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    1. It drove her potty having to toe the line of social convention

    2. family, it seemed, although following the convention of the time,

    3. Pritzlaff had just commended the Republican national convention for bringing a fair amount of delegates to the city the month before, and hoped the Democrats would be as forthcoming when they met in a few weeks

    4. He knew it was something quite grave, something requiring a convention of both the Legion’s highest ranks in Skyrim and the Penitus Oculatus

    5. Constitutional Convention that I began to understand what was really happening

    6. Johnson did all of the same things, only more so, starting with the bugging of Goldwater"s campaign headquarters at San Francisco"s Cow Palace during the 1964 Republican convention

    7. The rejoinder of Benjamin Franklin to a lady who questioned him on his exit from the convention of the Continental Congress charged with modifying the Articles of Confederation

    8. The representatives at that convention surely exceeded their authority, but look what they have wrought

    9. A further point which is forgotten during the border war was that the SAP were not bound by the Geneva Convention, and thus could have used any ammunition they desired

    10. In civilian language these bullets were called dum dum rounds and are outlawed by the Geneva Convention except for use against savages…or so I heard

    11. Much different from its evil companion which was plain sadistic and should have been banned by the Geneva Convention

    12. The American M16 (and M4) does the same thing, and I have read that the Soviets complained that it was against the Geneva Convention

    13. Anything though is better than the College which had a “duck walk” which was not for educated people and should be banned by the Geneva Convention

    14. One of the keynote speakers at the 1996 Republican Convention was a paraplegic, a decorated New York City police officer gunned down in the line of duty and permanently disabled as a result of his gunshot wounds

    15. Not to be undone at their own convention, the Democrats countered with a disabled keynote speaker of their own, (Christopher Reeves) a fine young actor and quadriplegic whose acting career was tragically cut short after suffering spinal injuries after falling off his horse at an equestrian event

    16. Hence the need for immediate information overruled any thoughts of the Geneva Convention which was anyway never applicable to the police but only to the army

    17. The police units certainly never received any training in the Geneva Convention and were more concerned with the terrorist laying a charge of assault against us for it is of course a crime to use unpleasant methods even if he is unreasonably silent when asked politely (once) for more information and to explain his beastly ways to us

    18. Treated correctly according to the Geneva Convention they unwittingly gave interesting political intelligence to the listeners who planted the microphones before their arrival

    19. This rather dim view of convention is never mindful of the perils of excessive tolerance that must inevitably find expression in an environment where unlimited freedom will eventually be unable to sustain itself

    20. But he got virtually no votes at the end of the Democratic Convention

    21. It somehow reminded me of LAX on a bishop’s annual convention, only this complex appeared to be a lot bigger

    22. “While I respect your feelings in the matter, it should be noted that Hartle is a sentient being by definition of the Convention of ‘667,” said Sim

    23. Conversely many of the recent pronouncements from “Church and Society” sound depressingly like those from a humanist convention, virtually devoid of theological insight, far less appearing to be in any way prophetic

    24. “Once, when Daddy took us to a convention there

    25. ungratified UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Convention on the Elimination of all

    26. At a UNICEF sponsored convention in 1989 on “The Rights of the Child” some of their conclusions

    27. organization holding the convention will write up

    28. Since Quan’s murder we couldn’t move powder at a baby convention because everyone was giving their business to Dorian out of fear plain and simple

    29. convention that evening in hope of making a contact

    30. downtown to the convention complex

    31. The convention included an exhibit

    32. him to remain in the nearly vacant convention center instead

    33. before the convention closed for the night, i came up and introduced

    34. wife and children come to the convention center the next day for ev-

    35. sunday afternoon as the convention was winding down, and made

    36. convention in new Orleans, this time by myself

    37. They did not see that the few Leftist at the convention would someday dominate the halls of education, government jobs, union leadership and so forth

    38. He said our jihadist enemies did not adhere to any convention or reason and should not be granted citizen status

    39. “And you’d stand out as a bullshitter at a used car sales convention,” she retorted

    40. The London Convention that prohibits the dumping of nuclear material into the oceans

    41. As the document will undergo changes, having a naming convention will only help us separate the document from one another, but not between its own versions

    42. In case of documents, it’s a normal practice for organizations to update the versioning and naming convention in Header/Footer of document and similarly the revision details in the document’s first few pages or in last page, with details on what is revised and when



    45. ing the convention and tourism committee,

    46. Convention and Visitor Council; as an ambas-

    47. and convention business for the region

    48. But no such provision was either debated, or even introduced, at the Philadelphia Convention where the new Constitution was debated and written

    49. the past, as I had already stated, the convention was to use dumb phony accents

    50. away from convention when the Ricardo family moved out New York and into a

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