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Luxuriously в предложении (на )

  1. Yes, the fat man's skeleton was luxuriously closeted.
  2. Yes, the fat man’s skeleton was luxuriously closeted.
  3. Trina would lay stretched out on the couch luxuriously and.
  4. The cabin was luxuriously appointed, but not particularly large.
  5. As his friend and benefactor walked over to a luxuriously large.

  6. They held my hands, and for a few moments I could breathe luxuriously.
  7. Stripping off the soft bath towel, he slowly, luxuriously entered the hot tub.
  8. Looking back down the decades, I recall one or two luxuriously long tablecloths.
  9. The conference room and guest quarters also luxuriously appointed, were below this level.
  10. The luxuriously appointed aircraft was rather small inside, but a fantastic way to travel.
  11. I slowly sipped my tea, and luxuriously stretched out on a bearskin, leaning on the log behind me.
  12. It was luxuriously comfortable, but I was tired of sitting and slightly nervous about what lay ahead.
  13. He does more, and he does it more luxuriously, than the traveling English actor whom we have seen so often.
  14. In one of the districts beyond the Volga lived a noble, a bachelor, luxuriously, caring only for his own amusement.
  15. Alone in the room, the pirate shot the bolts on all the doors, kicked off her boots and stretched luxuriously out on the couch.

  16. It was sleek and low, dark and smooth, with gleaming white sails and lines, and it’s interior was luxuriously appointed for ten travelers.
  17. They then followed a steel corridor before entering in a fairly large and luxuriously furnished room, at least according to the standards Edward knew.
  18. Suddenly an old commercial popped into his head, a bunch of guys singing Tell IT to the marine! He chuckled, yawned, then stretched luxuriously.
  19. With that he heaved a great sigh, and then, as if he had discharged his duty to the past, put his feet up on the sofa and enjoyed Amy's letter luxuriously.
  20. The original treasure ships were luxuriously appointed with spacious cabins for officials and windowed halls and foyers with balconies as well as railings.
  21. But the most luxuriously housed has little to boast of in this respect, nor need we trouble ourselves to speculate how the human race may be at last destroyed.
  22. Laurie lay luxuriously swinging to and fro in his hammock one warm September afternoon, wondering what his neighbors were about, but too lazy to go and find out.
  23. She stretches luxuriously, reaching her feet into the corners of the bed and smiles, it is fantastic having the bed to herself … doubly so as she also has her body to herself.
  24. He was luxuriously stretched in a good English calash, with double springs; he was drawn by four good horses, at full gallop; he knew the relay to be at a distance of seven leagues.
  25. Denisov, who was living luxuriously because the soldiers of his squadron liked him, had also a board in the roof at the farther end, with a piece of (broken but mended) glass in it for a window.

  26. Denísov, who was living luxuriously because the soldiers of his squadron liked him, had also a board in the roof at the farther end, with a piece of (broken but mended) glass in it for a window.
  27. Girls, I’m not going to see you all for a while, he announced as he sat in Melanie’s bedroom, luxuriously wriggling his blistered feet in the tub of cold water Scarlett had set before him.
  28. As his friend and benefactor walked over to a luxuriously large red saloon, the fisherman stood quite still in the middle of the car park and stared open mouthed at the space where he had parked his car.
  29. At Avigdor's she found the precious home letters and, giving the reins to Laurie, read them luxuriously as they wound up the shady road between green hedges, where tea roses bloomed as freshly as in June.
  30. He and Skorzeni, followed by Nancy, stepped inside a wide, comfortable lounge luxuriously furnished with big, padded seats along its walls and with low tables facing them, plus thick wall to wall carpeting.
  31. The city lawyer, reclining in the luxuriously cushioned seat, suddenly leaned forward and watched the rocky, sun-bleached island with its ancient ruins -- crumbling tributes to great deities, Hera, Apollo and the love goddess, Aphrodite.
  32. And we came to a certain plain and he showed me a young man a shepherd clothed in a suit of garments of a yellow colour: and he was herding very many sheep and these sheep were feeding luxuriously as it were and riotously and merrily skipping hither and thither.
  33. But he always felt the injustice of his own abundance in comparison with the poverty of the peasants, and now he determined that so as to feel quite in the right, though he had worked hard and lived by no means luxuriously before, he would now work still harder, and would allow himself even less luxury.
  34. Langhorne-Shaw, is, if anything, more devoted to country life in England than either, for a very great part of every year she spends, by preference, at her husband’s beautiful home, Barton Hall, and there she entertains not only extensively and luxuriously, but chiefly the diplomats, domestic and foreign.
  35. As Tanya perched on her chair, luxuriously extending her long shapely legs to exhibit them to their best potential, she covertly returned her gaze to the man, watching with a hidden smile as he awarded a gangly but handsome man in his early thirties, attired in a ridiculous bow tie and plus fours, an award for his exceptionally bad play on the golf course.
  36. Monte Carlo has no handy beach, but we visited the Royal Palace and waved to where we imagined Princess Grace was sipping tea, before wandering the steep streets and shoving a few franks fruitlessly into fruit machines in the magnificent entrance loggia of the fabled casino, which boasts what surely must be the most luxuriously appointed toilet on the planet.
  37. Why hast thou done this abomination before me that thou didst spurn me for a merchant of jalaps and didst deny me to the Roman and to the Indian of dark speech with whom thy daughters did lie luxuriously? Look forth now, my people, upon the land of behest, even from Horeb and from Nebo and from Pisgah and from the Horns of Hatten unto a land flowing with milk and money.
  38. Then his touches were so exquisitely wanton, so luxuriously diffused and penetrative at times, that he had made me perfectly rage with titillating fires, when, after all, and much ado, he had gained a short-lived erection, he would perhaps melt it away in a washy sweat, or a premature abortive effusion, that provokingly mocked my eager desires: or, if carried home, how faultered and unnervous the execution! how insufficient the sprinkle of a few heat-drops to extinguish all the flames he had kindled!.
  39. Only that mother who looks on child-bearing as a disagreeable accident, and upon the pleasures of love, comfort, education, sociability, as the meaning of life, will bring up her children so that they shall have as many pleasures, and enjoy them as much as possible; will feed them luxuriously, dress them smartly, will artificially divert them, and will teach them, not that which will make them capable of self-sacrificing man's and woman's labour with danger of life and uttermost effort, but that which will deliver them from that labour,—which will give them diplomas and idleness.
  40. Only that mother who looks upon children as a disagreeable accident, and upon love, the comforts of life, costume, and society, as the object of life, will rear her children in such a manner that they shall have as much enjoyment as possible out of life, and that they shall make the greatest possible use of it; only she will feed them luxuriously, deck them out, amuse them artificially; only she will teach them, not that which will fit them for self-sacrificing masculine or feminine labor with danger of their lives, and to the last limits of endurance, but that which will deliver them from this labor.
  41. And what are the conditions in which you are doing this? You who may die any instant, you sign sentences of death, you declare war, you take part in it, you judge, you punish, you plunder the working people, you live luxuriously in the midst of the poor, and teach weak men who have confidence in you that this must be so, that the duty of men is to do this, and yet it may happen at the moment when you are acting thus that a bacterium or a bull may attack you and you will fall and die, losing forever the chance of repairing the harm you have done to others, and above all to yourself, in uselessly wasting a life which has been given you only once in eternity, without having accomplished the only thing you ought to have done.
  42. It would be odd to see a shoemaker, who should consider that people were bound to feed him because he incessantly made boots which had been of no use to any one for a long time; but what shall we say of those men who make nothing,—who not only produce nothing that is visible, but nothing that is of use for people at large,—for whose wares there are no customers, and who yet demand, with the same boldness, on the ground of division of labor, that they shall be supplied with fine food and drink, and that they shall be dressed well? There may be, and there are, sorcerers for whose services a demand makes itself felt, and for this purpose there are brought to them pancakes and flasks; but it is difficult to imagine the existence of sorcerers whose spells are useless to every one, and who boldly demand that they shall be luxuriously supported because they exercise sorcery.
  43. It was of no avail that the pavements of Paris were there on every side, the classic and splendid hotels of the Rue de Varennes a couple of paces away, the dome of the Invalides close at hand, the Chamber of Deputies not far off; the carriages of the Rue de Bourgogne and of the Rue SaintDominique rumbled luxuriously, in vain, in the vicinity, in vain did the yellow, brown, white, and red omnibuses cross each other's course at the neighboring cross-roads; the Rue Plumet was the desert; and the death of the former proprietors, the revolution which had passed over it, the crumbling away of ancient fortunes, absence, forgetfulness, forty years of abandonment and widowhood, had sufficed to restore to this privileged spot ferns, mulleins, hemlock, yarrow, tall weeds, great crimped plants, with large leaves of pale green cloth, lizards, beetles, uneasy and rapid insects; to cause to spring forth from the depths of the earth and to reappear between those four walls a certain indescribable and savage grandeur; and for nature, which disconcerts the petty arrangements of man, and which sheds herself always thoroughly where she diffuses herself at all, in the ant as well as in the eagle, to blossom out in a petty little Parisian garden with as much rude force and majesty as in a virgin forest of the New World.
  44. Then shall this luxuriously adorned bride,.
  45. A great day! Kay swung the clattery old Mazda luxuriously into the uphill driveway,.

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