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    1. The citizens of Shattered Rock had cleaned house in order to blockade the roads, creating solid walls of tables, chairs and other miscellaneous house furniture

    2. Her discussions with Rikke, Tullius, Maro and even miscellaneous Guild contacts in Riften had reinforced the notion that she would have to go about things by less than conventional means

    3. With his twin daggers, an old but trusty sword and a few miscellaneous supplies, he headed to the north side of town, near the stables

    4. But it now had apparently found its way even among miscellaneous Nords, people with presumably little to no intricate and privileged knowledge of Cyrodilic politics or wartime history

    5. Groups of men, boys, pilots, soldiers, miscellaneous clusters like myself and Corporal Bill

    6. Brendan noted the familiar and universal use of grey, plasticized fabric tape wrapped around a tubular frame member to hold some miscellaneous wiring in place

    7. The following miscellaneous quotations are related to the topic of karma

    8. This helps specifically to get everything paid on time and keep in perspective where the money actually goes, since all miscellaneous expenses are also recorded

    9. There are a lot of other miscellaneous ways to

    10. The survivors assisted by cleaning up the blood and miscellaneous body parts left of what was once a substantial band of pirates

    11. heard of these miscellaneous things somewhere already

    12. He hastily went through it, not noticing the lack of a floor beyond, and fell instantly down into a large pile of lumber and miscellaneous things he couldn't make out in the pitch black pit

    13. miscellaneous thoughts by other comics, while the major part was monopolized by the Smothers Brothers,

    14. that old PCs, televisions and miscellaneous stereo parts can be tossed into a landfill

    15. I have also maintained existing programs and systems, taught programming and other courses related to a specific computer, installed systems as well as other miscellaneous related tasks

    16. The Miscellaneous folder contained an assortment of files that did not fit elsewhere, including several spreadsheets with lists of websites that were evidently related to current events or legal issues and mathematical computation for which the use was indeterminate

    17. He nodded hello to Graisco and seated himself in one of the overstuffed chairs across from Higgins’s desk that was littered with open files, loose leaf paper, legal pads, pens, pencils, paper clips, and other miscellaneous items that would normally be in the top desk drawer of anyone more organized

    18. The other advantage of having a reasonable selection of culinary additives on hand is that, for longer trips, whatever meals you decide on, chances are you’ll have the miscellaneous condiments required

    19. I have a nice collection of nails, screws, and miscellaneous hardware in my garage as well as some lumber and plywood

    20. After the eulogy and miscellaneous closing remarks, Travis started to leave with his wife, Nancy, at his side

    21. What would I need to produce one holographic image? A person and perhaps a few miscellaneous items

    22. Some miscellaneous news of seeing Jack South everywhere in the world, but the reality is we really do not know where he is

    23. The main river behind the increased in miscellaneous goo s is the electric shower

    24. About one quarter is use in industry for process use and motive power and the re-mainder for appliances and other miscellaneous uses

    25. hicles), an in the miscellaneous group of

    26. water, catering services, cooling and miscellaneous non-process uses

    27. Nor is the miscellaneous category, which includes items such as Dr

    28. Rip wrote down some miscellaneous letters and numbers, none of which were 973L

    29. Actually, Damascus with its fresh air, abundant water, temperate territory and various seasons on one hand, and with its rich land, fertile soil and miscellaneous trees on another hand is regarded a paradise on the earth

    30. She stirred a combination of receipts, mementoes, paper clips, hair bands, fluff and miscellaneous bits of her life until with a small gleeful cheer she found the five dollar bill she was looking for and held it up to the frowning but still phone affixed waitress

    31. As was a common practice for the band, their bodyguard had learned to always travel well equipped with various, miscellaneous items, pen and paper being among these things

    32. The rest of the flight home to Washington, was relatively uneventful, though filled with hilarity and entertaining antecedents of previous tours, concerts, and miscellaneous adventures (and misadventures) the band had experienced throughout their checkered career

    33. Paintings, old and new, statues, money, gold, jewelry, and lots of miscellaneous items which all looked expensive to his untutored eye

    34. Everything e-Wood auctions falls into one of five categories -- building materials, logs and mill byproducts, specialty and hardwoods, equipment and miscellaneous

    35. This is a miscellaneous item for any other considerations that effect how the task is performed

    36. There were a number of different drugs; he’d found me some allergy medicine, batteries, and then some canned food of miscellaneous types

    37. Piles of cash and miscellaneous receipts cluttered the kitchen floor

    38. This time they were miscellaneous, and Miss Entwhistle turned them over with a kind of reverential reluctance

    39. For example if they document vitals under miscellaneous notes instead of opening the nursing vitals documentation, the vitals are not discrete data which does not display in the proper place in the EMR, is no longer able to be trended since it isn’t with the rest of the vital data, and could possibly be missed altogether or waste another employee’s time redoing vitals since they do not see the vitals were taken recently

    40. A little later a Christianity was required for influencing the miscellaneous multitudes of the Empire

    41. Meanwhile, all expenditures for advertising and promotions, which is relate to the taxpayers business, can be deducted as miscellaneous expenses

    42. Her experience and miscellaneous reading were of service now, for they gave her some idea of dramatic effect, and supplied plot, language, and costumes

    43. But while it sometimes seemed to contain things like old socks and miscellaneous luggage, at other times - and he shuddered - it seemed to be, seemed to have

    44. Then smaller fish appeared: miscellaneous triggerfish, leather jacks, unicornfish, and a hundred others that left stripes on this luminous atmosphere in their

    45. In the recess at the right of fireplace - an ordinary open grate - were a number of shelves filled with a miscellaneous collection of books, most of which had been bought second-hand

    46. On one side of this street was a row of small houses; facing these were a number of buildings of a miscellaneous description - sheds and stables; and beyond these a plot of waste ground on which could be seen, looming weirdly through the dusk, a number of empty carts and waggons with their shafts resting on the ground or reared up into the air

    47. He hastily tore off the cover, opened the journal with nervous precipitation, passed contemptuously over the Paris jottings, and arriving at the miscellaneous intelligence, stopped with a malicious smile, at a paragraph headed "We hear from Yanina

    48. A few moments later saw our two noctambules safely seated in a discreet corner only to be greeted by stares from the decidedly miscellaneous collection of waifs and strays and other nondescript specimens of the genus homo already there engaged in eating and drinking diversified by conversation for whom they seemingly formed an object of marked curiosity

    49. He was hoping that all the nuns would be in the church, for he did not want miscellaneous people confusing the situation

    50. She was naturally the subject of many observations this evening, for the dinner-party was large and rather more miscellaneous as to the male portion than any which had been held at the Grange since Mr

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