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    1. He had to use a mini-bot to weld those connections in vacuum and was glad he paid attention when he rode with Enrico or he wouldn't have been able to operate it

    2. And what is it that is represented at the cross that so exposes them? Nothing more grants us access into an understanding of how they operate like the cross of Jesus Christ

    3. and others, that activates all other Laws to operate fully on our

    4. I personally operate best with that word as

    5. light and operate my life with a clear vision of what I want to

    6. deliberate partners that want to operate on a plane of

    7. model that others operate within

    8. operate in this timeline model

    9. "What if he didn't want to operate machinery?"

    10. energy of the Infinite Universe to Operate Life on Your

    11. us and operate throughout our lives to produce optimal

    12. how all other laws operate in the Universe

    13. The dent wasn’t too deep; the car would still operate without a problem

    14. “Understand that over generations, the females had secretly studied all the books of the Scathers, learned all about their ships and how to operate them

    15. Engineering plans for a glider were sent along with instructions on exactly how to operate it to reach the planet

    16. Thru them we learned enough to allow Yellelle to operate what is called a ‘personification’ in their terminology, and thereby interact with their crew

    17. operate a light switch; the sort of thing that young children usually

    18. ‘Could I?’ she asked, uncertain how practicalities like this operate in this universe where everything she needs just appears

    19. England had moved automatically to operate levers and switches

    20. thought – managed to operate what I suppose should be termed the

    21. operate at such a high velocity that the arms and fists and legs and kicks that came

    22. I shall drive and operate one of the cranes and will run the anvil, the large metal cutter on one of the excavators

    23. The second heaven is the spiritual realm that psychics operate in and is not God, but we might see the plan of the enemy revealed in the second heaven

    24. Such enhancements of the market price are evidently the effect of natural causes, which may hinder the effectual demand from ever being fully supplied, and which may continue, therefore, to operate for ever

    25. The planet's moon would be on this side of the planet for the next few hours so the delay to the android was a lot less and he could operate it much more successfully

    26. The suddenness of the effect can be accounted for only by a cause which can operate suddenly, the accidental variations of the seasons

    27. they may operate in every corner of the world,

    28. The cause continuing to operate, he was desirous to raise his rents above what his lands, in the actual state of their improvement, could afford

    29. The tax and prohibition operate in two different ways

    30. First, the tax in Spain, the prohibition in Portugal of exporting gold and silver, and the vigilant police which watches over the execution of those laws, must, in two very poor countries, which between them import annually upwards of six millions sterling, operate not only more directly, but much more forcibly, in reducing the value of those metals there, than the corn laws can do in Great Britain

    31. In concrete there are capillaries of the various size, therefore various mechanisms of moving of gas and liquids can simultaneously operate

    32. as they, the seniors, investigate the news stories, write the “copy,” operate the television cameras, and act as commentators

    33. ’ ‘That would be because we operate at an above top secret level

    34. I thought you understood that we operate at an above top secret level; we are not bound under the aegis of any government agency

    35. Among nations of shepherds, both those causes operate with their full force

    36. He had no idea how to operate the controls

    37. She said they had to operate on one of

    38. 41 It is almost as if the human body was designed to operate under conditions that were significantly different to what we experience on Earth today

    39. Thirdly, such taxes would operate less as sumptuary laws

    40. says it, are retractable awnings which operate with a handle or a crank, requiring users to have

    41. to manually operate them

    42. Obviously, Jesus could see that Bartimaeus was blind, so why then would He ask Bartimaeus what He could do for him? The answer to that question is that, God’s kingdom does not operate on the laws of “assumption,” but on the laws of “ask and receive

    43. On one trip to the vet, they had to shave his paw to give him an injection, so they could operate on his face

    44. After the person was clear from the prison, they would remotely operate the bomb and boom! Goodbye Phoenix Project

    45. Later I found out that he knew how to operate a manual shift

    46. “That doesn’t make it okay! Even if it is a deterrent, the Phoenix Project shouldn’t be allowed to operate

    47. We didn’t operate the car washes, although we retained some control over them, as you’ll see

    48. In other words, without the right vitamins and minerals, these processes do not operate efficiently

    49. Afterwards she said, ‘That’s L-Seven-Six’s shutdown protocol, just the higher level function, monitor subroutines should still operate

    50. What if Balzar imprisoned them? What if he refused to give them payment? How would Balzar gain control of the city? He must have the key, the key, yes that was it, he had the key to operate and control the Globe

    1. Their old ship could not be operated remotely, it was deliberately designed to need mortal control

    2. It was a long process, repairing everything that had to be repaired to get life support working so the hard-wired interlocks would let the main controls be operated

    3. allegedly operated by the

    4. Heaven, but by a man of flesh-Jesus, Who operated in the gifts of the Holy

    5. It had to be operated, so the operator could control it

    6. The handle of the door squeaked as someone operated it from the hallway and her eyes flashed to the doorway, her heart pounding

    7. He was a clever young banker and operated discreetly in

    8. When conversing about anything connected to theology, church doctrine or ancient scripture, they were as knowledgeable as any human being could be, and operated as if they had a full understanding of the subject matter

    9. Since none of them knew the science and the math on which this instrument operated, all they could verify is that he had correctly specified the fabrication

    10. The White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives has prepared a list of general information about nearly 100 programs operated by the Departments of Justice, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and Education

    11. I said let's pool our resources and get Ali operated

    12. The pre-natal rooms are operated on a similar basis though it is a little more complicated because of the communal nature of the set up

    13. “What kinds of things are operated by magic?” Alistair enquired,

    14. fleet of ex-army lorries operated by RDTE, expertly setting about the

    15. Shutters on the lamp were operated by mechanical linkages

    16. The controls to activate the lamp were operated (as always, mused

    17. slid behind the wheel and operated the electric starter

    18. A runaway horse and carriage owned and operated by visiting tourists not a local villager, plowed through the fence and side yard of the Lodges' grounds one late July afternoon

    19. Here's the way Saint Paul's School operated for the grading system that they had

    20. Things got better my freshman year because my mom was working for Midland Products Company which is an industrial company that steel bending equipment, made industrial pumps, and operated a warehouse

    21. The high price of exchange, besides, must necessarily have operated as a tax, in raising the price of foreign goods, and thereby diminishing their consumption

    22. It was common knowledge that no one really knew where the Justicars operated from

    23. Chase, a thirty-four-year-old widow who owned and operated a farm, with the help of two rather elderly hired men

    24. But the monopoly of the colony trade, so far as it has operated upon the employment of the capital of Great Britain, has, in all cases, forced some part of it from a foreign trade of consumption carried on with a neighbouring, to one carried on with a more distant country, and in many cases from a direct foreign trade of consumption to a round-about one

    25. But as he probed and poked I blacked out again so I missed being ferried out and hoisted onto the hospital ship in fact the next time I came round they had operated on me and I saw a beautiful face looking down at me

    26. These days there would be nothing to see if the system was quiescent – it either operated holographically, projected into retinas, or directly mind linked

    27. The kindly old doctor who had operated on me had transferred to the Mauritania from our mail ship and he told me that I had been extremely lucky

    28. computer program, he found it operated in a

    29. in the dark via echolocation; I suppose this creature operated on the same principle

    30. The standards at which we operated may have…” at this point he looked

    31. Manual retractable awnings are operated with a crank or handle,

    32. He approached the entrance to Emerald Tower, where there were three more electronic gates operated by guards

    33. with Jack Anderson, who went north to Vancouver and operated a

    34. Her hands operated on their own as they pushed against the inside of his shirt collar and snaked up to his neck

    35. Here’s how we operated

    36. in Toronto but we operated all over Canada and had outlets

    37. According to a beta level intra-diagnostic (a program hack) TIAR still operated

    38. Using this crazy machine, would drawl away the nesting hens so that he could send in his remote controlled race car with a glued on battery operated claw arm that would reach in and gently retrieve the eggs (he was, sometimes, smart)

    39. If the device operated as Roidon had envisioned – as he had hoped – then at least they would feel the freedom of real life once more, a real second chance rather than the fantasy version

    40. Would the hit squads have operated? Again, no, most probably not!

    41. There were no restrictions since this was an illegal bar operated out in the open

    42. The Dog Unit also operated fast cars and would sometimes do this duty where the Flying Squad could not be

    43. Their military successes were few and far between and despite what is claimed today, they never successfully established military camps inside South Africa from which they operated as in a classic insurgency war

    44. It was a unique experience because the terrorists rarely operated in uniform but shrewdly in civilian clothes

    45. Therefore they never operated alone as the white policemen could not be affected by witchcraft

    46. As a result all vehicles operated in pairs and recovered each other

    47. One of those valiant groups operated in the

    48. They also have the expert knowledge to do so having operated submarines since the 1960's

    49. At one stage the superb Rhodesian Air Force proudly held the title Royal Rhodesian Air Force and effortlessly operated wherever needed in the Empire

    50. Though useful it is limited to the area in which these men operated at any given time

    1. After all, we’ve got links with the primary school and I’ve seen how that operates

    2. And finally, you learned that The Universe always operates

    3. new operation without changing the classes of the elements on which it operates

    4. He refused to give him up, diverted their attention to other possible avenues and gave long lectures on investigative technique and the protocols under which his department operates

    5. The gift of a psychic operates by the laws of their go spirits

    6. The gift of a psychic operates by the

    7. operates without love, power, and the fruit of the Spirit

    8. It operates within the gonads and among many other actions, compares your genes with those of all your sex partners

    9. Understand that the system operates the loop type way: The more happiness you get the more you spread around

    10. In the third and fourth chapters, I have endeavoured to examine the manner in which it operates in both these situations

    11. operates at a level of which effects he can neither

    12. It operates in crests and troughs

    13. So far as it operates in the one way, it must reduce the ability of the labouring poor to educate and bring up their children, and must, so far, tend to restrain the population of the country

    14. The bounty upon the exportation of corn necessarily operates exactly in the same way as this absurd policy of Spain and Portugal

    15. Old Man Hinkle operates an antique store out of his home

    16. It is thus that a tax upon the necessaries of life operates exactly in the same manner as a direct tax upon the wages of labour

    17. You know from a conventional war view an insurgent operates very much like your own Special Forces but without air support or medical assistance

    18. That God exists in Eternity (or outside the limits of time and space) is consistent with His knowledge of ―future‖ events that are uniform with the ―past‖ and ―present‖ and the doctrine of Free Will that operates concurrently along (the) space/time continuum

    19. Spokesperson Catherine Creeper and Don Phybes, Scow site director; will speak publically about the company’s intentions for the Chemical Alley properties it owns and operates

    20. Nowadays, Pilar operates several primary schools, established in various neighborhoods (barangays) of the city and one secondary school

    21. They were also in awe while beholding the exquisite and elaborate art of the cathedral and the pulleys system that supports and operates the famous “botafumeiro” (hanging incense holder), proclaimed to be the biggest incensory in the world

    22. The alarm operates

    23. The whole system is in his pocket! Gordon Edward operates what is probably the largest cocaine smuggling operation in the world, other than the cartels themselves

    24. The death of a dear friend, wife, brother, lover, which seemed nothing but privation, somewhat later assumes the aspect of a guide or genius; for it commonly operates revolutions in our way of life

    25. It cannot speak to the whole when it operates only in part

    26. ciples by which God operates throughout our lives

    27. He operates all of the business, he deals with major marketing

    28. “Oxytocin, best known for inducing labor and lactation in women, also operates in the brain (of both sexes)

    29. the way god operates in our lives

    30. Then, how will we involve and commit those people? The solution is very easy and it operates in the following way:

    31. It can totally be the Virtual Coin without costs (of coinage, safety, transport and of storage) that operates under new monetary paradigm because it stops being merchandise and it acts in the virtuality

    32. I named it CognitiveOS Hypnosis because it operates at the level of our cognitive operating system accessed in a state of hypnosis

    33. Let’s first explore the survival system and how it operates

    34. Our survival system operates like most commercial security systems available on the market

    35. To understand how the innovative Coordenational Structure operates, imagine that this new structure is a piano, whose keys of the piano represent the Areas of Activities with its musical notes that represent the interaction of thousands of organizations to compose the score of an event or the music

    36. It totally operates through the electronic computation and it stops being merchandise as it happens with the current monetary system

    37. It is authentic administration form in that direct payment doesn’t exist between the economic agents and social agents so that the economic market operates with efficiency and efficacy, that is, won’t exist more the situation that somebody receives the product and the other receives the physical money in exchange

    38. It’s the act of joining a team of people that operates to bring forward the Divine Plan with efficiency and intelligence

    39. The secondary burner usually operates at a temperature of 900°C

    40. • So that the individual better understands how the world operates

    41. This particular crematorium reportedly operates at temperatures between 800°C en 1000°C, although it could be increased to 1500°C and even after this intense heat – THERE ARE BONES AS WHITE AS SNOW WITH NO SCORCH MARKS ON THEM!)

    42. The people ruling the planet, and please don’t think for one moment I am talking about governments and heads of states and countries, operates as follows: They create a crisis where no crises exists, then they draw public reaction to the crises with media brainwashing and when they achieved that, they storm in with their pre-manufactured “solution” to save whatever needs saving, but we are too blind to see the evil and therefore we are unable to hide

    43. However, we can observe how karma operates in the first five ways – the fact that actions have definite results in the present

    44. Often we are unmindful of, or completely oblivious to, how cause and effect continually operates – and we hurt and suffer needlessly

    45. A specific example of how karma (cause and effect) operates in the human body is shown in the table that follows

    46. Some think that karma operates in a simple straight line or linear fashion – all past actions shape the present; present actions all shape the future

    47. Causative karma (weighty karma that operates at the time or moment of death, and determines the circumstances of rebirth)

    48. This process has been referred to as karma and it operates as a natural law like gravity

    49. When you meditate on karma in this way, your understanding of intentional actions and their results deepens, and a deeper understanding of how karma operates begins to arise

    50. Karma (Pali: Kamma) - the law of cause and effect - operates across multiple lifetimes, but where's the proof that there is any life other than the current one?

    1. ’ I said, my mouth operating before my brain has a chance to get into gear

    2. Chemical fertilizers kill off the beneficial soil bacteria, as well as killing off earthworms and therefore should not be used, should be avoided at all cost! In this environment, the lawn and its bio-system will be operating under stress

    3. ’ I said working this out … my brain is still not operating properly

    4. Stephen rang from the hospital some hours ago and said they were operating because there was a problem with bleeding in her head

    5. was so drained and depleted; I realized I was not operating in a

    6. the Universe operating perfectly to deliver what our hearts

    7. It’s always operating along the path of least resistance

    8. I’ve got three cryo-atom-slice coffins still operating that can copy out souls, but there are few who bring their dead up here any more, at least few that get here in time for me to get a viable read-out

    9. It would have to be Alan wouldn't it? Yes, it would make sense that there was a man operating it, no woman would actually act this way

    10. There were more huge men operating the lift at the top

    11. It is simply scaling up the computational devices we are familiar with and programing the operating system itself with a self interest

    12. “All operating systems decide in their own self-interest,” Ava said, “that’s why we had to stop using them, but all of you should remember them from your mortal years if nothing else

    13. Billy is working on the postage stamp-sized lawn, the electric mower he is operating drowning out any sound Chrissie might have made

    14. valve and prime the fuel supply, carefully and smoothly operating the

    15. There were a few businesses still operating here, a soap maker was one she passed, one who was obviously not prospering, and deservedly so from the smell

    16. After a little maintenance neglect, the resurrection costs exceed the cost of commercially available space that has been properly maintained and operating and kept its value

    17. Brice was amazed to see that operating the hoist was a gray bearded Boulder Dwarf -- whom he quickly recognized as the very same being who had nearly plowed him over when he had first come upon the Wayward Inn

    18. You know nothing about the situation; you don’t know the destiny that governs this person; you don’t know if she has completed her studies in this world, or the reasons or circumstances she is operating in

    19. Could the human mind be connected to a higher intelligence that is sending its commands wirelessly? Are human minds receiving messages from superior intelligence entities? Do we all have in our brain or mind a voice/text mail box that is operating so silently that we do not perceive it? We don't know for sure but it looks like a very good explanation to some of the following questions: Where do our thoughts come from? How are our ideas generated? Who is the creator of life that is capable of reproducing itself while developing and improving? What is the purpose of life?

    20. Operating behind the veil of our consciousness?

    21. He is in the operating room at this moment undergoing emergency surgery

    22. What would it feel like? Obviously, to be effective, the surgeon must leave emotions outside of the operating room

    23. In the wreckage of the mobile operating theatre, the Leader came round

    24. In the real material always there is a plenty of microscopic cracks arising up on technological or operating reasons

    25. Once you have that operating smoothly, you will want to explore

    26. All this time I had been operating on anger but now as I looked at the blood soaked bodies at my feet and somehow felt a little ashamed though I don’t know why after all these were the enemy

    27. There were people, a frightened screaming boy being taken from a dormitory by a cyborg similar in appearance to himself, then deposited in something akin to an operating theatre

    28. Would that not be the same as saying that a big industrial fuel plant was the designer of the large compressors, operating within it, and that over time the compressors adapted to the environment to become perfectly part of the plant and to provide compressed air to specific units within the plant? It is absurd and makes no sense

    29. "Really? I think they have the character of their operating system

    30. We entered the harbour of Moudros and there we were transferred to the liner Mauritania which had been turned into a hospital ship the public rooms had been turned into wards Officers had the cabins and the dinning rooms had been turned into operating theatres

    31. soon as his health returned, he was ordered to duty on the sloop of war, Vandalia operating in the Gulf of Mexico

    32. commanders, operating in the Gulf of Mexico and the Windward

    33. operating in Northern Virginia

    34. Recognizing that federal law prohibits the CIA from operating on American territory, that law does not prevent intelligence sharing between federal agencies

    35. Mary’s had been operating out of Panama and was one of the older vessels

    36. He then demonstrated the proper operating procedures for a mouse-bird

    37. Voltamir was, however, insistent that the Americans had no way of interfering with such a securely protected operating system

    38. Status graphs; power input and reserve levels, and maximum data buffering told that the system was operating within acceptable parameters

    39. He wasn't able to really focus his vision, but noticed the operating table and what hung over it

    40. Now on the operating table, the orderly strapped him in, so each limb was bound tightly; his head supported firmly at the base

    41. He was left on an open-ended bed akin to an operating table whilst the surrounding walls and ceiling literally appeared to shrink

    42. The other poor souls were all part of the L-Seven-Six monitor, which must still be operating through subroutines

    43. All six of the sublight engines were operating in the red

    44. On the first possession, San Francisco marched down the field with precision passing and run plays, operating in the hurry up, spread formation

    45. Reilly had been operating in the shotgun with a hurry-up, no huddle offense that had been so successful all year

    46. 2 billion – which had originally been intended as a barely sentient artificial intelligence, ensuring the subroutines of the governor systems were operating within acceptable parameters – was not a role he at all relished

    47. “INCOMING!!” Marines echoed the warning down the concrete halls and Hesco barriers of our sandbag reinforced Forward Operating Base

    48. Of course, she would be operating on a bluff, with no intention of actually circulating the money

    49. Hence we have every NGO racket and scam known to man operating here with your tax payer money for most do not really have private funding

    50. The assets you see like aircraft or ships are all leased thus transferring the risk from the operating company to the asset owners

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