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New in a sentence

Jim was a new guy.
Neal was a new guy.
He was truly a new.
It was a new noise.
The New, New Math, n.
The idea is not new.
I felt my new breast.

Pick up a new hobby.
It is not a new law.
We see the New World.
He needed a new hobby.
This is not new news.
I think of new ways.
Some may be new fears.
I tried the new one on.
The music of his new.
He is from New Orleans.
Are We the New Israel?
So; I tried a new thing.
A new life awaited her.
How he was the new guy?
I’m going to New York.
His was a world of new.
That led me to new buds.
Moving into a New House.
He said to his new mate.
As with a new found love.
Good as new in a day.
I am not the new Khan.
Hawes sailed out of New.
This is rather new to me.
There was a new optimism.
But it’s all new to me.
Are you new in town?
This isn’t a new trend.
But probably a new motor.
Have a very Happy New Year.
Billy has found a new low.
Then, no new job creation.
You claimed he had a new.

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