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    1. One after another, a glowing blue door appeared on the pods, then slowly, out came the survivors, a beaten, motley and morose crew

    2. “That motley crew you saw me with the other day , from the café, are dealing in stolen diamonds, smuggled out of god knows where

    3. Within twenty minutes, Dorro, the Sheriff, and a motley gang of parents and older children were moving quickly towards the Great Wood, most of them silent as the grave and a few weeping to themselves

    4. those 191 countries are a motley crew favoring big government and socialism

    5. The bus stop was crowded with the usual motley crew of old

    6. “Miss Motley, Miss Motley,” a student calls to her teacher while walking over

    7. “Stop jumping Kenneth and Berry this moment!” Miss Motley yells while holding her wig

    8. As the motley procession approached Mahli’s village, he suggested, “Egyptians sometimes come through checking on things, so it’s possible that one or two might be there now

    9. Having shepherded the last of the exhausted stragglers into the already settled encampment, Moshe, on seeing that the motley herd had already been bedded down next to whatever pasturage was available, slim as that appeared to be, headed to the tent of Moses and Aaron

    10. Moshe, on seeing that the motley herd had already been bedded down next to whatever

    11. Moshe viewed the motley procession below him from a low promontory that protruded sharply

    12. Michael put his wine and beer with the motley collection of bottles brought by the guests then took the kids to the pool

    13. We were a motley crew of writers, jokesters, hangers-on and artists who had not yet found their art

    14. The Harad Ghul will prove helpful on your mission to eliminate the Liege Lord and his motley band

    15. The motley band of fighters collected torches posted along the walls of the passage

    16. The motley band of Gaeans continued onward

    17. Cara emerged from the house and laughed as she saw the motley crew of fighters as they chatted among themselves

    18. “It seems the Arkadian Mountains are set to become populated by a motley group of residents

    19. From there point of view, the crowd must have seemed like a motley bunch of gutter-

    20. The vast retinue descended into the midst of this motley throng of afflicted mortals, and in a moment of time 683 men, women, and children were made whole, were perfectly healed of all their physical diseases and other material disorders

    21. He and the girl were, so far as he knew, the sole survivors of Prince Almuric's army, that mad motley horde which, following the defeated rebel prince of Koth, swept through the Lands of Shem like a devastating sandstorm and drenched the outlands of Stygia with blood

    22. They eyed him curiously and suspiciously, for he was a man who stood out even in such a motley throng as crowded the winding streets of Zamboula

    23. It was a motley army Conan had assembled, in the wild hours following his return to his capital

    24. For now he had to train this motley crew which was more difficult than he had ever imagined

    25. As the six approached, Travis realized they were a motley collection of soldiers with no resemblance to any efficient and dashing cavalry

    26. developers had customized the software to ride atop a motley

    27. Many of them did not even know why they were fighting in the midst of that motley crowd, whose differences of values were on the verge of causing an internal explosion, one gloomy authority stood out: General Te6filo Vargas

    28. When Aureliano first met him he had two boxes of those motley pages that in some way made one think of Melquíades’

    29. Up to now, his unit had to do with a motley collection of old, mostly captured enemy trucks that had represented a maintenance nightmare for the inventive but overworked mechanics of the battalion

    30. Still somewhat dazed by the unfolding of the events that allowed him to suddenly possess fifty thousand dollars in cash, Preacher Cooper slowly opened the satchel to glance inside at the motley assembly of currency, some crisp as though they had just been minted and some worn and dirty with years of abuse, that had been collected and neatly stacked inside the bag

    31. � Added to that was the motley crew on board

    32. She could inflict some significant losses on the new enemy, as she had just done, but there was no way that her motley collection of clerks, cooks and aircraft specialists, however well-led, could stop cold such a large enemy force

    33. inner voice told him this motley community was comparable to that of

    34. check on the motley Shangaan, Zulu, and Swazi who ran the place

    35. motley collection of chipped coffee mugs and dissimilar plates

    36. With the mission accomplished, the motley assembly of corporate executives, financiers, and established elite returned to their previous activities though with a much more guarded attitude

    37. Hitler, with moist eyes and shaking with emotion, bid farewell to the motley group assembled in the bunker

    38. dressed in motley (a mode of garb that any teacher will recognize as the

    39. According to the Motley Fool, only 10 out of 10,000 actively managed mutual funds available, managed to beat the S&P 500 consistently, over the past 10 years

    40. formerly formidable reputation – and thus is critical for our motley crew, and achieves its

    41. He was the sole rock star to be honoured among a motley group of celebrities, including a

    42. I was tossed outside the gates, given to a motley horde

    43. They all walked out to the barn, a motley parade

    44. was instead focused upon the motley clouds (similar to those in the above photograph) way up in the

    45. I’m not scared of you or any of the rest of your motley crew

    46. impressionable I was exposed to all the great hair bands of the time: Guns-N-Roses, Motley

    47. "But her clothes were a motley collection of rags," Celia persisted

    48. As time passed, a sixth section of the city appeared, called Harbortown, a motley collection of buildings and huts that stretched from outside the western wall to the eastern bank of the nearby Mirken River, however it was not run as the other districts were

    49. They were a right motley lot, from the scruffy homeless, the hard-up mother with many kids, to the well dressed and seemingly well-heeled looking

    50. Mad Cousin was one of the aforementioned motley neighbourhood kids

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