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    1. of nettle, as erect and hostilely on guard as the brambles were chaotic and malevolent

    2. What he saw looked like a knot of malevolent hoses slowly flying through shafts of light and shadow

    3. He was still a malevolent force in all of Laurentia south of the St

    4. Righli snickered and covered his mouth at a malevolent glance from Jalan

    5. When he got to his desk behind the bookshelves first thing Morningday of week Fendeveermon, there was a committee summons staring at him like a malevolent eye

    6. The Imp, overall, looked much more cartoony than malevolent, but it was pulling on Lucy Lawrence’s hair all the same, so Matt grabbed the imp and pulled the imp away with all his might

    7. malevolent as Guillaume did at that moment

    8. capricious and malevolent with the majority of people

    9. He stood and approached, and Iylin recoiled a moment, but the look in Dravor’s eyes was not malevolent

    10. ” His malevolent gaze swept over everyone as he continued

    11. How were these the same beings as the dark, malevolent creatures that once dissected him like some lab rat? Now the Elusivers’ attempts to push away the only real challenge they faced seemed to be working, in their focused and determined way

    12. But it crouched there, like a malevolent imp

    13. Debates on the Russian president’s pre-emptive stance: would the Americans fear the ultimate hostile response enough to back down? Were the words used in his address malevolent or simply uncompromising? His state of mind had also been questioned

    14. Sinclair would wave them to one side and the unfortunate soul would be left to sit alone and wonder what was to come next, while at the edge of darkness, a malevolent silhouette fixed him in an icy gaze

    15. Yet, the malevolent beast he had so long fanaticized killing wasn’t there: it was Raul, his cousin, his own blood

    16. The glare of that other one had been malevolent throughout the now-aborted approach

    17. Amonas had a trap set inside his mind? Who planted it there then? And when exactly? Had he known about that? Wouldn’t he have told him? Shivers ran down Hilderich’s spine at these thoughts that reeked of dangerous and malevolent design beyond comprehension

    18. At first the entity so indirectly sensed was, of a most dire necessity, a fearfully malevolent predator, and the desire to somehow be in some way like it must have been overpowering

    19. When he turned a corner, he was met with the familiar malevolent gaze

    20. as a nation, and, more broadly, can this country withstand the malevolent intent of its enemies?”

    21. She fought against the bird’s malevolent grip, even as the air seemed to close in around her

    22. That inconceivably atrocious reality that tainted history with the blood of thousands of innocent people synthesizes the most malevolent perfidy that most deeply affected Roger’s feelings and, without doubt, the entire world in the earlier years of the 21st century

    23. Thus it is not surprising that Lassalle’s influence at the time was far greater than that of Marx, although Marx’ eventual impact on the world was to be infinitely greater and infinitely more malevolent

    24. A malevolent smile spread across its face

    25. head he had caught the look of malevolent frustration as Myserrah screeched in reply, while

    26. could prove that our nature was completely malevolent and

    27. The cold steel of his mass-produced helmet pressed into the back of his neck in discomfort as he watched the dark malevolent mass of men approach

    28. She pulled him back down to her beckoning lips, his tattoos faded back down to an unnatural shade as their malevolent powers were neutralised by her touch

    29. His black hair and dark eyes made him appear malevolent but Zoe knew he had the kindest of hearts

    30. or malevolent? In both cases it depends on the indicators chosen to represent the characteristic,

    31. policy of conceptual pragmatism recognizes that those with malevolent agendas may prefer propaganda

    32. daughter's innocent trust of one of the most ruthless and malevolent

    33. The malevolent specters maintained their attempt to stop the warhorses

    34. In aged carvings and legends the lich folk have recorded encounters with bizarre creatures and malevolent wizards

    35. Prepare yourselves, My Friends, for once you are placed in close proximity to the Summoners you will certainly be confronted by diabolical and malevolent Entities in their own element

    36. I’m sorry to disclose that the old books report little more than wave after successive wave of malevolent forces who marauded the Regions of Gaea, oppressing and destroying with rampant abandon

    37. Always maintain your research of the magical schools for even Hydro and his kin have no idea when renegade Summoners may try again to contact the malevolent Entities below

    38. The school of nuclei shuddered with the ramifications of the return of the malevolent Summoners

    39. ‘For a while, ragged groups of humans eked out miserable existences on useless land; fighting, worshipping their malevolent gods, punishing dissidents—carrying on as humans always have

    40. Ugly as sin, with malevolent

    41. And nine is the sign of doom from Durga, the malevolent mother goddess

    42. three perspectives-the appreciative viewer, the malevolent viewer, and her own physi-

    43. These messages may confuse the malevolent caller as well as friends or

    44. Stump, loyal Stump, was flat out in the water with his powerful shoulders pumping like an oversized otter, blood smeared lips raised in a malevolent grin and ears flat to his head

    45. They couldn’t see me, but all sensed a malevolent presence was near

    46. consider the malevolent microbe

    47. benevolent or malevolent was a toss-up

    48. The feel about the robot was malevolent, had anyone been there to feel it, made worse because the face could not express the evil of the spirit that controlled it

    49. Feltus knew that evil women were sometimes the most malevolent creatures capable of committing almost any crime over which they felt no remorse; however, to his knowledge she had no motive for wanting Terence Underwood dead other than his brazen behaviour towards her at the ball

    50. “Just let it be! Away with you, evil and wicked thing!” He waved his hand to motion for the spirit to cease his ruthless and malevolent attack that only brought sorrow and anguish

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