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    1. Him as the Holy High Priest

    2. The sleeping compartment was as he suspected, triangular and not even high enough to sit

    3. headed for the rocks, the accompanying Sea Rescue helicopters had to return to base as the waves were now high enough to be sucked

    4. He was a state trooper called out there to investigate a high occurrence of young prostitutes being raped and murdered

    5. · Have a balance and high quality in your life

    6. She came here on a starship miles long made almost entirely of various metals, high in aluminum

    7. Isa: 6:1: In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple

    8. It helps us to recharge our energy levels in the morning, which if not boosted will make us feel tired and hungry and could end up snacking on high calorie snacks or overeat at lunch

    9. A small handful of walnuts or almonds, about 1-3 ounces, can help lower high blood cholesterol levels and other blood factors linked to heart disease

    10. Fortunately the high fat content of nuts makes them very filling, helping curb hunger

    11. The Invisible Gardener says: “You can avoid many problems associated with high nitrogen use imply by understanding the organic system of providing nitrogen as the plant needs it

    12. At three hundred people per square mile you can get away with it, at over a thousand like these people live, and a K-type sun, the energy flux just isn't high enough

    13. High energy soil provides greater balance that reduces stress and reduces the pest activity

    14. All Pest activity is linked to high stress levels

    15. Less nutrition increases stress! To put it in an easier way to understand; Energy can be of either a low or high energy

    16. The next thing Nancy knew she was in a super sonic elevator traveling at high speeds

    17. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers

    18. Valerian and passionflower aid relaxation and sleep, oats have a calming effect, ginseng supports the adrenals (but shouldn't be used during pregnancy or if you have high blood pressure) and Echinacea boosts immune function

    19. It emphasized both syllables with an exaggerated change of pitch going from really high to really low

    20. "And did he go off with the renegades in the high chapparal?"

    21. She was in a training room surrounded by high tech equipment and lethal weapons watching the group try to kill each other for practice

    22. The water rose so high that one man was forced to climb on top of his roof and sat in the rain

    23. One has to remember that young adults mature significantly between high school and their early twenties

    24. Poor health and high stress of plants are due to improper nutrition

    25. Evan imagines her as the head cheerleader and valedictorian of her high school

    26. She moved over to stand behind him, the stool was high enough so her breasts were on top of his shoulders

    27. The demand for electric power, petrol, diesel, gas, wood and manufactured materials is so high that we are forced to destroy the environment to meet the demands of the current population while making the future bleak for the coming generations

    28. Hanging out on the Hot Hood of a Honda while High

    29. This high side of the lake is considered to be part of the Highlands by many

    30. It has been launched out of Cynd's influence entirely, and ejected in this direction at high speed

    31. They did kick up billows of dust from the powdery soil but rode high above it on their great long legs

    32. She was wearing another one of her loud polka dot dresses and Johnny couldn’t understand how someone could wear such ugly clothes that made them stand out to such a high degree; it was almost as if the dots and varied colors were specifically made to clash as much as possible

    33. If your target rate of return were high, you would have to increase equity exposure

    34. Seconds later they heard a rumble and saw another glint of sunlight on something shiny, now high above the horizon and coming toward them

    35. Compost applications and avoidance of high nitrogen fertilizers will help to control in future

    36. Ackers tried to steady his nerves and his breathing while he kept his head up high

    37. Main cause is over-watering and high nitrogen fertilizers

    38. In soil where the PH is too high it will not be able to assimilate certain minerals resulting in a trace mineral deficiency that invites a pest or disease attack

    39. Most animal manure’s have a high PH and you must use peat moss, forest shavings, etc

    40. Rock dust also has a high PH (8-9 PH) and therefore must be balanced with a slightly acid mulch/soil, compost

    41. This is primarily due to its high calcium levels as well as high iron, and its large selection of trace minerals, which are made immediately available to the soil and plants

    42. She and Topher used to get high after church and debate spiritual truths, at least before his anxiety got worse and couldn’t leave the house

    43. Trees with high energy levels are not attacked by pests

    44. That sound like high stakes

    45. This bench was high enough to clear the truck mount so it was almost like riding a tower thru the streets with these wheels on

    46. I know she's a High Sorceress at the Kassikan

    47. balustrade and a railing about chest high

    48. • Due to its high mineral content, rock dust helps in all aspects of the plants biological process

    49. Putting together the Raised Bed: A good raised bed should be at least 4 ft x 10 ft x 12 inches high with 2 inch thick wood

    50. The area is high desert terrain, barren hills and sandy, rocky soil

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