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New в предложении (на )

  1. Jim was a new guy.
  2. Neal was a new guy.
  3. He was truly a new.
  4. It was a new noise.
  5. Pick up a new hobby.

  6. It is not a new law.
  7. The idea is not new.
  8. I felt my new breast.
  9. The New, New Math, n.
  10. We see the New World.
  11. I think of new ways.
  12. This is not new news.
  13. He needed a new hobby.
  14. The music of his new.
  15. I tried the new one on.

  16. Some may be new fears.
  17. A new life awaited her.
  18. Are We the New Israel?
  19. He is from New Orleans.
  20. So; I tried a new thing.
  21. Good as new in a day.
  22. His was a world of new.
  23. He said to his new mate.
  24. Moving into a New House.
  25. How he was the new guy?

  26. As with a new found love.
  27. That led me to new buds.
  28. I’m going to New York.
  29. This is rather new to me.
  30. But it’s all new to me.
  31. There was a new optimism.
  32. Are you new in town?
  33. Hawes sailed out of New.
  34. I am not the new Khan.
  35. This isn’t a new trend.
  36. We have the new engines.
  37. But probably a new motor.
  38. A new and terrible thing!.
  39. Billy has found a new low.
  40. You claimed he had a new.
  41. We obtained a new account.
  42. Have a very Happy New Year.
  43. The New Year came and went.
  44. Then, no new job creation.
  45. This is your new master.
  46. Well, he did buy it new.
  47. This is her New Happy World.
  48. It is a new bat,' Ish said.
  49. Biz was a whole new breeze.
  50. The news had one new comment.
  51. It was always something new.
  52. It meant ‘a new beginning.
  53. Here comes this new guy.
  54. New stars are being created.
  55. New shapes towered over them.
  56. The two new guys that were.
  57. I got the other new guy.
  58. Yes, yes, the new mayor has.
  59. Here are your new papers.
  60. But as the new school year.
  61. We are your new friends now.
  62. I’m from upstate New York.
  63. Chapter 78 The New Homeless.
  64. His first day on the new job.
  65. New life I have found in Him.
  66. Your new master is a madman.
  67. To implant that new model in.
  68. Nothing is ever new in law!.
  69. Harold and Chloe, the new Mr.
  70. With new palaces raised and.
  71. The new Western and Eastern.
  72. There were new houses, then.
  73. Morning in another new place.
  74. For how could it? New subject.
  75. Harry had a new list of books.
  76. Louis: Speaking of new clients.
  77. This mess is not something new.
  78. There must be a new beginning.
  79. It is a new beginning for you.
  80. Lack of knowledge of the New.
  81. Besides the new bull pup FN 5.
  82. She asked if anything was new.
  83. Has the new baby arrived?
  84. A completely new thought dawned.
  85. As new stars took their place.
  86. The disease was not new to him.
  87. There was a brand new gallows.
  88. We have a child and a new life.
  89. Years / ongoing wars / new wars.
  90. He will be your new supervisor.
  91. Some of the new Congress will.
  92. New York's good for that stuff.
  93. So are we the new Israel? Never.
  94. You have put a new song in our.
  95. It occurs one time in the New.
  96. That was the new family values.
  97. That's New River too, in a way.
  98. He felt safe in his new kingdom.
  99. In life, instead, new elements.
  100. The sun entered a new phase of.

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