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    1. He searches through the mud, finds the unripe papaya, and washes it off

    2. I am the mud slide and the

    3. After about an hour the van drew to a halt and one by one the guards forced us to leave the van and kneel down in cold, damp mud

    4. really stuck in the mud

    5. across the turf, the lumps and bumps and mud filled holes,

    6. Mud on trouser

    7. fading the edges of the letters mud green

    8. caked with mud and slime

    9. where he can lay again in cool, soft, damp mud,

    10. flinging mud and debris and the sound of hooves

    11. Ice in November, mud in December, another year without snow

    12. into the mud as the sun breaks through the rain

    13. furnished with mud and creeping ivy

    14. Behind the busiest street, I walked romantic corridors between dilapidated wood and mud houses with charming little kitchens, fire-places, wood storage rooms, and some with courtyards and even pebble mosaic designs laid in the ground beneath knotty gnarled old trees that still flowered bright crimson and pale blue

    15. The way down the hill is steep and in places the surface of the track is slippery with mud so we take it carefully, not wanting to damage our ggs

    16. I looked around and saw a shack made from driftwood and mud amongst the shadows of one or two twisted olive trees on the extreme point

    17. spoon of mud from Rama's birthplace in their house

    18. I always found it useful when Rob came home after a day on the hills – it limited the range of the mud! I had them put in about twenty years ago but had to replace the shower unit a couple of years ago, so that is quite modern

    19. Karen could feel them scratching at the loose stones and the mud

    20. The streets were full of puddles and dirty brown mud where

    21. trainers were covered in thick globules of mud

    22. The outer houses were wood and mud brick, but there were several of plastered stone and some second floors

    23. Their dress was very much as she had seen in the popular press, the architecture and the lay of the land were as she had seen, but the thousands and thousands of mud brick and rough timber structures around the palace were never shown on any reproduction she had seen

    24. Most were mud brick and timber with wood beamed tile roofs

    25. He lived in a one room cabin of roughly piled stone chinked with whitewashed mud and roofed with thatch

    26. The foundations of the old town were under them, the tops of the old walls were now used as paths thru the mud

    27. They cut across the hill and behind some wooden shacks and some more that were nothing more than woven sticks plastered with mud

    28. Then he walks round to the back of the barns and the milking parlour, treading carefully through pools of semi-liquid mud and loose gravel

    29. Spotting the mud on his Chinos, Davie raises his eyes to the heavens and swears

    30. The poor creature got trapped in the mud and

    31. and used his hands to loosen his find from the dried mud

    32. The eaves of the old barns are spattered with droplets of mud where the birds are building nests

    33. He saw a set of toes, covered with dust and dried mud

    34. She’d wrung its neck hastily, not wanting to hear any more, and had dropped the corpse on the mud, brushing the bits of feather off her hands almost frantically

    35. She turned back to the sad remains of the little bird lying so cold and lifeless on the mud … she couldn’t leave it here like this

    36. The hole spread over a large area, possibly three or four metres across in places; muddy throughout its entire extent: deep, claggy, black mud, sloppy with water and dotted with bits of green from the decimated plants which had been wrenched from the ground by its making

    37. ‘No rocks in this mud

    38. ‘Ideal for mud wrestling

    39. Her senses alert, she moved her feet a little, trying to gauge how treacherous the mud was

    40. She struggled to stand, only to have Sheila launch herself at her, grabbing her and pushing her back onto the mud again

    41. Sheila’s turn to splutter in the mud

    42. With a surge, she tried to leap on top of the smaller woman, but the suction of the mud was too great and Chrissie rolled out of reach, panting at the exertion

    43. Reaching for a handful of mud, Sheila roughly rubbed it onto Chrissie’s chest, her touch knowing and experienced

    44. Without apparent difficulty, Sheila grabbed Chrissie’s hands and, forcing them over her head, pinned them down in the mud with one hand

    45. ‘My turn!’ Mickey said, leaping into the mud beside them and grabbing at Sheila

    46. Closing her eyes, she stood under the soothing flow, feeling the mud washing off

    47. Obviously, the memory of her behaviour after the mud wrestling had left its mark

    48. His boot slipped on a patch of mud, diverting his attention as he leapt to keep himself from falling

    49. He desperately needed somewhere to go at the moment … somewhere not linked to Chas and his felonious plans … somewhere not linked to the two bodies buried in the mud in the wilderness

    50. ‘Looks as though that mud goes on all the way up the corridor

    1. The ability to economize words provides oral structure and meaning to scattered thoughts and opinions without having to navigate the mudding waters of unintelligible speech

    1. On multiuser BBSs (where more than one person could be online at once), there were sometimes games allowing the different users to interact with one another; some such games of the fantasy role-playing variety were known as MUDs, for "multi-user dungeons"

    2. What word should I use to describe the pitying life they were living? Their life was no different than the lives of pigs that live in muds

    3. pools were choked with ash and crawling muds, sickly white and grey, as if

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