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    1. Dad is sighing and looking listless

    2. conversations and listless love making

    3. Dave leans over the side of the boat staring at the listless sea

    4. His face hung and his greeting was listless

    5. Her eyes as listless as a Shal'in Ome, the middle aged woman looked ahead, unaware of the world around her

    6. she’d been eager, now she was listless and went about

    7. Despite mutterings and listless gestures, he remained visible – and visibly pitiful

    8. No matter how many fowl he devoured, bones and all - and it had amounted to a fair few during his lifetime - Mr Pinscher retained the appearance of a frail and listless marionette, that has been abandoned by its master

    9. She rolled over, listless at my touch, and began whimpering and shuddering in convulsions

    10. listless and apathetic

    11. He ran as fast as his listless legs would take him for a couple of kilometres – a safe distance from the compound – before calling the car

    12. It seemed only an instant later he found himself on the floor, his head fuzzy, in a listless state

    13. It is often times, however, the result of self-destructive tendencies common to decaying cultures that have grown (morally) listless and (intellectually) indifferent to their (historic) traditions because of their (material) opulence, perhaps

    14. Still feeling listless, I watched Billy practicing with his lariat

    15. With a listless attention

    16. fatigued or listless or find themselves constantly yawning prior to

    17. staring down at his empty plate, listless, I thought a lot about

    18. fatigued or listless or find themselves constantly yawning prior to onset

    19. Henry Jackson, who was tallest could jus see over the heads of the listless prisoners

    20. Children can become unenthusiastic, depressed, listless, and apathetic, leading to lack of activity and increasing depression

    21. Even then there was no reaction from my listless lady

    22. waste far more time by having to deal with students who are bored, listless, lacking in

    23. It was not like her to feel so listless

    24. Late that night, Marie was drowsy and still confused, waking from a listless state of dense slumber

    25. All the while a voice haunted Angela’s mind and Sarah could see the falsehood in her mother’s serious face as trivialness faded over Angela’s listless gaze

    26. Sam lifted Donna’s listless body and laid her on the table

    27. The lesson is universal,” she said with a wave of her hand, in a listless illustration of “everywhere

    28. Rosemary crouched in stasis by the slate driveway, a conifer shivering listless

    29. She felt listless,

    30. Kay walked to the window and then just stood there, gazing out, arms listless at her

    31. Fozzie giggles at her listless resistance, then drags her by the head down a dark alley

    32. The listless look on their faces had not left them, Monty noted, but they were, at least, interested in what was happening

    33. symptoms of being lazy, listless and its interest in food has decreased

    34. In the twenty years of tracking the BSP, I hadn’t seen such a listless campaign by the party

    35. “If they didn’t have it,” repeated Rendall, listless

    36. Watching the other cars appear to fly backwards made him feel superior to their mellow, listless drivers

    37. And sometimes, in moments of more extreme lassitude--for she was, like most unloved women, in most things at bottom listless and half-hearted--she wondered what the Kingdom of Heaven, if one did manage to get there after all the trouble, could possibly be like, crowded up with the battered

    38. Harvey-Browne, had said yes in the right places, and had only been listless and bored

    39. He raised one hand in a listless goodbye, his eyes refusing to stray again from the tube

    40. Sunday morning Nicole was listless and bored as she sat on her bed, flicking through

    41. I felt oddly listless and distant, as though most of me was far away, connected to the rest of me by a thin tether

    42. For several weeks she had been pale and listless and had missed some morning classes

    43. He responses to Rose’s questions were worse than deadpan, worse than listless, worse than unenthusiastic

    44. and musketeers, their cold shouts slashed through the listless

    45. He felt tired, listless; it was a great effort

    46. Raskolnikov really was almost well, as compared with his condition the day before, but he was still pale, listless, and sombre

    47. The pale, sombre face lighted up for a moment when his mother and sister entered, but this only gave it a look of more intense suffering, in place of its listless dejection

    48. Up went a handful of soft snow, and the head turned at once, showing a face which lost its listless look in a minute, as the big eyes brightened and the mouth began to smile

    49. It was gone before she could study it and the listless expression back again

    50. He looked and then he smiled, as he could not well help doing, for it was capitally done, the long, lazy figure on the grass, with listless face, half-shut eyes, and one hand holding a cigar, from which came the little wreath of smoke that encircled the dreamer's head

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    Sinonimi per "listless"

    listless dispirited indifferent unconcerned passive heedless thoughtless careless spiritless languid lethargic indolent phlegmatic sluggish torpid