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Nickname в предложении (на )

  1. I wil nickname it The.
  2. And the Lark was a nickname.
  3. I came up with that nickname.
  4. I freaking hate that nickname.
  5. Love the nickname, he said.

  6. I gave him his nickname, though.
  7. And other times you use a nickname.
  8. Stomper was his nickname, he had a.
  9. This got Thomas the nickname Tamale.
  10. Mulled wine was Zach's nickname for.
  11. But it is only a nickname, of course.
  12. Kita wrinkled her nose at the nickname.
  13. It was Gianni's nickname at the agency.
  14. I chuckled hearing her nickname for me.
  15. You can call me by my nickname, Plunger.

  16. They seem to have embraced the nickname.
  17. My nickname, the red sheep of the family.
  18. Dave thought maybe it was a nickname or.
  19. As for your nickname, change it back to.
  20. It was a nickname that just caught on.
  21. His nickname was ‘Chips,’ as in ‘Mr.
  22. Before that, my nickname had been Tex.
  23. It was Fantine who came up with the nickname.
  24. Their nickname is Castrate, and it’s fitting.
  25. His gym boyfriends had a nickname for him.

  26. No my dear, that is the nickname given to you.
  27. Motherfucker was busy earning his nickname.
  28. This is Grista—a nickname, according to Lachey.
  29. I got the nickname partially because back when I.
  30. It's got class, and a natural nickname is Frankie.
  31. Fiona’s heart melted with the endearing nickname.
  32. What kind of a nickname is whore? he hushed.
  33. In high school I did acquire the nickname Beelzebub.
  34. Today their name is a nickname for ignorant bigots.
  35. The dates had led nowhere but the nickname had stuck.
  36. Well, maybe that nickname wasn't just about the hair.
  37. This new nickname caused a general burst of laughter.
  38. Marta? A nickname may be the best record of a success.
  39. This was his nickname for her when she wasn’t around.
  40. The familiarity of the nickname made me wince inwardly.
  41. This was a new Deni; even her new nickname was stronger.
  42. He had a nickname but I don't recall what it was exactly.
  43. And who decided on this nickname? Jamie asked bluntly.
  44. Her name was Mildred O‘Brian and her nickname was Mickey.
  45. Jesus never gave Andrew a nickname, a fraternal designation.
  46. He can’t help but use the nickname, even if Ciere hates it.
  47. In fact, he had a Micmac nickname which, translated, meant.
  48. I remembered that relatives used to call me by that nickname.
  49. You said it was your nickname, wasn’t it? I can see why.
  50. You mean she said knowing it was his nickname for a TV.
  51. When speaking of the childhood nickname Junior came to cherish.
  52. It’s a nickname my colleagues often use, jokingly of course.
  53. The nickname which the apostles gave him signified curiosity.
  55. Iceman (I know, great nickname) is the next trader we will study.
  56. That was the day he earned his lifelong nickname, ‘The Mutant.
  57. Bup, a nickname his grandpa had given him when he was little.
  58. Then she cringed and made a face at the sound of the old nickname.
  59. The nickname came from a character in the television series Coach.
  60. Amory had found the nickname distasteful when it first reached him.
  61. He is taken aback when he hears Walter call Rapunzel by a nickname.
  62. All I want is a nickname that I can call you without anyone else.
  63. Amin this nickname because of his boldness, bravery and intrepidity.
  64. That's the nickname they give to my beard, the schoolboys most of all.
  65. The proprietor had a fine nickname: he was called Rousseau the Aquatic.
  66. Long Fei interrupted, I have heard of the nickname Wealthy Immortal.
  67. I almost giggled hearing what she called me and her nickname for my son.
  68. The nickname came from a character in the television series Coach.
  69. Reputation for being tenacious, has the nickname of the ‘Rottweiler’.
  70. It was Jeffrey Hunter’s old nickname, followed by the year of his birth.
  71. Our platoon had its own nickname, one that went beyond Cadillac.
  72. That was how the top five had earned their nickname The Flying Circus.
  73. The regular officer knew the other man only by his nickname, 'The Leader'.
  74. Acknowledging his nickname, he pauses and stares at me with raised eyebrows.
  75. However, I can suggest how the spymaster picked up the mysterious nickname.
  76. Mute: The nickname given to a shrouded figure, seemingly aligned with the ern.
  77. It’s a child’s nickname, and I guess it’s time I stopped being a child.
  78. We were not the first victims of his duplicity, as indicated by the nickname.
  79. I am called Cacalotl as a nickname, much as our ancestor was called the Raven.
  80. Stiff, I say, cringing as I say the word that was my nickname in Dauntless.
  81. It was then that Sound realized how the dear old woman had picked up her nickname.
  82. What I usually do is come up with a nickname for a girl to see her response to it.
  83. Derrick flinched but ultimately said nothing about the use of his nickname for her.
  84. Did I hate Rosaline for that nickname? Was I mad at her? Where was I on Friday.
  85. His nickname was ‘bullet’ because the boys thought he had a tough personality.
  86. Paul had to grit his teeth, he hated she could call a Great General by his nickname.
  87. The goblin known as ‘Robin’ or ‘Robert’ was a nickname for the Devil himself.
  88. She even had a show nickname: Spin Lady! She was also married to a B-17 bomber pilot.
  89. Particularly when I found out I had been given the nickname Cowboy because of it.
  90. New York had gotten its nickname the Empire State, because of its vast wealth and.
  91. As soon as he heard her daughter’s nickname, that was when he realized what he had done.
  92. I finally confronted her, What’s wrong Bubbles? (Bubbles was my nickname for her).
  93. The only way you could know that nickname was if you grew up with me, she said in a.
  94. It felt great being in her presence and hearing her call me GG, my nickname at Will Lawson.
  95. His nickname was Froggy because he taught French to the students who wanted to take French.
  96. What was the nickname I gave you after the arrow incident and describe the incident to me.
  97. Let's see—if not Frances, what? What takes a nickname of Frankie? Boy, I can't think of any.
  98. Molly had changed her hair from the bright red that had earned her the nickname in Belfast as.
  99. When Jesus gave Simon the name Peter, he did it with a smile; it was to be a sort of nickname.
  100. It was then that they told Geoffrey the cottage's nickname and how the other three had run away.

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  1. Since then he was nicknamed the Pot.
  2. They had nicknamed him Stumpy.
  3. My cousins nicknamed me that because.
  4. I totally get why she nicknamed it that.
  5. Otherwise, I would've been nicknamed 'Dummy'.
  6. This part of Broadway is nicknamed the Rialto.
  7. His comrades had nicknamed him Jean the Jack-screw.
  8. That's Nicolas from Cape Matapan, nicknamed 'Il Pesce.
  9. He quickly nicknamed the room in his head, The Lion's.
  10. The Club was what the good Reamstown alcoholics nicknamed the.
  11. We have nicknamed the machine "Cornucopia" or "Corny" for short.
  12. This grey-green powder is from a rock nicknamed John Klein.
  13. At school among her schoolfellows she was probably nicknamed the Tease.
  14. My Viceroy—or ruler in my absence—was a female I nicknamed Willa.
  15. Aside from his surname, he was nicknamed Dagul because he was tall and stout.
  16. Fisherman Ca introduced himself as Gio-A Tho, but he was always nicknamed Ca.
  17. Such was his modus operandi that he was actually nicknamed the sleeping prophet!.
  18. They nicknamed her Hilde, but her father soon began to call her his little mouse.
  19. Tony nicknamed Anna Paola after the main character of the play: Bella! And from this.
  20. Parisi had been nicknamed Red Dog for his thick red hair and his unshakable determination.
  21. Poppy, as he was nicknamed in his youth, is known for being a gentle yet tough man.
  22. Parikshit Agarawal, nicknamed ‘the parasite’ by the prisoners, was literally a lost soul.
  23. Perhaps another reason these flies are nicknamed bee-flies is because of their feeding habits.
  24. At the top of the steps Henry, the guard Zoe had nicknamed Goliath, was standing to attention.
  25. Some of the boys in Wazir Akbar Khan had nicknamed him Assef Goshkhor, or Assef the Ear Eater.
  26. She remembered when Sonja and her were barely in their teen and nicknamed themselves Smut Ville.
  27. She had laughed and laughed, at all his jokes, at everything he said, and had nicknamed him her A.
  28. As we walked out the door and into the car my father had to know why Harley was nicknamed "Stinky".
  29. I recently read about a disorder called Sirenomelia which people nicknamed the ‘Mermaid Syndrome.
  30. This Lady Hawk, as she is nicknamed on the radio, was seen leading the first wave of P-40 fighters.
  31. The chip is equipped with brain stimulators as well as what we have nicknamed, brain "traffickers".
  32. Reagan’s 1972 Lincoln Continental, with its backward-opening suicide doors, is nicknamed Stagecoach.
  33. Peter had engineered the entire project that he had nicknamed the car "Edwin" after his father Edwin La Fontaine.
  34. This was Princess Myakaya, noted for her simplicity and the roughness of her manners, and nicknamed enfant terrible.
  35. The office boy and usher of the Greek Consulate nicknamed in Official and Egyptian Government circles, the Super Consul.
  36. This prisoner, who was nicknamed Miss Dandy, because of her stylishness, was under indictment for theft and incendiarism.
  37. He was nicknamed Ruksa meaning Permission because he allowed free market which destroyed the country’s industrial sector.
  38. It seemed to her that nothing was to be got from him, that he was a "shyúshka," as she and her brother nicknamed a certain class of people.
  39. Jourdan, nicknamed Coupe-tête, was at the head of the brigands of Vaucluse during the disturbances in the South of France in October, 1791.
  40. The other, Athanasius Sokoloff, nicknamed Khlopúsha,[63] was a criminal condemned to the mines of Siberia, whence he had escaped three times.
  41. He was nicknamed the Warlord, not so much for his prowess on the battlefield as for his appearance, for his was the face of a hardened warrior.
  42. Nicknamed Big Papi, he also recorded the most home runs by a designated hitter in a career, with 353 while playing for the same two teams.
  43. They also continue to support the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, nicknamed the Doomsday Vault, deep frozen in the middle of a Norwegian mountain.
  44. Since Carolina was not truly coeducational at the time, the best place to find girls was at the Women’s College, nicknamed WC, in Greensboro.
  45. The next morning, I do all right in the semi-final round, beating the six-six dude I nicknamed The Hammer after seeing the size of his fists yesterday.
  46. Comprising three islands (St Thomas, St Croix and St Jon), these are nicknamed Rock City, Twin City, Love City (and Smal City for the local Water Island).
  47. These two ladies were the chief representatives of a select new Petersburg circle, nicknamed, in imitation of some imitation, les sept merveilles du monde.
  48. He purchased a house for $31,500, affectionately nicknamed "Buffett's Folly", and managed his partnerships originally from the bedroom, and later, a small office.
  49. We’d nicknamed our final American gig The Last Foxtrot, as it was at Winterland, in San Francisco, where The Last Waltz had been staged, two years prior.
  50. Bill Hurst and his copilot, Steve Cheshire, smiled at Gridley�s question: a lot of RAF crews dreamed about the Canadian woman popularly nicknamed �Super Nancy�.
  51. They struck gold with a mysterious source they nicknamed ‘Deep Throat’, who confirmed that a massive cover-up was in operation and that the trail led right to the White House.
  52. Last but not least, she spoke with the ship’s main computer, nicknamed ‘Spirit’, a machine with a high level of artificial intelligence and with access to all the ship’s databanks.
  53. I noticed that despite the fact that Nikolai Andreevich was a psychotherapist, zealous atheist, and the common sense of our company (as we jokingly nicknamed him), he didn’t miss a single training and treated Sensei with delicate respect.
  54. General in Chief Prince Nicholas Andreevich (nicknamed in society, ‘the King of Prussia’) ever since the Emperor Paul had exiled him to his country estate had lived there continuously with his daughter, Princess Mary, and her companion, Mademoiselle Bourienne.
  55. General in Chief Prince Nicholas Andréevich (nicknamed in society, the King of Prussia) ever since the Emperor Paul had exiled him to his country estate had lived there continuously with his daughter, Princess Mary, and her companion, Mademoiselle Bourienne.
  56. As he approached the kitchen that was only a few doors down from his own office, he noticed Captain Higgins’s secretary, June (affectionately nicknamed Junebug by the entire force) with her trademark beehive hairdo perfectly arranged as if bonded with shellac, filling a cup at the water cooler.
  57. They took turns in attending to Nguyen, who they’d nicknamed ‘The liberator’ even though in the past there was never any love between the Cambodian and Vietnamese people, however they all knew that, this time the Vietnamese had come to help rid their land of their Cambodian nightmare, the Khmer Rouge.
  58. The pasha was well acquainted with Officer Sheikho’s deeds which were most important to the hierarchy of the Turkish government and they had nicknamed him ‘Aslan’ (lion), for he truly feared no-one and he was greatly admired and respected by his followers and leaders, especially the high commander of the Turkish army who had great affection for him and had made him one of his closest confidants.
  59. Yet, though such criminal propensities had never been an inmate of his bosom in any shape or form, he certainly did feel and no denying it (while inwardly remaining what he was) a certain kind of admiration for a man who had actually brandished a knife, cold steel, with the courage of his political convictions (though, personally, he would never be a party to any such thing), off the same bat as those love vendettas of the south, have her or swing for her, when the husband frequently, after some words passed between the two concerning her relations with the other lucky mortal (he having had the pair watched), inflicted fatal injuries on his adored one as a result of an alternative postnuptial liaison by plunging his knife into her, until it just struck him that Fitz, nicknamed Skin-the-Goat, merely drove the car for the actual perpetrators of the outrage and so was not, if he was reliably informed, actually party to the ambush which, in point of fact, was the plea some legal luminary saved his skin on.
  60. As for the first subgenus, it furnished several specimens of that bizarre fish aptly nicknamed "toadfish," whose big head is sometimes gouged with deep cavities,.
  1. His nicknames ‘Butcher of Rostov’.
  2. Silvertongue is one of Loki’s favorite nicknames.
  3. He was using the nicknames to be provocative—and flip.
  4. The Rich One? Both of those are nicknames for Hades.
  5. But one of the best nicknames was Ryan Job’s: Biggles.
  6. Little Ham had been another one of their nicknames for Mr.
  7. That’s where she got one of her many nicknames, Velcro.
  8. But one of the best nicknames was Ryan Job’s: Biggles.
  9. He could picture all the angry faces aimed at him, the nicknames to come.
  10. It’s lead to more nicknames and wet willies than I can even begin to mention.
  11. Even if the guys joked about it, Legend was one of the better nicknames you could get.
  12. Even if the guys joked about it, Legend was one of the better nicknames you could get.
  13. Dad George has no trouble when referring to any of the younger Georges because of their nicknames.
  14. I remembered his nicknames for her: “Simple Cipher,” “The Headless Hausfrau,” “Blonde Cow.
  15. Actually it was just a few miles from where I reside now and those beasts were only the nicknames of the high school teams.
  16. He’d heard some shitty nicknames in his day – Moose, Stiffy, Nick the Dick – but this one had to have been the worse to date.
  17. Among the newer varieties are a jumble of securities with acronymic nicknames like LYONS, ELKS, EYES, PERCS, MIPS, CHIPS, and YEELDS.
  18. I can’t say I feel intimidated, but they come across as one large family, calling each other by nicknames, waving and passing drinks to each other.
  19. How can you all crack jokes and babble about nicknames and make like nothing is happening here when Doug is bleeding and I just blasted that girl.
  20. Playing the alto and tenor saxophone – he was also a composer – his mastery of the horn was remarkable He soon earned the nicknames of Bird and Yardbird.
  21. Crewmen gave it a host of nicknames, among them “the Flying Brick,” “the Flying Boxcar,” and “the Constipated Lumberer,” a play on Consolidated Liberator.
  22. My dad and uncles often call her Spritz or Small Fry, but I wouldn’t advise you guys to call her by those nicknames, not unless you like receiving black eyes, cause….
  23. Some of the characters that worked in construction in London and were well known, had funny nicknames such as Elephant John or Mick the Horse and it could be said on seeing them that they were well named.
  24. The men referred to him by a host of nicknames, including the Animal, the Big Flag, Little Napoleon, and, most often, the Bird, a name chosen because it carried no negative connotation that could get the POWs beaten.
  25. It seems you and Miss Meadows here, have a lot in common when it comes to nicknames, Gerry! Adrian interjected with amusement, from the front seat, where he sat, squeezed into the passenger’s side of the vehicle.
  26. Have you ever heard Oh believers in the past or present of a general leader or marshal took part in one hundred battles and never beaten in one of them, then he is set aside from leadership and works as a soldier after leaving all his nicknames and its ok for him?
  27. With reasonable accuracy, they lived up to their nicknames of basket sponges, chalice sponges, distaff sponges, elkhorn sponges, lion's paws, peacock's tails, and Neptune's gloves—designations bestowed on them by fishermen, more poetically inclined than scientists.
  28. The prisoners gave them nicknames, including Hogjaw, Baby Dumpling, Bucktooth, Genghis Khan, and Roving Reporter; one unfortunate officer, wrote POW Lewis Bush, wore puffy pants and walked as though he was always bursting to go to the lavatory, prompting the men to call him Lieutenant Shit-in-Breeches.

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