they were, at least, interested in what was happening.
  46. Often he was listless and lazy, at other times he would grow excited, sometimes, apparently, over the most trivial matters.
  47. Shattered walls, smashed buildings, burned-out ruins, and listless, weary plumes of smoke stretched out in every direction.
  48. Fontaine admitted that he was puzzled, after his tonic of sulphur, molasses made Scarlett so irritable and listless by turns.
  49. Raskolnikov really was almost well, as compared with his condition the day before, but he was still pale, listless, and sombre.
  50. Children can become unenthusiastic, depressed, listless, and apathetic, leading to lack of activity and increasing depression.
  51. She watched till the postman passed by, ran out to him with her epistle, and then again took her listless place inside the window-.
  52. Her pretty face was wan and listless; her hair uncurled: some locks hanging lankly down, and some carelessly twisted round her head.
  53. But now this head was swaying helplessly with the uneven movements of the bearers, and the cold listless gaze fixed itself upon nothing.
  54. Charles Gould had his place next to a foreign envoy, who, in a listless undertone, had been talking to him fitfully of hunting and shooting.
  55. I passed whole days on the lake alone in a little boat, watching the clouds and listening to the rippling of the waves, silent and listless.
  56. He ran as fast as his listless legs would take him for a couple of kilometres – a safe distance from the compound – before calling the car.
  57. After some days spent in listless indolence, during which I traversed many leagues, I arrived at Strasbourg, where I waited two days for Clerval.
  58. I may remark that he was exceptionally reserved and courteous, but that apart from his courtesy his expression was utterly indifferent, even listless.
  59. They all had a listless and dreary air of waiting somebody's pleasure, and the most talkative of the ladies had to speak quite rigidly to repress a yawn.
  60. He really did not seem to fully enter into the meaning of anything I said on their behalf, though he would sometimes seem to agree in a listless sort of way.
  61. He remained standing for two minutes in the same position by the table, apparently plunged in thought, but soon a cold and listless smile came on to his lips.
  62. He did not speak at all until he was accosted by Lindley, and then he merely recited in a listless manner that Mistress Judith was gone to London with her father.
  63. All the while a voice haunted Angela’s mind and Sarah could see the falsehood in her mother’s serious face as trivialness faded over Angela’s listless gaze.
  64. They were almost listless looking, as if they were wilting under the mid-morning sun’s heat, which was pretty much par for the course, now that he thought about it.
  65. The pale, sombre face lighted up for a moment when his mother and sister entered, but this only gave it a look of more intense suffering, in place of its listless dejection.
  66. Up went a handful of soft snow, and the head turned at once, showing a face which lost its listless look in a minute, as the big eyes brightened and the mouth began to smile.
  67. When the news of Petya’s death had come she had been a fresh and vigorous woman of fifty, but a month later she left her room a listless old woman taking no interest in life.
  68. When the news of Pétya’s death had come she had been a fresh and vigorous woman of fifty, but a month later she left her room a listless old woman taking no interest in life.
  69. Holmes sat silently, with his head thrown back and his eyes closed, in an attitude which might seem listless to a stranger, but which I knew betokened the most intense self-absorption.
  70. Gaunt cattle, their ribs protruding and their heads hanging low, stood listless at the bottoms of dried-up stock ponds where the mud had dried and cracked into mosaics of tiles as hard as stone.
  71. But, you see, Jo wasn't a heroine, she was only a struggling human girl like hundreds of others, and she just acted out her nature, being sad, cross, listless, or energetic, as the mood suggested.
  72. In place of the former close dark circles formed by thousands of bees sitting back to back and guarding the high mystery of generation, he sees hundreds of dull, listless, and sleepy shells of bees.
  73. In that on the right, a dismal sky, filled with rolling clouds and sad presaging ravens flying, over-shadows the outcast, seated on a rock in an attitude of listless dejection, with the swine feeding at his feet.
  74. No matter how many fowl he devoured, bones and all - and it had amounted to a fair few during his lifetime - Mr Pinscher retained the appearance of a frail and listless marionette, that has been abandoned by its master.
  75. His year of anarchy had filled a deep, interior need of his, the escape from reality, and as he found himself increasingly hemmed in, where he once felt himself free, he became at times listless and morose, even with me.
  76. Black robber bees are swiftly and stealthily prowling about the combs, and the short home bees, shriveled and listless as if they were old, creep slowly about without trying to hinder the robbers, having lost all motive and all sense of life.
  77. It is often times, however, the result of self-destructive tendencies common to decaying cultures that have grown (morally) listless and (intellectually) indifferent to their (historic) traditions because of their (material) opulence, perhaps.
  78. Very anxious in mind, the Mole left him for a time and busied himself with household matters; and it was getting dark when he returned to the parlour and found the Rat where he had left him, wide awake indeed, but listless, silent, and dejected.
  79. He had a great career before him but had grown listless in his loneliness; she was not sure he was not in danger of falling into the hands of an unscrupulous foreign adventuress; he needed a new infusion of young life to carry him to the Embassy at Paris.
  80. The policeman, when questioned by the justiciary, complainant and the defense, made listless answers—"Yes, sir," "Can't tell," and again "Yes, sir"—but notwithstanding this, it was apparent that he pitied the boy and testified involuntarily against him.
  81. He looked and then he smiled, as he could not well help doing, for it was capitally done, the long, lazy figure on the grass, with listless face, half-shut eyes, and one hand holding a cigar, from which came the little wreath of smoke that encircled the dreamer's head.
  82. Another old adage was ‘sell in May and go away until St Leger’s Day’ on the assumption that everybody went away for the summer and returned for the popular horse race that marked the end of the summer lull – hence in the absence of trade, activity was listless and random.
  83. And sometimes, in moments of more extreme lassitude--for she was, like most unloved women, in most things at bottom listless and half-hearted--she wondered what the Kingdom of Heaven, if one did manage to get there after all the trouble, could possibly be like, crowded up with the battered.
  84. In celebration of his eighty years, Dad had brought out the foldaway gazebo we had used for Thomas’s christening, which flapped, mossy and listless, at the end of the garden where, through the open door that led to the back alley, a succession of neighbours popped in and out, bringing cake or good wishes.
  85. With my body in one easy-chair and my legs upon another, I had surrounded myself with a cloud of newspapers until at last, saturated with the news of the day, I tossed them all aside and lay listless, watching the huge crest and monogram upon the envelope upon the table and wondering lazily who my friend’s noble correspondent could be.
  86. The pettishness that might be caressed into fondness, had yielded to a listless apathy; there was less of the peevish temper of a child which frets and teases on purpose to be soothed, and more of the self-absorbed moroseness of a confirmed invalid, repelling consolation, and ready to regard the good-humoured mirth of others as an insult.
  87. But before I had crossed the street, I felt that I could hardly walk, and I jostled aimlessly, heedlessly, against the passers-by, feeling listless and adrift ; but what could I do with myself ? What use am I to anyone, and—what use is anything to me now ? Mechanically I trudged to Prince Sergay's, though I was not thinking of him at all.
  88. He was paler, thinner, pouchy under the eyes, drooping in, the corners of his mouth, and he showed the scars of a boil on the side of his chin; his voice seemed flatter and his movements alternately listless and jumpy; he looked down-at-heel, too, with clothes and hair, which formerly had been happily negligent now unkempt; worst of all there was a wariness in his eye which I had surprised there at Easter, and which now seemed habitual to him.

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