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Mesh в предложении (на )

  1. It is called a Mesh.
  2. It is called 10 MESH or.
  3. Under his feet, lay a mesh.
  4. Control: use fine mesh nets.

  6. The mesh hair net almost covered his.
  7. It caught in the fine mesh of her hair.
  8. His face was a mesh of blood and bruises.
  9. The mesh slats below allowed the water to.
  10. Each had two mesh bags with a drawstring on.
  11. He wore a green mesh hat that said John Deer.
  12. It was all mesh, but by Friday I was exhausted.
  13. From the screened, whicker mesh of the seraglio.
  14. There is a clunk, a handbrake drops, gears mesh.
  15. Run the tomatoes through a food mill or mesh sieve.

  16. A mesh headpiece completed the first line of defense.
  17. My swimming trunks had one of those mesh inner linings.
  18. They dumped their old clothes in mesh bags, marked ‘laundry’.
  19. Seconds later, Samara had reached the mesh canopy and realized he.
  20. There are also mesh wheel skimmers that function in a similar way.
  21. Above the mesh canopy, he now could see a solid steel cover sliding.
  22. Ananya’s mother looked at me through the mesh door with sleepy eyes.
  23. The dressing underneath is a silver mesh with antimicrobial properties.
  24. And if we don’t mesh, Rosemary will step in and straighten us out.
  25. When two items have a different wave length, they can not mesh together.

  26. Set in the thick mesh were tiny jewels such as he had never seen before.
  27. A metal mesh grate had slammed tight over the entrance, sealing Silas in.
  28. Morse reached his fingers through the mesh screen and slid open the wooden.
  29. Some Christians try to blend and mesh Biblical ideas and the State Religion.
  30. He gestured toward the specters with his hands and the mesh hurled forward.
  31. How does this mesh with what you see for the closing of up gaps in Figure 9.
  32. However, this does not equate to a mesh topology, as described in Chapter 1.
  33. Nemia slid a two-inch wide gold mesh belt under the edge of the hanging cloth.
  34. A mesh of scalding, blue ribbons was released from the antennae of the gorgons.
  35. The Brother pulled out metal clippers and started opening a gap in the wire mesh.
  36. The words mesh together into a solid note as you pull yourself down into slumber.
  37. Miller from the corner shop and the young man behind the mesh in the post office.
  38. The peculiarities of the amount of loss mesh with the addition of long-term debt:.
  39. Four rabbits were crowded against the wire, pressing their noses through the mesh.
  40. Mick and his men came up the road and began to mesh with the tail end of our column.
  41. See the bays with the steel mesh around them; those cars also belong to the Duke.
  42. It seemed to mesh together in the icy air that held within it the certainty of snow.
  43. And when we went to the beach and it was windy, he had to wear a mesh over his head.
  44. Nemia slid a five centimeter wide gold mesh belt under the edge of the hanging cloth.
  45. Push juices through thoroughly by pressing the tomatoes against the mesh with a spoon.
  46. It wasn't easy, because Hassan's upper lip was a grotesque mesh of swollen, raw tissue.
  47. Morse looked at the wire mesh of the confessional and the bishop‘s statue on the wall.
  48. None of my concern! I hear footsteps squeak above me and stare up through the mesh.
  49. Through the rope mesh they could see they were suspended high above a blanket of leaves.
  50. Lennie could have sworn that the blue eyes behind the mesh mask smiled after he said that.
  51. Through a series of handmade mesh and cheesecloth filters, Santiago strained out the solvent.
  52. She was trying to look her best today, without altering the base mesh of her personification.
  53. This requires twice as many links as a standard star topology but still fewer than a full mesh.
  54. Bars clanged shut out of the wall and steel mesh slid down from the ceiling, as I shut the door.
  55. Through the mesh he could see a brown bowl, some greenstuff and the ears of two or three rabbits.
  56. As easy as it was to put his fingers thru her mesh slipover, it was easier still to push it aside.
  57. To prevent smoke entering the lungs, place fine mesh material over the nose and mouth to filter it.
  58. Seamus was as mesh as big brothers came, but I was glad he was a thousand miles away at West Point.
  59. While the odd-fraction notes are drowned out by harmonic notes that are natural mesh with each other.
  60. Neither would they care for the circular, mesh, or sharing economy movements, still in their infancy.
  61. There were even a few of those heavy wire mesh wastebaskets located around the perimeter of the place.
  62. A mesh of gnarled roots thick as normal trees, sprang from the earth, surrounding the trunk for miles.
  63. To the right of the driveway were acres of meadows secured by ranch fencing infilled with fine wire mesh.
  64. There was a slit put in the webbing of the iron mesh so he could transfer the paperwork out of the cage.
  65. It was one of those automobile-carrier trains, with steel mesh curtains and a triple-deck of cars inside.
  66. Taliesin and his friends backtracked through the mesh of tunnels they’d used to reach the deeper dungeons.
  67. He then noticed an open window, and plunged headlong, ripping mesh screen that stopped him halfway through.
  68. I am off to the wars with these fools! shouted Ettil, dragged through the door by the men in bronze mesh.
  69. The fifteen metre gap was filled by wooden formwork and reinforcing mesh, waiting for concrete to be poured.
  70. The exterior wall of the room he entered was of brick with a row of grimy windows covered over with steel mesh.
  71. As the years went on the Riot Units Casspirs windows had a thick wire mesh around to protect it against stones.
  72. Or when I concentrate too hard and things begin to flow and mesh together - a feeling of moving without moving.
  73. I moved around restlessly, closing the blast-curtains, metal mesh screening, on the windows where they were open.
  74. You can, for example, create a partial mesh topology by eliminating some of the links from the full mesh design.
  75. Second, the companies they are looking for have to fit through a fine mesh screen in order to meet their standards.
  76. For larger holes, you can stick some fiberglass mesh to cover the hole, and then apply repair compound to the mesh.
  77. The Yankee gunboats had tightened the mesh at the ports and very few ships were now able to slip past the blockade.
  78. He bumped his head on the roll bars that were surrounded by a solid steel mesh separating the front seat from the back.
  79. Stifling a sigh, he looked at the twins and wondered, are they the future? If so how would they mesh with the present?
  80. They believe that rather than a clear separation between the Old and New Testaments, both mesh together in Jesus Christ.
  81. At the end of it was a twenty meter high, thick gate mesh fence surrounding the camp site for nearly four hundred yards.
  82. Sonia smiled and continued, ‘Once, he lost his usual dark mesh and had to put an orange one on,’ she burst into laughter.
  83. We flicked on a light in the morgue, and there was nothing but row after row of metal shelves filled with mesh and wire bins.
  84. There is a difference between standing rock still and being a mesh unmoored without the anchors of screens nor filter-tethered.
  85. These new robot frames are being covered in glass fibre mesh that is interwoven with a high grade steel, making them fireproof.
  86. He stared at it almost hypnotically, before feeling it soak through the light mesh fabric, giving his toes a nice, slimy feel.
  87. However, there are alternatives to this type of link that can provide what amounts to a full mesh topology at much less expense.
  88. When I looked up, I saw that a chipmunk was chewing a hole in the mesh door of my tent in an attempt to get to my food bag inside.
  89. He moved on to dress Madden's arm and he cut the silver mesh dressing again being careful as he placed a clear dressing on top of it.
  90. Therefore, a scientifically and centrally administered society can succeed only if a State were to mesh collectivism with scientism.
  91. These ignitions collided violently and revolved around each other until mutual resistance gave way to a breach in Antarloka’s mesh.
  92. These animals were so aggressive, a conventionally armed Marine without a protective mesh over their wet suit did not stand a chance.
  93. In a traditional Catholic confessional, the priest would slide open a small wooden slot about one foot square, revealing a mesh screen.
  94. One of the things that are possible to be determined in the present paragraph is the force occurring in the strings of the racket mesh.
  95. What we really need is a mesh screen over the ends of the tubes to let water in, but fine enough to exclude the fish suggested Bill.
  96. I understand that this is not exactly half, but experience says that the first couple of weeks tend to mesh as one in the elongated cycle.
  97. It had been so dry all summer long that I’d stopped putting the rain cover on, sleeping with only a wide pane of mesh between the sky and me.
  98. A fine mesh has been fitted to the web of iron and the top soil placed on this material up to a thickness of a quarter of a kilometre in places.
  99. That great frame under the mail mesh was too hard and supple for a civilized man; the elemental fire of the primitive burned in those smoldering eyes.
  100. The ceiling was nothing but copper mesh, and through it, the darkness of the high shaft stretched up and up, striped with light from the upper floors.
  1. The difference is, the words and actions were no longer meshing.
  2. The difference is, the words and actions were no longer meshing.
  3. He grabbed the wire meshing and pulled himself up, jumping off the top of it and landing hard on the ground.
  4. Each story Werner hears contains its own flaws and contradictions, as though the truth is a machine whose gears are not meshing.
  1. They meshed and.
  2. Her palms had left wet streaks on the cold, meshed metal.
  3. Dreams and reality meshed for Amaranthe, creating a fevered realm of fear and confusion.
  4. She'd only been able to see Dave once a week, as their schedules only meshed on Friday nights.
  5. Pouring the hot contents through a fine meshed sieve into a heatproof glass bowl she allowed it to cool.
  6. Green lines of light curled over top of her in a harness of sorts and meshed together with the blue lines.
  7. From rulers speaking to their servants through meshed windows and hidden shadows so they would remain unseen.
  8. Are you familiar with that saying? He still stood tall with his hands comfortably placed in front of him, meshed together.
  9. In 1839 a massacre of Jews took place in Meshed in Iran followed by the forced conversion of the survivors, and a massacre of Jews occurred in Barfurush in 1867.
  10. On the other side of the farmhouses were stonewalled fences that held thousands of sheep and goats, a herd of cows, and three large chicken coops fenced off with meshed wire.
  11. Doug could feel all of the lives of the people he knew moving in the clock, suspended in bright oils and meshed in sharp cogs and ground down in clamped springs that clicked onward with no stopping.
  12. The flexibility of a share-ready meshed platform uses techno-communication to create a wider cast pitch of opportunity: Come share and we can all save and make money rather than transcending into the voice of invitation Come share and we can all work less and enjoy life more.
  13. Here we find ourselves meshed in the force, field, and flow of life moving not over, not through, not inspired, peaked, nor changed, but grace-slapped by the zen-bitch Not-self, seeing not god in everything, not everything as god, but seeing as the ever-altering flowing through, making one a streaming – oceans, skies and ground – a boundless exchanging never stilled.
  1. Amid the meshes of those baby curls.
  2. The meshes of his net were stoutly knotted.
  3. You lost your way; you became entangled in the meshes of crime.
  4. Meshes of computer cables were stacked on top of all types of screens and turrets.
  5. However, because it meshes well with the earnings and funding characteristics of a.
  6. He struggled madly against the folding meshes of his dream and argued with the voice.
  7. But the meshes of her brain were too wide, too coarse, to filter such small differences.
  8. Peeping through the meshes of the hammock, he saw the Marches coming out, as if bound on some expedition.
  9. Cautiously he intruded his hand between the meshes of the lattice until his whole arm was within the cabin.
  10. Fauchelevent, independent gentleman, belonged to the national guard; he had not been able to escape through the fine meshes of the census of 1831.
  11. Can they squirm through all the meshes of this entanglement, and tell us plainly why they do not trace the word throughout its history and use in the N.
  12. They were a breed of trawl resembling those used off the Normandy coast, huge pouches held half open by a floating pole and a chain laced through the lower meshes.
  13. Hence he places himself in such a net that he cannot get through the meshes, and must decide that punishment is not adequate to the sin, and that nothing shout of eternity can satisfy.
  14. Among mollusks and zoophytes, I found in our trawl's meshes various species of alcyonarian coral, sea urchins, hammer shells, spurred–star shells, wentletrap snails, horn shells, glass snails.
  15. With a sleek ripple of its long, black back it rose, stretched itself, and then rearing itself on its hind legs, with one forepaw against the wall, it raised the other, and drew its claws across the wire meshes beneath me.
  16. Do you want to know what club I think you really belong to--you who have involved one girl after another in the meshes of this devilish System? You belong to the Abduction Club--that is what I would call it--you--you libertine!.
  17. Instead of the great enclosures of a hundred acres in which she was now accustomed to toil, there were little fields below her of less than half-a-dozen acres, so numerous that they looked from this height like the meshes of a net.
  18. The count moved in his affairs as in a huge net, trying not to believe that he was entangled but becoming more and more so at every step, and feeling too feeble to break the meshes or to set to work carefully and patiently to disentangle them.
  19. And yet he knew perfectly well that if he were to return to T—— he would instantly fall into the meshes of his passion for Natalia Vasilievna once more, in spite of the question which he could not answer as to the reality of his love for her.
  20. So between these to positions,—one that he “cannot destroy a spirit” and the there that he “will not,” they vibrate back and forth like the pendulum of a clock caught in the meshes of one, they forthwith shift to the other, neither of which can be sustained.
  21. Then he was free and fearless, and innumerable possibilities lay ready to open before him; now he felt himself caught in the meshes of a stupid, empty, valueless, frivolous life, out of which he saw no means of extricating himself even if he wished to, which he hardly did.
  22. I try to concentrate my attention on those netting-needles, on the meshes of the purse I am forming—I wish to think only of the work I have in my hands, to see only the silver beads and silk threads that lie in my lap; whereas, I distinctly behold his figure, and I inevitably recall the moment when I last saw it; just after I had rendered him, what he deemed, an essential service, and he, holding my hand, and looking down on my face, surveyed me with eyes that revealed a heart full and eager to overflow; in whose emotions I had a part.

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