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    1. Goodness knows where I drag it from, but I muster a smile and go in to chat to them as though nothing at all is wrong

    2. The massive Earth invasion fleet faces off against every ship the Squidies' can muster

    3. ‘I heard him say something along those lines, Lintze – it will take a while to muster some support for you for the next one anyway

    4. With the last word spoken quite loudly, and in clear Greek, I turned from the group with as much control as I could muster and wandered steadily and slowly toward the kitchen, expecting a blow to the head at every trembling step

    5. Lord Boras left the Hall with a sigh of relief and as much dignity as he could muster; Naria had left him precious little

    6. as his four tired and scrawny legs could muster

    7. she could muster, which was, alarmingly, quite considerable for

    8. ’ I replied with as much poise as I can muster

    9. reach it in quick time he would be able to muster a

    10. It seems I pass muster as he gives an approving nod

    11. ’ I repeated, trying to muster my thoughts

    12. “Now look here, mister!” Monica said in the best attempt of an aggressive voice that she could muster, “This is immoral, unethical, and it’s not very nice either!”

    13. The only action the doorman could muster was his tongue

    14. ‘Apparently,’ was all he could muster in response

    15. 13For the king of the North will muster another army, larger than the

    16. gallantry as he could muster

    17. office with as much courage as she could muster, but, in

    18. muster, and a hushed murmur passed through the crowd

    19. Once she had seen it with detailed probes from above, she would defend the beauty in his creation at that castle with whatever might the expedition could muster

    20. If faith is a gift then that means I can’t muster it up, I must receive it

    21. Those who could muster the courage to witness Rollinthor's reaction raised their eyes

    22. The distance to the stars is vast and all the power my people can muster hasn't allowed the expedition that brought me to get home yet

    23. My chest tore in two and I bridged a feeling that until now had been barricaded by as many shields as I could muster

    24. It was about all he could muster

    25. “Thank you, thank you,” was all he could muster, choked up by his emotions

    26. Though she was visibly shaken, she turned to offer the Nord as confident of a smile as she could muster

    27. She grasped his prick, stuffed it in her asshole, and holding him tightly to her behind, fell over onto the bed, with Danny already pumping his cock into her hole with as much speed and energy as he could muster, which was considerable

    28. could muster up the energy! Victor was

    29. I half expected the other turtles to muster an attempt to save their comrade

    30. He relaxed for a few seconds, or as much as he could while dangling over a cliff, then gathered all the energy he could muster and heaved himself upwards as hard as he was able

    31. In time of war, they are all of them naturally disposed to muster themselves under his banner, rather than under that of any other person ; and his birth and fortune thus naturally procure to him some sort of executive power

    32. Facing him defiantly, and in as icy a voice as I could muster, I said, “I thought you loved me enough to want to understand

    33. “I have never said that!” replied Chris, fighting to remain calm, “If this thing has the knowledge that it claims then it should be on Earth with a great deal more resources going into researching it than we could muster

    34. His voice was as full of conviction as any almost-three -year-old could muster

    35. The control room possessed what he thought must be the finest monitoring equipment the B’tari could muster

    36. Here kitty-kitty,” I beckoned in the sweetest cat-calling voice I could muster

    37. He couldn’t stop the images that haunted him: Alexia’s final, brutal moments, the knife slicing quickly and cleanly through her delicate throat, the red spray coating the ring, the light fading from her eyes… Raven lashed out at the table in his room, kicking it with as much force as he could muster

    38. “Hey, you need some happy juice boss,” being as irritatingly happy as he himself could muster, bosses were fair sport in his opinion

    39. could muster a protest, pulled down the padded restraining bar to activate the unit, and stepped

    40. “Is that all you can muster?” He sneered

    41. “Someone will be here soon,” Sheena said with as much conviction as she could muster

    42. That was all I could muster as I stared at Boyd standing before me

    43. Much smaller than what South Africa and Britain in Kenya could muster

    44. "My name is Soffen," she answered with as much dignity as she could muster

    45. Pampered and spoiled beyond their parent‘s willingness to control or muster the required checks that separate rights from privileges (inevitably) gave rise to increasingly selfish attitudes common among a growing generation of young men and women accustomed to having their own way

    46. And don’t worry,” he told his dad in as strong and confident a tone as he could muster

    47. To muster his host and bring it into danger:---this may be termed the business of the general

    48. Using every atom of mind control he could muster, Fin sent the command to his leg

    49. it with everything I could muster if I had to

    50. “They’re friends,” Beth replied, as curtly as she could muster

    1. He mustered the ‘moral’ minority to form an action group claiming that the presence of, and I quote, ‘all those wanton women’ would have a detrimental effect on the neighbourhood and all the families living round there

    2. had mustered but was slowing rapidly

    3. But not before she mustered enough energy to stand and explore their room

    4. The little bit of enthusiasm he had mustered was fast disappearing

    5. He should have mustered a few soldiers off of the street and done it himself

    6. His right side, he believed, was nearer to the Patriarch; he mustered all the strength that he could and focused it on his elbow, suddenly jutting it towards the Patriarch’s groin

    7. Once the initial feeling of shock had dissipated, Hilderich mustered every iota of self-control to keep himself from screaming the question through gritting teeth, his fists clenched in tension:

    8. He mustered up all the courage he had and blurted out, "If I asked you out tonight

    9. With the officer picking up Junya off of the ground, Junya mustered up

    10. ” Quan said while continuing to hug his daughter with as much love as could be mustered through a hug

    11. need, and they mustered their forces to cause me to miss the appoint-

    12. which were found in the city, and the principal scribe of the host, which mustered the people of the land, and threescore men of the

    13. She will retaliate with more ferocity than she ever before mustered

    14. He mustered a groveling voice as best he could

    15. host, who mustered the people of the land; and threescore men of the people of the land, that were found in the midst of the city

    16. 15 And he mustered the chosen men for the battle, as his Lord had commanded him, to an hundred and twenty thousand, and twelve

    17. defiance, he mustered just enough energy to raise his head a few inches off the ground

    18. 14 Then Holofernes went out from the presence of his Lord and called ail the governors and captains and the officers of the army of Assur; 15 And he mustered the chosen men for the battle as his Lord had commanded him to an hundred and twenty thousand and twelve thousand archers on horseback; 16 And he ranged them as a great army is ordered for the war

    19. had he mustered up the energy to resist every one of the Elders’

    20. mustered up his courage and told the king:

    21. She had turned and started walking towards the bus stop, when I mustered up a conversation that resembled the real me, I’d hoped

    22. When he saw that the giants were getting closer, he then mustered up the strength and began to run as fast as he could

    23. Peter mustered up enough strength to push Cilus away, and then Peter took his two hands and pried the staff with the horns away from his neck

    24. He mustered up all his

    25. how? Finally, after exhausting a plethora of possibilities, Octavia mustered enough courage to engage in dialogue with her fair cousin Clarice

    26. " After Jesus had spoken, Thomas mustered up courage to say: "I know, Master, that we should now be ready to enter upon the work, but I fear we are not yet able to accomplish this great undertaking

    27. Travis mustered a grin

    28. " The driver appearing tired, mustered a patient grin

    29. Still angry and defiant, Travis mustered a smile to demonstrate that the Chinese water drum had not dulled his spirits

    30. " She spoke to him calmly and politely with far more restraint than I could have mustered

    31. As I mustered all of my power, it began to manifest as a crackling storm of blue energy filling the room and when it began filling my body, I began to levitate

    32. As to the other ships, Avi and I are certified as advanced instructors on these and on every small attack and scout class space craft that was in service of the Federation Space Force at the time we mustered out

    33. mustered three more words as he

    34. Shadow has mustered up enough energy to stand fully erect

    35. I mustered all of my energy exiting the highway and turning into the rest stop

    36. Instantly, she hurled her cane at me and then mustered all of her strength to raise her stroller up to her chest and then toss it at me

    37. But he mustered up the courage and ventured over to Happy Days to see his beloved

    38. He mustered up some courage and said, “Oh please, Zena Princess, I’ve had run-ins with gangs before, and they don’t mean crap to me

    39. 43 What if these missionary organizations and Carey’s missionary society had mustered former slaves to reach other continents, since their freedom brought with it such a great sense of destiny and mission?44 Reading of their committed zeal for evangelizing Africa, I believe, without doubt, that they would have mobilized gladly as missionaries to the ends of the earth

    40. Where he mustered up the strength to do

    41. That’s when I mustered

    42. Unfortunately, the policeman mustered all his energy and then

    43. I haphazardly strolled to the blue van, mustered all of my

    44. 1200 war ships could be mustered with a million

    45. she sang out so enthusiastically I would’ve hit her if I could’ve mustered

    46. Unfazed, he mustered a smoky smile, and then giggled

    47. Jose then mustered a subtle smile through his anxiety

    48. There was no cheering or applause whatever from the freed slaves, they seemed totally confused and they milled around not knowing what to do, obviously waiting for someone to tell them, a sad and sorry looking assortment of humanity, seeing that they were being ignored some of the slaves began to wander off, others sat down and watched as I mustered our party, retrieved our arrows, then stripped the dead of their weapons and armour, Coatl then ordered the heads of the enemy be laid in a line on the temple steps, when this was accomplished we set off for Bo-elon, this would be my first visit to the citadel, I had heard Coatl talk of it so often and was looking forward to getting there, I could see no signs of a trail, I did notice that we seemed to go back on ourselves quite often, one of the Toxon explained that this was to avoid the traps they had laid, I was very surprised when Coatl said we were there, I looked around but could see no refuge, we had climbed the foothills with still no evidence of a trail we then crossed a sandy dry creek and surprisingly entered the cave entrance, two guards bowed low and with big grins on their faces greeted us, apparently we were the last party to return to the stronghold

    49. Nonetheless, he mustered a

    50. The weight of that responsibility he felt with pride as he mustered his men on the next stage of their journey south

    1. “I just want to go home”, she said, trying to breathe softly while mustering the militia of authority to protect her exposed flanks

    2. Her order arrives and, mustering the kids, Sally takes her leave

    3. The invading army is mustering its forces, preparing for the Ultimate Annihilation, while Earth life is passively awaiting its destined occupation

    4. "The west," she said slowly, mustering a smile, "it's my home

    5. If the pilot died before mustering out, the payment was made to a spouse or dependents

    6. Mustering her last bit of strength, she smiled scornfully

    7. Chance rubbed his fingers through his heavy brown stubble, mustering a fake-sounding laugh to relieve the stress from the question

    8. “Be gone with you, foul spirit!” Lord Ashburn commanded, mustering all the authority he could under the present conditions that had him cornered

    9. Mustering up all of his chivalrous instincts, he took her hand and

    10. Germiston to report to the mustering sergeant of the South African Air Force

    11. Mustering sufficient nerve, she raised her voice, almost shouting

    12. ” She turned “Please explain to me what happened” she said mustering up a level of calm

    13. It was a trap! He immediately leapt from the ground, mustering all

    14. The two men’s eyes remained locked and silent, Byron pondered his options and the Egyptian fought his superstitions mustering the courage to attack

    15. Mustering strength of character he didn’t know he had, Byron resisted the urge to enter the small bathroom and instead sat himself in the chair next 96

    16. weather or just their time, there is no mustering of nerves, they see each other, almost run to each other, though not actually run that’ll be a bit too Hollywood

    17. An alert was put out and a helicopter pilot, mustering cattle, saw a red car hidden in some trees

    18. Mustering strength, Michael swung his sword over his head and brought it down on the leather straps holding Mary"s wrists

    19. digging for the Truth and all, and then mustering up the

    20. Mustering every fibre of determination he turned his back on the sign, and nearly collided with a mother leading a little girl by the hand

    21. The people of El-ahrairah are mustering for war

    22. The Eagles had long had suspicion of the goblins' mustering; from their watchfulness the movements in the mountains could not be altogether hid

    23. Wolves and orcs were housed in Isengard, for Saruman was mustering a great force on his own account, in rivalry of Sauron and not in his service yet

    24. And the Eagles of the Mountains went far and wide, and they saw many things: the gathering of wolves and the mustering of Orcs; and the Nine Riders going hither and thither in the lands; and they heard

    25. “Wow, really?” I said, trying to recover by mustering a fake grin

    26. He had ridden back with Jim Lennon and the Abo stockmen to Midhurst, a journey that took them about ten days, leading their string of fifteen packhorses; since they had started mustering on the station in February he had been in the saddle almost continuously for three months

    27. "It was March this year because of the late season, but normally we'd start mustering about the middle of February

    28. She married Joe Harman in April after the mustering, as she had promised him

    29. The Ejército Corregir had spent the night noisily mustering in the palace grounds

    30. In May, 1870, the City of Boston, from that port for Liverpool, mustering 191 souls, met a similar fate

    31. Upon mustering the company, the Parsee was not there

    1. tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of nations gathered together: the Lord of hosts musters the host of the battle

    2. musters all she has and pulls on the lead rope and

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