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    1. without the mark of human death, a time when lone wolves would appear as out of the

    2. and is presently working with the Lone Star Church of Christ in Falls of Rough, Kentucky

    3. She saw a time to come when the world would be at peace and left without the mark of human death, a time when lone wolves would appear as out of the air to reclaim their eternal place in the heart

    4. A little less than 30 minutes later Rah sighted the lone scout

    5. lashing at the ancient stonework, Tom was astonished to see a lone

    6. Again, it seemed close to deserted, with just a lone

    7. responsibility – the work of a lone patriot, rather than an officially-

    8. A lone merchant on break was relaxing with a bite to eat and a the newspaper

    9. “And the lone workman who assisted them, she was quite sure was from the north country, unmistakable accent you know

    10. The name of his company was The Lone Rose

    11. Gina Hawthorne walked into The Lone Rose

    12. first hand at The Lone Rose

    13. Sue, pregnant and lone, put her PhD on hold

    14. I fie, leeme lone lie ere

    15. Over supper that evening they were joined by a lone

    16. He saw the lone soldier standing in the road and he held his hand up to indicate a halt

    17. ” And she pointed to a lone eagle high in the sky

    18. She completely disregarded the lone, surviving Mage who continued to flee their way

    19. It struck a lone sapling on the slope

    20. But as soon as he returned his sight to the ground below, he was met with a lone form across the shallow water

    21. Zachary is a lone wolf

    22. rounded another bend, the situation became clear: they could see not one but two large bears up on their two hind feet, swiping and roaring at a lone man

    23. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a galloping horse and he looked down from his elevated vantage point to see a lone rider fast approaching

    24. He imagined they would be lone merchants or perhaps farmers, locals simply passing through

    25. The words on the page that the lone Altmer still grasped were a much-loathed start of the day

    26. It was now but her and the lone man sitting upon the low stone wall

    27. The subtle aroma of wine floated on the air, as well as a waxy scent from the lone candle

    28. Then low and behold a lone German lad bumps into me don’t ask me what he was doing out there because I don’t know but you cant look a gift horse in the mouth can you?” He shook his head laughing at the memory and said

    29. When I was a lone my thoughts turned to Helen my love and my heart ached for just one sweet word from her but I had received no letters for s couple of weeks

    30. I went on to the next photo that showed a lone grave near either an oak or beech tree with a simple wooden cross at its head which bore a plaque but I could not read it no matter how hard I tried

    31. Once more he was reminded he was a stranger on this ship, a lone among them

    32. He was a foot taller than her, a couple of years older, broad of shoulder, and nicely muscular, as revealed by the lone piece of clothing he wore: a—was that fur?—loincloth

    33. I ordered a Lone Star beer and the waitress gave it to me with no questions

    34. —I‘ll take the Lone Star State anytime!

    35. A big lone tom-cat stood to one side, watching the girls, growling low in its throat, warning them to keep away from their kill

    36. No one sat at the lone desk, but two armed guards stood by the office’s only door

    37. As Alex strode along the side of the road, his tired legs consuming the distance at a steady pace, a lone animal followed him at a distance, eyes fixed unwaveringly on his back

    38. The lone corporal manning the desk gave her a bemused smile

    39. Kay swept her eyes back to the lone figure

    40. Yes, it was a lone horseman

    41. A short time later the small band was forced to a halt again as Brokin contemplated the lone guard stationed just off the pathway

    42. After killing the lone sentry guarding the pathway, Brokin returned to his group of fighters and together they moved up the stony track leading to the air vent at the rear of the sett

    43. The lone officer got out

    44. Simply by standing strong, any other president could have reduced secessionists to a lone state, South Carolina

    45. Inside a lone customer sipped at a pint of beer

    46. In the article it listed a few of his stories: ‘The Mystery of Lone Jim,’ and ‘The Lost Citadel,’ and, unbelievably, ‘The Wizard Prince

    47. He knew that one lone cop, a hair’s breadth shy of five feet tall couldn’t single-handedly clean up the corruption entrenched in the OIJ, or so much as slow the increase in trafficking by removing an occasional smuggler

    48. Ruby was exposed; she hadn't anticipated a lone break away beast

    49. It appeared to be empty, with the exception of a lone bartender who watched them from behind a makeshift bar made of rough planks that ran the length of one wall of the room

    50. So far, two or three young bucks had come a-calling, but Lone Dove hadn’t shown any great or overwhelming interest in any particular one of them

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