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Lone in a sentence | lone example sentences

  1. I was now a lone.
  2. Once a lone rat was.
  3. Zachary is a lone wolf.
  4. Walked by the lone man.
  5. The lone officer got out.

  6. The Trolls in Lone Tree.
  7. Lone Tree was in an uproar.
  8. I fie, leeme lone lie ere.
  9. He was a lone cat, facing.
  10. Yes, it was a lone horseman.
  11. Today mine is a lone voice.
  12. Lone Tree Learns the Truth.
  13. I take it he's a lone child.
  14. Finally, I saw a lone coyote.
  15. Then, a lone voice was heard.

  16. Underneath sat a lone present.
  17. He was only a lone adventurer.
  18. The Lone Man, and the Mountain.
  19. The lone tree became two trees.
  20. She’s the Lone Ranger of.
  21. It was the lone gull that would.
  22. McLean turned his lone card over.
  23. I was the lone dissenting voice.
  24. He tucked it under his lone arm.
  25. Same lone café, different dream.

  26. The y we re a bout be ing a lone.
  27. A lone grey wolf lurks in the corner.
  28. Everyone knew that a lone werewolf.
  29. A lone axe sashayed through the mix.
  30. It struck a lone sapling on the slope.
  31. I found one in the form of a lone tree.
  32. Epilogue: The Trolls of Lone Tree High.
  33. The lone juror held on to her thoughts.
  34. It was that lone wolf’s smile I love.
  35. That is the dilemma of the lone wolf.
  36. The lone juror, held on for the others.
  37. Wee Simon Macauley was the lone holdout.
  38. The lone cowboy halted his horse along.
  39. Gina Hawthorne walked into The Lone Rose.
  40. The name of his company was The Lone Rose.
  41. Something about the lone figure drew her.
  42. We are dealing with a lone armed suspect.
  43. The lone rat went down for the long count.
  44. So there are monsters in Lone Tree?
  45. Kay swept her eyes back to the lone figure.
  46. The lone figure moved further towards them.
  47. His furrowed gaze was set towards a lone.
  48. Simon’s heart skittered over the Lone Man.
  49. He then saw a lone figure approaching them.
  50. Sue, pregnant and lone, put her PhD on hold.
  51. After her childhood what was one lone demon.
  52. The only thing that makes sense is the lone.
  53. The lone figure advanced and swung his staff.
  54. A lone sentry listening for the approach of.
  55. Baba was the lone Republican in our building.
  56. A lone technician was sat next to one of the.
  57. A few seconds later, a lone gunshot rings out.
  58. The little boy rubbed his nose with a lone sniff.
  59. Inside a lone customer sipped at a pint of beer.
  60. Any objections to the Lone Star republic?
  61. That is when I noticed a lone firefly flitting.
  62. There was a lone figure on the path ahead of them.
  63. A mountain of leftovers sat on a lone white plate.
  64. My garage featured a lone light bulb that seemed.
  65. Being a lone traveller was just that; often lonely.
  66. He stared with hate-filled eyes at the lone figure.
  67. Somewhere above the organ lone figures are shearing.
  68. Over supper that evening they were joined by a lone.
  69. With a lone nod of his head, Rhone forced the rusted.
  70. Yes, the Lone Ranger had a creed that he lived by.
  71. Councilman Crawford was the lone voice of dissent.
  72. I then heard a lone heavy vehicle coming up the street.
  73. These lone parents are responsible for the care of 21.
  74. Garcia signaled Scully and her Lone Gunmen to proceed.
  75. Gawd knew it wasn't much of a prospect for a lone man.
  76. Again, it seemed close to deserted, with just a lone.
  77. A lone lantern burned in the window of a small cabin.
  79. It was occupied by a lone beggar, his old face rugged.
  80. Thankfully, other than the lone worker we were the only.
  82. A lone figure sat in the drivers seat of the buckboard.
  83. A lone figure stood at the far end of the lengthy hallway.
  84. Naturally, he approached a lone lioness he had his eye on.
  85. A lone young male stood from his seat to question Adrian.
  86. Most drivers couldn't care less about a lone cat, like me.
  87. It wasn’t a lone wolf who attacked over forty wolves.
  88. While asleep, my mother dreamed that she found a lone slab.
  89. The lone streak of black hair remained matted to his scalp.
  90. The lone corporal manning the desk gave her a bemused smile.
  91. It was almost 8am and a lone figure appeared in the doorway.
  92. I was the lone daughter of a farmer and his seamstress wife.
  93. A lone Agent couldn’t stop a group of subjects loading cash.
  94. Churchill was a relatively lone voice calling for resistance.
  95. Outside, somewhere on the nearby interstate, a lone air-horn.
  96. A lone woman was standing in the slowly drifting dust, smiling.
  97. A lone figure was sitting on one of the plastic chairs in the.
  98. A little less than 30 minutes later Rah sighted the lone scout.
  99. I took a closer look and saw that the lone vampire was Tanner.
  100. Stark ruth of man his errand that him lone led till that house.

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