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Moniker в предложении (на )

  1. So it went with Hands and his incredible moniker Hairy.
  2. But he'd never forgive Louie for hanging the moniker Patches on.
  3. On another occasion it 'was suggested 'dumb lucky' might be a better moniker.
  4. Early on in this effort I coined the pen name and web moniker, Seven Star Hand.
  5. That’s right, though it was initially used as a moniker for the institute itself.

  6. This Superman—and I’ll explain that moniker in a bit—had the ability to make people laugh.
  7. Khan’s full name was Sanjev Khan, but Ruby Tower didn’t see Sanjev as a cool enough moniker.
  8. Money Killer, better known now as simply MK, once went by the moniker love and is disambiguated by Dub.
  9. Carl Bush got murdered by someone throwing around the moniker, KKZP has been having a field day with the reporting.
  10. It was an odd moniker to attach to a serial killer as he was neither a gentleman, nor did he in fact, ever kill gentlemen.
  11. Of course, that moniker was quickly altered to Operation Iraqi Freedom because of the resulting acronym obtained from the first letter of each word.
  12. There’s only enough room for three up here, stranger, said the third fisherman, chewing on the final moniker as if the Dangler were anything but.
  13. It capitalizes on trends when the signal is profitable as denoted by the [Big Gains] moniker, then a fail-safe mechanism kicks in to limit losses if the signal is false.
  14. Although we would not say it publicly, as frank men standing on a porch, I think we can all agree amongst ourselves that ‗fat with pride‘ is a moniker which some would give Henry.
  15. The men, or arguably beasts, that sat atop the horses appeared slightly larger than an average man of Lycania - but it was their oversized armor and headdresses, which made them appear larger that had given them their legendary moniker.

  16. One hand poised on the grimy cracked subway tile, the other in his pants, the older man went by the name of Shanghai Larry, and as he stood there, his tired Eurasian features twisted into an alcoholic stupor, Michael reflected that the moniker could hardly be more appropriate.
  17. They note how his moniker, Barak,.
  18. But why should they? I and others in PE have given Ann the moniker,.

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